Saturday, November 3, 2012


Jesus calls each and every person to know him. He said in the Bible that his sheep know his voice and they follow him. He also said: I will say to many people on the last day, go away I don't know you, you workers of sin. Jesus is real and Jesus hears and speaks.

Does Jesus know you? What will Jesus say to you?

Jesus called me to be a witness for him. He said: if anybody wants to follow me they must pick up their cross, deny themselves and come follow me. That is what I have done. Now is this what you are going to do? Do you hear his voice? When I turned to the Lord and did what he said, which is to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him, he started to speak to me and to show me things.

Does Jesus speak to you? Has Jesus told you what he thinks of you? Are you pleasing to him? How is your relationship with Jesus today? Do you know him? What will Jesus say to you?...