Thursday, November 1, 2012


When you are right with Jesus and right with the Lord, you will feel pure and right inside. When you feel pure insides and righteous that is because Jesus has made you that way. But many people they don't feel pure and righteous. They feel very dirty and condemned. That is because you are in sin and at the moment you are not right with God, because the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and God's judgment.

And when you are not right with the Lord you will not feel right with the Lord. When you follow the Lord in spirit and in truth and have put away your sins, and have been forgiven by him, and have the peace of the spirit inside of you, then you know you are right with God and you have great faith. And the fruit of your faith are: love joy and peace. But very few people have this love, joy, and peace. Because they are in their sin and at enmity to the Lord still and have not made up to God. They are still in sin following the world. So that's why they feel condemned. That is why they feel dirty and don't feel right with God. They don't feel holy and pure. They don't feel innocent like a child. They are full of sin. Full of trouble. That's because you need to get yourself right with the Lord today and stop relying on your crutches. This world is full of crutches to get your mind off bothering about making yourself right with God. Crutches like possessions, TV, drugs. All these crutches keep you away from being right with Jesus. Do you know him? Are you right with the Lord today? How do you feel today?...