Sunday, November 4, 2012


On the last day people are going to be judged on whether they accepted Jesus or not. And that he's going to ask you: did you accept Jesus? And you might say: yes. And he going to say: well why didn't you obey my commands? And was not it written that it is he who obeys my commands is the one who loves me? Did not Jesus say that it is the doers of the word who love him not hearers only. He said the man he hears my word but doesn't do it is like a man who sees himself in a mirror and then he goes and walks away and forget what he looked like. Is that what is going to be for you on Judgment Day, when you are asked: did you accept Jesus? And you say yes. And then the Lord says will say: Then why did you not obey my commands? You can't just pick and choose the scriptures that you like and just leave out all the other ones that you don't like.

It is written very clearly that you will be called to account for all your words on the last day. ALL of them. And it is written that they will either acquit you or condemn you. So are your words the gospel of Jesus? Are you speaking and are you the mouthpiece of God? Or are your words just curse words. Fights, arguments, you're not the mouthpiece of God. Will those words condemn you? Jesus said that by your words to be acquit or condemned on the last day. We are not talking about a long time ago, we are talking about the last day that has not come yet. It is in the future. Are you mouthpiece of God? Do you say you believe in Jesus yet you don't obey him? Jesus said: I will say to many on the last day go away I never knew you, you workers of sin. They professed him, but they said: but Lord Lord didn't do so many things in your name we cast out demons in your name we did so many things in your name! Did we not accept you? Jesus said: Truly I never knew you depart from me you workers of sin.

If you can claim Jesus then why do you not obey him? When it is written that if your eye causes you to lust, it would be better to pluck it out and enter the kingdom of God with one eye than have two and to be cast into hell. You think Jesus' words have passed away? Do you think they become null and void by the words of Paul? The words of Paul are founded on the words of Jesus. Jesus' words are a foundation stone. They didn't become null and void. Christians they use the words of Paul and they say that it allows them to keep on in sin which completely goes against the words of Jesus. So on the last day they will be asked: did you accept me? And they will say yes.

And he will say: well why did you not obey my commands? Is it not written that the one who obeys my commands and does them is the one who built his house on the rock and it will not fall? It is not written that the one who does not obey my commands is like the one who built his house on the sand and the flood came and the destruction of that house was great. My friend is it not written? Are you just going to pick and choose all the Scriptures that you like and ignore the ones that you don't like. Is the Bible a smorgasbord for you? Just to pick the bits you like which you believe will fit your doctrine? Yet you do not conform to the words of Jesus and make them your foundation stone! Jesus did say that his sheep know his voice. Do you know his voice? Jesus said that: you search your scriptures thinking you got eternal life in there yet you don't come to me to have life! Did you come to Jesus to have life?

Do you know him? What is Jesus said to you today? Have you had a word from Jesus today? Or does Jesus not speak to you! Do you think the Lord is going to be at one with you while you're on the broad path to hell? Jesus said that many are on the broad path that leads to destruction. He said: FEW are on the narrow way that leads to life. He said STRIVE on the narrow way to enter the narrow gate. He did not say that for nothing! Strive many will try few will be able to.

Are you obeying the words of Jesus? When you get to the gates of heaven when you get to the day of judgment and you have to stand before the Lord and he asked you: did you accept me? Are you going to say: well I accepted your name but I didn't accept your words. Jesus is going to say: why didn't you accept my commands? Why didn't you do them? If you accept Jesus you also must accept his commands. That's why I am here tell you, you must obey the words of Jesus if you expect to have salvation. You can't be saved if you just accept the Lord then you walk away. It's like you forgot what you look like in the mirror. Jesus is right you are wrong. If you accept his words and you do them will your name not be written in the book of life? But if you do not do his commands and you do not obey his words, does not it prove that you do not love him! Do you think people who do not love Jesus will be in the kingdom of heaven?...