Sunday, November 25, 2012


Not all believers in the Gospel go to heaven. Jesus said in the Bible, that the word falls on some people's hearts and they receive the word with joy, now the word is gospel okay, they accept the good news but then the cares and the ways of this life come up like weeds and they choked out the seed and it bears no fruit in dies. He said it DIES. Jesus went on to say about the seed that landed on the ground where the sparrows ate the seed and he said this was the Devil snatching away their belief which have shallow roots. They quickly fell away and when execution arises on account of Jesus and these people quickly fall away. Nevertheless they still believe that the Gospel. They still believed right? Jesus went on to say that the seed of the gospel that fell on the ground of a good person's heart was somebody who heard the word, accepted it and it bore fruit in their life. Took root, good soil. They believed, they believed the gospel it was something they took on board forever. They didn't just fall away to the cares of life and to sin. They didn't deny Jesus under persecution. They kept their faith in Jesus.

And that's what Jesus talks about all through revelation and the letters to the churches, he always kept saying at the end of each admonition: because you were steadfast or because you overcame, or because you were victorious, I will not remove you from the book of life I will proclaim your name before God I will give you white stone with your name on it… He always talks about these people who endure, who were steadfast. That is what Jesus said I'm only going by what he says in the Bible. That is what Jesus said, the risen Jesus in the book of Revelation. Now Jesus has clearly shown us here with these scriptures, and what I have experienced in my life, that salvation is more than believing and saying you believe in the gospel which is Jesus has died for the sins of the world. It is actually putting that gospel into practice and keeping that gospel in your heart and guarding it so that Gospel bears fruit in your life. It's no good just to go and have that the weeds of life choke it out. It's no good just to have sin come in choke out your seed or you just fall away to the ways of the world, like seed that fell on the weedy ground! It is he who keeps that seed and is REALLY serious about that seed and really puts it deep in his heart and he hangs onto that and that is all he thinks about for the rest of his life. Are you doing that? I don't want you to be weedy ground. I don't want you to just fall away. Are you hanging onto that seed? What is your heart about it? What's your heart.

Well you believe in the gospel but then so also did all those people who the seed fell on the weedy ground too. They believed as well and had joy about it and were grateful! But what happened? Their seed just died. The gospel just died in them. Jesus said that these aren't my words. You know it's because we have to really want the Gospel all our life. Not just for five minutes and then you go and walk back into your life after hearing the gospel at a convention. Friends we got to live the gospel all our lives if we really want it. If we really want Jesus and his forgiveness of sin and and we want the cross to wash us clean and enter into the kingdom, well we got to hang onto that ALL OUR LIFE. That's true faith. Just hang onto it all your life don't let go.

Be steadfast until the end. Don't go back to life, the Broad way. Don't be like the weedy ground and just have the cares of this world just choke your love out. You just go back to sin. Friends hold onto the Gospel. Imbed it into your heart until the very end. Because that is when you shall receive the crown of life, like Jesus said. He said all those people who endure steadfastly until the end, he's talking about these enduring. We got to do that. You got to endure, hang onto that Gospel don't you let it go, until you take your last gasp on earth and you die. That's when you enter the kingdom. Are you serious about the gospel? Are you going to embed it deep in your heart today and leave it there and don't let it go? Do you want salvation through Jesus Christ? Well you hang onto him until the end. White knuckle fever. Don't let him go......