Sunday, November 18, 2012


The commands of Jesus are not grievous. The father in heaven God Almighty spoke through a cloud in the hearing of the apostles when Jesus was praying at one time and God said that this is my son, hear him. And all the apostles heard and they marvelled. At the same time Elijah was seen there, and Moses around Jesus and the father said: this is my son hear him. You see Jesus is the one we should hear. There are many people out there who think we have to hear Moses and the Torah in the Old Testament. But Jesus gave his commands and we are to hear him. God didn't say hear Moses he said to hear Jesus. Jesus said love your enemy. Jesus said pray for those who persecute you. Jesus said if you love only those who love you what benefit is it for you since even sinners do as much.

They love those who love them. Jesus said to pick up your cross and follow him. He said he is the only way to heaven. He said if you don't follow him you cannot enter the kingdom. He said he's the narrow gate, nobody shall come to the father except through me. Jesus is the only way and his words are the ones you must obey because God himself said: hear him. Are you hearing Jesus? Are you listening to his commands? Or are you trying to get all your knowledge out of other religions or Torah or out of the Old Testament. Are you hearing Jesus? His commands are not grievous. He said: you have heard that you shall not murder but I say that if you even hate your brother you have murdered him. He said it is written that you should not commit adultery but I say if you look at a woman with lust in your heart you have committed adultery in your heart before God. That's what Jesus said. But Jesus made the law written on people's hearts and he fulfilled the law. So you must follow an obey Jesus and hear his commands and go to him that you may have life.

Jesus cried out he said: if anyone wants life let him come to me. If anyone wants to drink if he thirsts, let him come to me and I shall fill him with living water. You see it is Jesus Christ who fills with the living water so that you can obey his commandments and you can have the spirit living through you. That is not achievable by being a legalistic Pharisee following the 10 Commandments or following the laws of Moses. You have to be changed by Jesus and you have to hear the son of God. God himself said that. You have it from God. He commands you to believe in Jesus and follow him. That's the only way you can please your heavenly father. You must obey Jesus Christ. You must put him first. You must live for him. You must deny yourself and follow him. You must love him more than you love the things on this earth. He must be your all. Without Jesus everybody is lost. He is the only way. You must obey his commandments and nobody else. Do you want to come and follow Jesus to eternal life? Then come, get on your knees and pray. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to know you. Ask him to give you the living water like he promised. And he will change your heart too obey his commandments. HIS commandments. May the Lord be with you…....