Friday, November 2, 2012

Jesus Showed Me Christians Who Didnt Pass The Test

I want to tell you today how I got into a relationship with Jesus. A long time ago I dedicated myself to the Lord but then I went and followed my own paths. I became a Luke warm believer and then became a hypocrite and was about to be cut off forever. But the Lord Jesus Christ remembered that I have dedicated myself to him and he upheld me. You see he created me to follow him. He created you to follow him too, don't ever forget it. And you see I decided to heed his warning to come back and go seek him. So I got on my knees and I said to the Lord: Lord I'm very sorry for the paths I have been on, I turn away from these ways. You know I stopped doing my old ways because I decided to pursue the Lord. And you know what Jesus started to lead me. He started to show me things to my spirit. He put eye salve on my eyes. He said that I am to be his witness on this earth till the end. The Lord Jesus will get to know you too if you go seek him. You will get the strong presence of the Spirit inside of you.

The voice of the Lord will start to speak into your spirit when you go and seek him in faith with true sincerity. When you doggedly put your faith in Jesus Christ like I did, he will uphold you. He's not going to show you everything you want to know. He is not going to make things work out the way you think they should work out, but he's going to lead you deeper and deeper into the kingdom's path. He is going to open up your spirits to greater understanding of the many things. He's going to give you the strength to get through trial. You see when I had first started following Jesus, Jesus gave me a dream. And in the dream I saw these in believers. They were going into this hot earthenware vessel of water. And in this they were in the hot fires of trial. And you see at times people came out, and they had separated within themselves evil and put a barrier between them and the evil within the flesh. You see I went straight into fires of trial and testing when I came to Jesus.

And it is through these fires of trial and testing that your faith is tested to see whether it is genuine or not. And that is what the Lord showed me the dream. You see he put me through testing, and it can take all you have to really decided to turn away from sin and decide who you will serve today, sin or Jesus. Many Christians did not come out of that vessel and I understood in the dream that they would never come out because they did not pass the test. They did not prove their faith. They failed. They went into sin. They ultimately decided not to continue following the Lord but instead to give in to their desires. But that's not what we are here to do today dear friend, we're here to find Jesus and get into a relationship just like I got into a relationship and I'm still pursuing this path.

And I counsel you to go and do the same thing. Go and get into the relationship where he can speak into your spirit and you can start have the words of the Lord come into your life. And they can start bearing fruit in your life. That's why I'm here. I'm here to be a witness for Jesus. Why am I a witness? I am a witness because I can prove to you that I myself used to be on a hellbound path and then Jesus he took me out of that way and he set me up to hold up his name before you. Get to know Jesus dear friend, get to know Jesus. Get him into your life. Get into a relationship with him, he will surely lead you......