Saturday, November 3, 2012


It is very dangerous to assume anything. Christians assume they are pleasing to Jesus. They assume that they will enter the kingdom because they go to church, because they read the Bible, because they profess Jesus, and they think they believe in him. But I want to warn you that it is very dangerous to assume anything.

A brother in Christ knew a certain friend of his and he was showing in a dream this friend who had died as a Bible believing churchgoing Christian. And he went to the gates of heaven, and at the gates of Heaven he was told: Go away I don't know you. Many Christians they assume that the Lord knows them yet they don't hear the Lord. They don't hear him speak to them. They don't know if he's pleased with them and they don't have a relationship with him to know if they are on the right path with the Lord. They are not led by the Spirit.

Never assume anything. Instead spend your time in serious dedication and seeking the Lord so that you can actually come into a relationship with him, where you arent going off assumptions entering the kingdom. You're going off the reality of following Jesus as his disciple. Never assume that you have enough faith to enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead lay your faith in Jesus and obey him, seeking to live a life dedicated to him so that you will know what to do and he will lead you as his servant. And you will have communion with the Lord.

Jesus said I stand at the door and knock if anybody wants to open the door I will come in and dine with him. Is Jesus dining with you today? Or do you just assume he is pleased with you? Even though he's outside the door. Will Jesus tell you: Go away I don't know you? How is your relationship with Jesus today? Do you KNOW him?...