Sunday, November 25, 2012

How I Found Real Salvation

There is a specific change in the heart of a genuinely repentant man and any person who has come to know Jesus and that is they no longer want to do and practice sin anymore. That's what happened to me when I decided to give my self to Jesus. I decided also to turn away from sin and turn to him, and what he did use is, he put the desire for righteousness inside of me and then he made me a slave of righteousness. He changed me so that I no longer do the old things I was doing and he put this new way in my heart. And I look at my old way and I look at my new way and I say: what is different?

You see I used to say I believed in Jesus and I read the Bible and I did believe. I believed the Bible is true. I did believe Jesus existed and I did believe he had died on the cross and I knew about this gospel. So when I look at my old self when I used to be a Christian, and look at my new self when I am still a Christian I wonder; what is the difference? Why is it that I can believe on Jesus and not really be saved, and why is it that now I believe on Jesus and know I am saved. What is the difference? You see the difference is realizing the reality of Jesus and actually going to him so that you get changed and born again by his supernatural power. That's what difference is. You see the Bible says that no liars will go to heaven. And the Bible says no homosexuals will go to heaven. And the Bible talks about all the sins that don't go to heaven.

Now I was sinning. Now people points out a homosexual and they'll say; yes he is totally going to hell unless he repents. But then you point out they are lying and they'll say; well you know I believe in Jesus in and it's okay to lie sometimes… but the Bible says that Liars don't go to heaven, and people who lie are liars right? So while people say well you know the homosexuals who say they are Christian, they're not going to heaven, the same people say; well you know a lie or two is okay I'm going to heaven… that's not what the Bible says. This is what I used to be. I used to be doing my sin, a little lie and all these things, and I wasn't really repenting of it. And what does Jesus say any times in revelations? The risen Jesus. In Revelation he said many times repent, and he was saying get back to the first works. He was always saying repent. Why was he saying repent all the time? It is because if you follow him, you got to do it for real. You can't be a fake about it. Jesus does say in John 3:16 that all who believe on him will be saved. But he's not talking about FAKES.

He is talking about people who really take that on board for real, otherwise if he didn't mean that, he would never have given the parable about the seed. And he was saying about how some of the seed was scattered the ground and it fell on bad ground, and the person heard and received the word which is the gospel and then it died later because of the weeds. And he said that the seed that fell on the good man's heart was the man who hears and obeys this word and obviously he bears fruit. He was clearly showing that there's a difference between just saying you believe and having real belief. So there is fake belief and real belief. And by the grace of God I came to really believe Jesus. And it was by then that I got changed. I got on my knees repented and Jesus, the reality that it is, he actually came into my life and he changed me, Jesus changed me. So I look at my old self, and I look at myself now and I see two different people even though I still believed in the gospel then and now. So obviously there is a little bit more to it than just saying what you believe. It's actually in the heart. What you REALLY believe?...