Sunday, November 4, 2012


Jesus said that you will be called to account on the last day for every idle word that you have spoken. So my question to you is: are you watching your words? Will your idle words condemn you or will they acquit you on the last day? Are you obeying the words of Jesus? Jesus also said that his sheep know his voice and that they follow him. Are you following him? Do you know his voice? Jesus also said that: he who loves me is he who obeys my commands and it is he who built his house in the rock. Do you love Jesus? Are you obeying his commands? Jesus said that if your eye causes you to sin you be better off to pluck it out and enter the kingdom with one eye following him than to leave him and go on in sin and be cast into hell with two eyes.

Are you plucking out your eye of lust today? Jesus also said that he came to send the conformer, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will speak to you what Jesus wants to say. And he will reveal to you his truths. Do you have the Holy Spirit? Do you know Jesus? Do you obey his commands? Jesus said on the last day he will say to many who professed him and did many miracles in his name: go away I do not know you. Do you know Jesus? Are you living in sin? What will Jesus say to you on the last day? Assumptions are dangerous my friend. If you do not know the Lord today and you're honest about it, go and seek him. Go and obey his commands. Pluck out the eye of lust. Watch your tongue. Ask him to set you free from all sin. Jesus said that he who sins is a slave to sin. He said he who the son of man sets free shall be free indeed. Are you set free yet? Do you go by the words of Jesus that will judge you on the last day? Or are you a foolish man who does not obey the words of Jesus and thus is building his house on the sand......