Thursday, November 1, 2012


Many are called few are chosen that's what Jesus said. Jesus said that the trees in his garden that don't bear fruit shall be cut down. Jesus also said that the branches on the vine that do not bear fruit, but wither, the father himself shall come and cut them off and throw them into the fire. These are Christians who don't bear good fruit and they continue in sin. They love worldly things of this world and that they don't set themselves apart for Jesus.

And they don't abide in him. They continue in sin and don't feel right with the Lord because they are not right with him. I urge you to abide in Jesus. Then you can bear fruit. I will show you what happens to a branch that cuts itself off from the living water. Here we have a nice green branch that is connected to the living water and it bears leaves and fruit in its season because it is abiding in the vine. And over here we have a useless dead branch that has cut itself off from the vine and become useless. So the father come along and he gets such branches and he cuts them off from the vine and he throws them away to be burned. That is what he will do to you if you are cutting yourself off from the vine and you no longer bear good fruit,,, BE WARNED!...