Friday, November 30, 2012


This world is full of liars and thieves and coverts and sinners and people who are led by Satan, and you must not trust anybody. Young people particularly can easily be led astray by all kinds of people in this world. But I want to warn you if you want to follow the Lord and you are young person that never trust anybody, but develop your own relationship with the Lord so he can lead you.

I've seen many a young person fall away to Satan's deceptive snares and he uses other people to bring about his plans. He uses lies and deception, he makes things look good and they turn out something else once you have been caught by the snare and destroyed. I used to be a believer in the Gospel of Jesus and the story of Jesus how he died for the sins of the world would bring a tear to my eye. I was serious and I knew the truth and I accepted it from a very young age.

But I listened to foolish men who are led by Satan. People who the devil uses to draw people into sin and destruction. I did not stay with my Lord. Like a gullible sheep I was led into sin. The seed of faith within me was dying. I could've been the seed that was sown on the weedy ground with the cares and sins of this world and the pleasures of life and the frivolities of youth chocking it out and it did almost die. But by the mercy of God later I did repent and I was able to see the deception that is in this world of frivolity and fun. You see when you're in the world it seems normal for you to live a life of party going and sin. But when you follow Jesus and you come to see the reality of the truth of the reality of hell and heaven and the Gospel, you can see how lost you were and how broken in sin you really were.

And how Jesus really is the answer. We must repent and turn away from sin. So I am warning you that if you're a young person that you must stay with the Lord and do not trust anybody and do not follow anyone. Because they are mostly working for Satan though they don't know it. And that would lead you into a snare and get your light put out. You see Satan is out to corrupt the innocent and the young. And that is why this world is set up that way to lead others into the paths of destruction. And so you get into your TVs and all the things you see around you it's all brainwashing by Satan.

All these computer games all your friends who love sin they themselves are brainwashed. The older people that bring the younger people into sin. Jesus said it would be better for them to have a millstone hung around the neck and to be thrown into the sea than to face the wrath that is coming upon their head if they do not repent. And so young and old alike we have to repent and turn to Jesus and you cannot accept any sin anymore. Do not do what I did dear friends. Go and live your life for Jesus now. And don't let people bring you into sin by being gullible and foolish like a foolish sheep walking over the precipice because you will just die. And you may never repent. It was only by the grace of God that I could repent.

But I am no longer gullible and foolish I know the truth. In my dream I saw people in hell who were saying: If only we knew that living a life after our desires ended in this place... and that's how the world lives; after their desires. They think you're crazy if you don't join them in the foolishness of this society. Their parties, their music, the things they do, the things they talk about. It's all foolishness, foolishness that leads to hell. And I'm warning you now that is your young person today and you're watching this: Do NOT trust and follow anybody. Odds are they are being used by Satan to bring you down and away from your faith so that you will stumble and fall and probably never get back to repentance and probably end in hell.

Do not trust ANYONE. Stay with your righteousness pure ways holiness. Never go to sin. Never follow any sin. Be serious in all your ways and you will grow in wisdom and you'll be able to see things in ways that you didn't see before as you get older......


Jesus was not a pushover. He set the standard for men around the world to emulate how he was. How men think a a man is these days is very distorted and it is the exact opposite of what Jesus was. God placed men to look after their families and to lead their households and bring up their children in godly paths, being merciful, righteous, gentle, nonviolent, having self-control and doing good to others which is the mark of a truly strong man of noble character. Instead we have this evil cowardly flesh. I know very well how the flesh is for a man. I myself am the age that Jesus started his ministry and I've been around and I know things. I know how the flesh is. It is cowardly and it is weak.

I don't care who you are but as a man you have all kinds of things inside. Things like lust. You see men have little desires of lust of various kinds inside. And it is these lusts that we become controlled by; driving us to commit immorality and sin. It is what drives the trafficking industry in the world. Prostitution even child prostitution, adulteries, violence, broken families. All because of a little desire of lust that gains control over us and we become a helpless slave to it. We go and look to other things like drugs, pursuits, to try and find meaning in this life. We just chase our own ways. We try and get away from who we are because we become enslaved to these desires inside of the flesh which is weak, WEAKNESS. So the image of man in society is actually a coward. To them man is some tough person who goes and beats up people. Follows their desires. Follows their lusts. And if you're with a gathering of men and you don't follow their lust with them they think you are crazy and stupid. But that's not how Jesus was the real man. I had a friend on Facebook who was posting lustful images of some girl and I said to him this girl if she was your daughter you wouldn't want to see her like this would you, its shame.

And they were so convicted about their shame that they unfriended me. They didn't want to face up to being a real man and instead wanted to stay a coward following lust. I don't care what Man you are but you have lust inside of you. All men are driven by their lusts and we all fulfil our lusts in various ways causing the sins on earth. That is why there is so many problems in this world because we become enslaves to our desires and in fact enslaved to the devil. We do not stand up and take control and go to the solution which is becoming the real men of the earth; the spiritual man, the person who is saved, the person who is changed inside by the power of Jesus Christ is the real man. Thats what happened to me I got changed and so now I have the power to no longer follow these little desires that we all have.

I don't care who you are; I am as wicked as you. We all have these desires some maybe more than others. Some may be different to others. Different little lusts. A little porn watching, thats supporting an industry of destroying men's daughters. Prostitution is furthering the agenda of Satan destroying young people's lives. Following your lusts thinking that it's okay, that's what this world does. They hide their sins, they're cowards. They are not real men, they are men following Satan as cowards hiding their sin. That's why it happens at night. They sneak around at night doing things they ought not. Following their desires hopeless slaves to them. But I am here to show you the way to become the real man that Jesus was.

He was a gentle strong righteous man sent by God who is the son of God. And he alone took it upon himself to die for all our wicked cowardice. All our desires which we just hopelessly followed after day after day unable to stop. And he did away with our sins giving us a new way inside. It's a supernatural power of the Lord that actually changes you to be a new way. And that's what happened to me. So now I can emulate my Lord. Because I have this new way inside. I get these desires still, and you will always get them if you're a man, and I turn them out and follow Jesus like a real man. Being the changes this earth needs. Men who will stand up for the way of truth. And that's why I am here to tell you about it. Because you don't need to be these these men following their sins and desires anymore causing the problem on this earth. You can become the change where you can follow Jesus and become a real man changed by the power of God Almighty. Following him in righteousness setting the standard, showing the world how things really should be so that society would change. And it doesn't no longer view lust and evil that is creating these problems as normal anymore. It no longer views them as something that is manly because it is not. It is wickedness, it is cowardice. No real man should be following his weak flesh, doing his sin furthering the agenda Satan, prostitution, child prostitution, homosexuality, violence, broken families, cheating, unkindness, all these things that create the world's problems, poverty, all these things. It is time to become the change; become a follower of Jesus and get forgiven for following your sins like I did.

Jesus will forgive you. He will change you and make you a new person. A man that can stand up and be righteous and live after the ways of the spirit, bringing the change on this earth. MEN have to stand up and do this. WE are the ones who the Lord put in charge so we have stand up and do this. Men they just go and bow to Satan. And they let Satan in. Give him the power and he will take the power. He will come and take over your life. No man is stronger than Satan. You will become a hopeless slave to all your problems and in the end it will be hell. I want to urge you as men you must stand up leave all your sins, all your little lusts, turn them out and follow Jesus. Get the change, become the new way following the Lord as a man of God. Not a man enslaved to Satan and cowardly following his desires because he just doesn't want to stop.

A pitiful weak person. That's what you are if you follow your desires. Too sinful to stand up and be the change the world needs, look after your families right, stop the violence, stop the immorality, stop the grief brokenness through sin by following Jesus Christ. He is the answer to this worlds problems. And you become the solution when you follow him, instead of adding to it when you just continue to follow your desires giving yourself over to Satan…....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How I Found Real Salvation

There is a specific change in the heart of a genuinely repentant man and any person who has come to know Jesus and that is they no longer want to do and practice sin anymore. That's what happened to me when I decided to give my self to Jesus. I decided also to turn away from sin and turn to him, and what he did use is, he put the desire for righteousness inside of me and then he made me a slave of righteousness. He changed me so that I no longer do the old things I was doing and he put this new way in my heart. And I look at my old way and I look at my new way and I say: what is different?

You see I used to say I believed in Jesus and I read the Bible and I did believe. I believed the Bible is true. I did believe Jesus existed and I did believe he had died on the cross and I knew about this gospel. So when I look at my old self when I used to be a Christian, and look at my new self when I am still a Christian I wonder; what is the difference? Why is it that I can believe on Jesus and not really be saved, and why is it that now I believe on Jesus and know I am saved. What is the difference? You see the difference is realizing the reality of Jesus and actually going to him so that you get changed and born again by his supernatural power. That's what difference is. You see the Bible says that no liars will go to heaven. And the Bible says no homosexuals will go to heaven. And the Bible talks about all the sins that don't go to heaven.

Now I was sinning. Now people points out a homosexual and they'll say; yes he is totally going to hell unless he repents. But then you point out they are lying and they'll say; well you know I believe in Jesus in and it's okay to lie sometimes… but the Bible says that Liars don't go to heaven, and people who lie are liars right? So while people say well you know the homosexuals who say they are Christian, they're not going to heaven, the same people say; well you know a lie or two is okay I'm going to heaven… that's not what the Bible says. This is what I used to be. I used to be doing my sin, a little lie and all these things, and I wasn't really repenting of it. And what does Jesus say any times in revelations? The risen Jesus. In Revelation he said many times repent, and he was saying get back to the first works. He was always saying repent. Why was he saying repent all the time? It is because if you follow him, you got to do it for real. You can't be a fake about it. Jesus does say in John 3:16 that all who believe on him will be saved. But he's not talking about FAKES.

He is talking about people who really take that on board for real, otherwise if he didn't mean that, he would never have given the parable about the seed. And he was saying about how some of the seed was scattered the ground and it fell on bad ground, and the person heard and received the word which is the gospel and then it died later because of the weeds. And he said that the seed that fell on the good man's heart was the man who hears and obeys this word and obviously he bears fruit. He was clearly showing that there's a difference between just saying you believe and having real belief. So there is fake belief and real belief. And by the grace of God I came to really believe Jesus. And it was by then that I got changed. I got on my knees repented and Jesus, the reality that it is, he actually came into my life and he changed me, Jesus changed me. So I look at my old self, and I look at myself now and I see two different people even though I still believed in the gospel then and now. So obviously there is a little bit more to it than just saying what you believe. It's actually in the heart. What you REALLY believe?...


Not all believers in the Gospel go to heaven. Jesus said in the Bible, that the word falls on some people's hearts and they receive the word with joy, now the word is gospel okay, they accept the good news but then the cares and the ways of this life come up like weeds and they choked out the seed and it bears no fruit in dies. He said it DIES. Jesus went on to say about the seed that landed on the ground where the sparrows ate the seed and he said this was the Devil snatching away their belief which have shallow roots. They quickly fell away and when execution arises on account of Jesus and these people quickly fall away. Nevertheless they still believe that the Gospel. They still believed right? Jesus went on to say that the seed of the gospel that fell on the ground of a good person's heart was somebody who heard the word, accepted it and it bore fruit in their life. Took root, good soil. They believed, they believed the gospel it was something they took on board forever. They didn't just fall away to the cares of life and to sin. They didn't deny Jesus under persecution. They kept their faith in Jesus.

And that's what Jesus talks about all through revelation and the letters to the churches, he always kept saying at the end of each admonition: because you were steadfast or because you overcame, or because you were victorious, I will not remove you from the book of life I will proclaim your name before God I will give you white stone with your name on it… He always talks about these people who endure, who were steadfast. That is what Jesus said I'm only going by what he says in the Bible. That is what Jesus said, the risen Jesus in the book of Revelation. Now Jesus has clearly shown us here with these scriptures, and what I have experienced in my life, that salvation is more than believing and saying you believe in the gospel which is Jesus has died for the sins of the world. It is actually putting that gospel into practice and keeping that gospel in your heart and guarding it so that Gospel bears fruit in your life. It's no good just to go and have that the weeds of life choke it out. It's no good just to have sin come in choke out your seed or you just fall away to the ways of the world, like seed that fell on the weedy ground! It is he who keeps that seed and is REALLY serious about that seed and really puts it deep in his heart and he hangs onto that and that is all he thinks about for the rest of his life. Are you doing that? I don't want you to be weedy ground. I don't want you to just fall away. Are you hanging onto that seed? What is your heart about it? What's your heart.

Well you believe in the gospel but then so also did all those people who the seed fell on the weedy ground too. They believed as well and had joy about it and were grateful! But what happened? Their seed just died. The gospel just died in them. Jesus said that these aren't my words. You know it's because we have to really want the Gospel all our life. Not just for five minutes and then you go and walk back into your life after hearing the gospel at a convention. Friends we got to live the gospel all our lives if we really want it. If we really want Jesus and his forgiveness of sin and and we want the cross to wash us clean and enter into the kingdom, well we got to hang onto that ALL OUR LIFE. That's true faith. Just hang onto it all your life don't let go.

Be steadfast until the end. Don't go back to life, the Broad way. Don't be like the weedy ground and just have the cares of this world just choke your love out. You just go back to sin. Friends hold onto the Gospel. Imbed it into your heart until the very end. Because that is when you shall receive the crown of life, like Jesus said. He said all those people who endure steadfastly until the end, he's talking about these enduring. We got to do that. You got to endure, hang onto that Gospel don't you let it go, until you take your last gasp on earth and you die. That's when you enter the kingdom. Are you serious about the gospel? Are you going to embed it deep in your heart today and leave it there and don't let it go? Do you want salvation through Jesus Christ? Well you hang onto him until the end. White knuckle fever. Don't let him go......

Sunday, November 18, 2012


The commands of Jesus are not grievous. The father in heaven God Almighty spoke through a cloud in the hearing of the apostles when Jesus was praying at one time and God said that this is my son, hear him. And all the apostles heard and they marvelled. At the same time Elijah was seen there, and Moses around Jesus and the father said: this is my son hear him. You see Jesus is the one we should hear. There are many people out there who think we have to hear Moses and the Torah in the Old Testament. But Jesus gave his commands and we are to hear him. God didn't say hear Moses he said to hear Jesus. Jesus said love your enemy. Jesus said pray for those who persecute you. Jesus said if you love only those who love you what benefit is it for you since even sinners do as much.

They love those who love them. Jesus said to pick up your cross and follow him. He said he is the only way to heaven. He said if you don't follow him you cannot enter the kingdom. He said he's the narrow gate, nobody shall come to the father except through me. Jesus is the only way and his words are the ones you must obey because God himself said: hear him. Are you hearing Jesus? Are you listening to his commands? Or are you trying to get all your knowledge out of other religions or Torah or out of the Old Testament. Are you hearing Jesus? His commands are not grievous. He said: you have heard that you shall not murder but I say that if you even hate your brother you have murdered him. He said it is written that you should not commit adultery but I say if you look at a woman with lust in your heart you have committed adultery in your heart before God. That's what Jesus said. But Jesus made the law written on people's hearts and he fulfilled the law. So you must follow an obey Jesus and hear his commands and go to him that you may have life.

Jesus cried out he said: if anyone wants life let him come to me. If anyone wants to drink if he thirsts, let him come to me and I shall fill him with living water. You see it is Jesus Christ who fills with the living water so that you can obey his commandments and you can have the spirit living through you. That is not achievable by being a legalistic Pharisee following the 10 Commandments or following the laws of Moses. You have to be changed by Jesus and you have to hear the son of God. God himself said that. You have it from God. He commands you to believe in Jesus and follow him. That's the only way you can please your heavenly father. You must obey Jesus Christ. You must put him first. You must live for him. You must deny yourself and follow him. You must love him more than you love the things on this earth. He must be your all. Without Jesus everybody is lost. He is the only way. You must obey his commandments and nobody else. Do you want to come and follow Jesus to eternal life? Then come, get on your knees and pray. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to know you. Ask him to give you the living water like he promised. And he will change your heart too obey his commandments. HIS commandments. May the Lord be with you…....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Overcome Evil Desires, Thoughts, Guilt, Sins

We can't judge anybody. We can't judge them for being worse than us and saying that: you know there were worse sinners… just because we don't happen to do the particular things that they were doing. The big lie from hell is that, this is the big lie from hell is that: you are condemned when you are tempted… friends while we are on this earth we're going to get tempted and it doesn't matter how evil the desire is inside of you. As a sinner people are filled with evil desires. But the lie is that when tempted by evil or you have these evil desires come in, the lies that you got no hope. I am here to tell you today that you do have hope even if you have all these evil desires.

Even if you are in sin doings sin. Now a lot of Christians aren't doing sin. Jesus set them free from sin, but they have these evil desires come in to try and trip them up. So they start thinking: well you know that God left me… they start thinking: well you know the Lord just doesn't care, bad things happening to good people what does he care… that in itself is sin because the Lord puts us through trials and temptations to test our faith. Now he doesn't do the testing, it is our evil desires inside of us that do. I want to read it to you what James says about that: he said my brother count it joy when you fall into divers temptations. Now have you ever thought about that? Next time you have that terribly wicked desire rise up inside of you, are you going to fall to it this time and feel all condemned? And give up? Or are you going to count it as joy! I read it again: my brethren count it as joy when ye fall into divers temptations, knowing that the trying of your faith works patience. Blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he has been tried he shall receive the crown of life.

So friends, when we are tempted by these evil desire, and they may be very evil you may not even want to talk about. And maybe just horribly evil desires! But there is hope, because desires and temptations are something we can count as joy because it tests our faith. Now when people are tempted its then they are drawn away by their own lusts and they are enticed. And it is then that when lust has conceived it brings forth sin and then sin brings forth death. So I'm not talking about people who are doing sin. Maybe today you are tempted by a desire, but you are going and doing sin. Maybe you are doing sin today. That means you are a slave to sin, you are bound to it! The way out of sin has always been through Jesus Christ. But maybe Jesus Christ has set you free from sin, but you are plagued by a desire of sin! I know people who get very plagued by these things. Little thoughts, you know little voices starts speaking into their minds and little desire start coming in them and they think that's so disgusting and they just wish they were not born. You know why me God? Why do I have to suffer this? And they start to think that: well you know there is no hope anymore. There is not hope now! That is a lie from hell.

A good example of this kind of thing are those who are plagued with homosexual desires. I remember I was going to a church once and the pastor was speaking about it. He said there were people in the congregation who struggle with these desires. Now people are very quick to judge people as soon as they hear about this so they want to go and judge those people. But it's important to remember that people who get desires and feelings doesn't mean that they are those desires and feelings. It's the desires that lead to you accept those things as an identity and then you go and sin and become what they are.

But because you are tempted, you got to count it as joy. That's a bit of a shift in your thinking. We don't need to be all condemned and given up just because we get a wicked desire in the flesh. Temptation is not sin, and people who practice sin in the past are no longer that sinner if they have repented and turned to Jesus that's the good news! So nobody can judge. They can't judge you for your past and you can't be judged for your struggles praise God, he knows. But we will be judged by God for what we do from now on we who follow the Lord. Now there is people who are plagued by many evil thoughts and desires and they just wish they could stop. They are plagued by their past thoughts and desires and things from the past they've done. You know that Satan too! But remember that when you came to Christ you're a new creation and you got to follow the spirit. Paul clearly writes that if you follow the dictates of the flesh you will die. And if the flesh cannot be followed why would Paul write this? It is true friends, if you follow the dictates of the flesh, you will die. But if you put them to death and you follow the spirit you will live.

And that is what we are here today to do is to put to death these wicked things inside and follow the spirit. We're not here to follow the flesh. Everybody who follows the flesh shall perish. So today if you are following your sinful desires and your flesh, if that's what you're doing today, then you're bringing forth death into yourself. But we are not here to bring forth death into ourselves dear friends, we are here to live after the spirit. So our safety lies in instantly obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit, when we are checked by temptation. So your eyes and your thoughts, have you got a check on them?

In temptation would need to fervently pray. Lord help me in this temptation and give me the way out. You cant rely on your own strength to get out of it. Christians write me and they say: well you know I get tempted by lust and I just can't help myself and I fall to it. You know is not it natural to have these lustful desires they say? But I tell them this that you have to check the thought as soon as it comes and turn away from it and that is joy! Because we read in James, it says that: it's a joy, consider it joy when you get tempted… and he says that: every man who is tempted is drawn away by his own lusts and enticed. However it is those who have endured temptation who shall receive the crown of life! So that should be our motivation. So we should be enduring no matter how bad the desire is or how strong it is. So you will find victory if you stay with Christ it's the only way. Now people they come to me and they say: well you know I just keep falling into sin..

now that's a big different story. That means that you are FALLING to a temptation and desires and lusts and friends if we fall to sin we become a slave to it. We have given ourselves over to it and we've chosen those paths. But that's not the end of the world. It is only the end of the world if you die without repent. It is not the end of the world for you can repent of that and walk out of it and come back to Christ. That's what everyone must do if they fall to temptation because the power lies in Jesus Christ. When you turn to him and when you live for him he gives you the power to overcome.

And that's what happened to me. Jesus gave me the power to turn away from sin and overcome. It wasn't by my own strength and all this willpower. You now it wasn't because I was such a wonderful person that I had all this will powerless so I would turn away from sin because I was so strong. No friends, it is only those who abide in Christ that have the ability to turn away from sin. So if you are actually in sin and doing sin, I am not saying being tempted by sin, I am saying DOING sin. It is then that you need Christ set you free and forgive you... that's where the power lies. When we're walking with Jesus in his victory and we do get tempted, you have to be diligent and watchful and pray and focus on Jesus during these times and do not let your guard down ever. It is the time when people let their guard down, that these things can get a hold in their hearts. A toehold.

A believer once told me that he was looking on the Internet and came across some porn ads or some porn, and he goes and sees it and then it causes him to trip up. That's when our guard goes down and then the devil gets a toehold and he starts to work that in your mind, and if you are not diligent and put that out, he's going to get a toehold and he is going to work it into your mind and is going to become a problem. A problem that wont go away. And in the end it is going to lead to and action of sin. Friends we have to be diligent and watchful always. Where are your eyes? If we are aroused by lustful thoughts but we do reject them, we have not sinned. It is quite different if you're willing to pursue that thought. Okay supposing you see a pornographic image and it does arrest you. Well are you going to do about it? Are you going to pursue that? Or are you going to reject it! Are you going to sin? Or not sin? That's the question when we get tempted.

This is when we find out if we follow Jesus or not, by what we're going to do in temptation. Are you going to follow Jesus and reject it? Never mind what the desire is, it could be the worst in the world. That's not the question. The question is; what are you going to do about it? Since it is a temptation for you, are you going to willingly pursue that? Are you going to go out and buy a porn mag or go on the internet and start searching for it? Sin becomes sin when we walk away from Jesus during temptation. But it's not a sin while you are being tempted. Is not that wonderful because we know that if we can turn away and we can follow the Lord, is not that is joy! It not it joy to overcome. Even the worst, like these people in the church were telling the pastor that they are struggling with homosexual desires. Does that make them a homosexual? No! Just means that they're being tempted and tested by this particular demon. It is called a demon of lust.

Now if they go and carry out those desires and start fantasizing and following them and looking at porn and things like this, does that make them a homosexual?yes. But friends it goes for everything. Some people get tempted to steal things. Does that make them a thief? No! Nobody should judge anybody because Jesus knows what desires are in your heart. He knows the desired in mine and he knows what desires are in your heart. So you can't judge anybody because I'm sure you wouldn't want them to be exposed to the world. These desires are something we must put down and crucify. That is what Paul said. Why would Paul say that if you didn't have a flesh that needs to be put down? There can be no pride in a Christians walk if they really were honest with themselves and realised the evil desires inside. How can you be proud, prideful, while you have such things? Friends what a humble check, what a humility check. When we have these things come into our heart we got to keep throwing them out hallelujah, and keep following the Lord. We got to accept that the flesh is evil and remember what Paul said about it: crucify the flesh and it's dictates. If you live up after the dictates you surely die, you will surely perish. It is true. If you live after the dictates of the flesh you will surely perish. There is no salvation for those who do not overcome.

This is a big problem in the world today is that they try and lie to themselves to say that the them that the sin they doing it is somehow. It's okay that they keep falling to their lusts, and you know what sin does? Sin tries to make you feel okay about it. And sin says: do and it's fine… sin tries to lie to you so that you think it's fine doing what you're doing. And so you're doing your lust and sin tries to say that's it's okay and its normal. Or you are doing a lie and sin tries to say: well you know, that lie was all right, you had to do it. You know you're protecting somebody. Or the sin tries to to make it okay that you are homosexual and these desires you go and do them. And I see many of these homosexuals who say that they think it's fine now. That because sin is very deceptive. And it's a wicked master. It feels alright at the start but what is going to happen is that sin will take you for a long ride to hell in the end. In the end sin will take you to hell. So that is why I want to encourage everybody because many people they get these evil desires. And we get these evil ways in our hearts that come up. And we can become discouraged, put down, and we start to doubt the Lord. And that that's when doubt comes in and that's when satan can take you away from Jesus Christ. We cannot doubt him friends. We got to stay with the Lord hallelujah! Don't doubt the Lord God. We got to stay with him, be holy and righteous. Never mind that you are tempted with the temptation.

Remember what James said he said: count it joy if you get tempted. Count it joy. Count it joy if you get tempted and you fall into diverse temptations, knowing that the trying of your faith works patience hallelujah! So we count it joy! You know isn't that wonderful that we can count it joy when you get tempted! Think about that next time you get an evil desire come in to your heart. Have you counted that as joy? Or have you got angry God and said well you know why do bad things happen to good people… you know that's not the way to go. That's going into the fields of doubt. And that's a place where many people go and never come back. Friends, you do not want to be in doubt. You want to be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, and we must not look back praise God. So I'm here today to encourage you about these things because people they come to me so much and they say well you know I get these evil desires and I feel so discouraged. That you know we are supposed to be counting it as joy to be tempted! I can't say that enough because it's clearly written. Go read it for yourself in James 1:3 where it says that: Brethren count it joy when you fall into divers temptations.

Temptations are from your desires. We go to read what temptation is; temptation is: the desires that are inside and he is drawn away by them and enticed. So if you want to go and tempt a rat, you go and put a big piece of cheese on the rat trap. And the rat doesn't necessarily have to go and eat that cheese does he. But he is going to be enticed to. Smart rats don't. But he is going to be enticed to and foolish rats will go and eat it and get killed. Right? Well that's exactly what happened these Christian; they get enticed to, but that is not the sin. The sin is that you foolishly let your guard down and you go and you follow that. You go and pursue the temptation. Now are you pursuing your temptations? Do you realize that it is only those who overcome who will inherit the kingdom of God? Blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he's tried he shall receive the crown of life. Now what do you think happens to people who don't endure temptation? Do you think they're going to get the crown of life to? You are dreaming friends, if you think that! It is those who endure to the end, walk the race of faith. Paul said if he doesn't walk properly by the rules, he is going to get disqualified. And you might say well how is that possible that Apostle Paul could be disqualified from the race of faith? He is an apostle! But Paul said that if you don't play by the rules, and Jesus said, you will get disqualified.

He said I don't want to be disqualified after even led so many people to Jesus and then I get disqualified at the end of the race of faith. Disqualifications will happen when you go to follow sin and you don't repent. You go and doubt God and you don't repent. You allow your temptations to cause you to fall into the fields of doubt. And as I said before; many people go into the fields of doubt and lots of people they don't come back. They go and get lost in there. Doubt is a big enemy. It is a big sin we don't want to go anywhere near. We already got the proof of God all around us we know that when bad things happen to good people we know we can praise God. Because we know that is counted all joy when you fall into trials and temptations, knowing that you'll receive your reward in heaven. And it is the trying of your faith that works patience. Blessed is the man who endures temptation for he shall receive the crown of life when he has been tried! It is quite clear friends. It is quite clear that we aren't on earth just to have a good time. That's for the world but they going to hell. Jesus said that the broadcast was broad and easy and many people are on the way to destruction. But we are not on that path, we are focused on Jesus Christ.

We want the kingdom of heaven and so our way is hard and difficult. Jesus said that the narrow way is difficult. He said it's difficult, strive. Are you striving to turn away from your temptations today? Or are you following them. Goes for me too. We have to be prepared to turn away and keep watch at all costs. Be a watchman on the wall don't let your guard down. It is then that the watchman gets wounded and killed if he's not looking. If he is not looking for the arrow, the arrow can just take him out. And once you are dead you are dead. Thats how sin is, it can be that sudden. I have seen people they fall to sin and next minute they're gone. They don't come back, they die they go to hell. It is very dangerous to fall to sin. You may never come back out of sin. It is only those who can repent and if you got that in your heart today you can be saved. If you got repentance to turn away from your sin. If you turn away from sin and turn of the Lord he will forgive you no matter how bad the past was. And that is the other good news is that there is a way back and there will be a way back until the door closes. Until your life ends. So let us make use of the time we have now. And make use of the time in watchfulness.

Remember if we are aroused by our sinful desires inside we must not pursue them. We must put them out and count it joy to be tempted showing it is a chance to prove to God that you serve him and you don't serve sin. I wonder how many people get caught out every day red-handed in sin. You know some people died today. They were caught out in their sin. How is the Lord going to catch you out today? We have to have joy in overcoming today so we can have confidence before God because I tell you truly that once you come to Jesus you'll be set free from sin, yes. But we also want to stay in the joy from overcoming temptation from now on. That means that when temptations come and they will, we are going to just turn away. Keep turning away counting it joy to prove the Lord that our faith is genuine. And we can come to the Lord and we can be confident because we know we are wicked inside hence we are tempted by our own wicked desire. So there can be no pride amongst us. If there's pride well what if the Lord exposes your heart today to the world? Would you like that? We have to be without pride friends we can't judge anybody. But we must follow the Lord and be watchful. Prove to him and make our election sure hallelujah!...

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It is through the Holy Spirit that Jesus leads people and speaks to them. If you don't have his Holy Spirit you cannot follow him and do what he wants you to do. Because Jesus said that he will send a helper, to all those who believe in him and this helper will tell them about his teachings and his ways and convict the world of it's sin, of God's righteousness.

And the coming judgment. If you do not have the Holy Spirit today and you cannot follow Jesus because you don't know him, you got to go and ask Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit. And you got to know that people who don't want the Holy Spirit will not have the Holy Spirit. People who want to live on the narrow way and follow Jesus, he will come and abide in them and he will send them the Holy Spirit, the helper that was promised. It is time to ask for the Holy Spirit today so that you can work for the Lord and to do what he tells you. For the Holy Spirit was sent as the helper. How can you serve the Lord if you do not have his spirit? Without his spirit you only have your flesh. Become a temple of the Holy Spirit today. Ask Jesus to give you his Holy Spirit. That is the way he comes to abide in you......


On the last day people are going to be judged on whether they accepted Jesus or not. And that he's going to ask you: did you accept Jesus? And you might say: yes. And he going to say: well why didn't you obey my commands? And was not it written that it is he who obeys my commands is the one who loves me? Did not Jesus say that it is the doers of the word who love him not hearers only. He said the man he hears my word but doesn't do it is like a man who sees himself in a mirror and then he goes and walks away and forget what he looked like. Is that what is going to be for you on Judgment Day, when you are asked: did you accept Jesus? And you say yes. And then the Lord says will say: Then why did you not obey my commands? You can't just pick and choose the scriptures that you like and just leave out all the other ones that you don't like.

It is written very clearly that you will be called to account for all your words on the last day. ALL of them. And it is written that they will either acquit you or condemn you. So are your words the gospel of Jesus? Are you speaking and are you the mouthpiece of God? Or are your words just curse words. Fights, arguments, you're not the mouthpiece of God. Will those words condemn you? Jesus said that by your words to be acquit or condemned on the last day. We are not talking about a long time ago, we are talking about the last day that has not come yet. It is in the future. Are you mouthpiece of God? Do you say you believe in Jesus yet you don't obey him? Jesus said: I will say to many on the last day go away I never knew you, you workers of sin. They professed him, but they said: but Lord Lord didn't do so many things in your name we cast out demons in your name we did so many things in your name! Did we not accept you? Jesus said: Truly I never knew you depart from me you workers of sin.

If you can claim Jesus then why do you not obey him? When it is written that if your eye causes you to lust, it would be better to pluck it out and enter the kingdom of God with one eye than have two and to be cast into hell. You think Jesus' words have passed away? Do you think they become null and void by the words of Paul? The words of Paul are founded on the words of Jesus. Jesus' words are a foundation stone. They didn't become null and void. Christians they use the words of Paul and they say that it allows them to keep on in sin which completely goes against the words of Jesus. So on the last day they will be asked: did you accept me? And they will say yes.

And he will say: well why did you not obey my commands? Is it not written that the one who obeys my commands and does them is the one who built his house on the rock and it will not fall? It is not written that the one who does not obey my commands is like the one who built his house on the sand and the flood came and the destruction of that house was great. My friend is it not written? Are you just going to pick and choose all the Scriptures that you like and ignore the ones that you don't like. Is the Bible a smorgasbord for you? Just to pick the bits you like which you believe will fit your doctrine? Yet you do not conform to the words of Jesus and make them your foundation stone! Jesus did say that his sheep know his voice. Do you know his voice? Jesus said that: you search your scriptures thinking you got eternal life in there yet you don't come to me to have life! Did you come to Jesus to have life?

Do you know him? What is Jesus said to you today? Have you had a word from Jesus today? Or does Jesus not speak to you! Do you think the Lord is going to be at one with you while you're on the broad path to hell? Jesus said that many are on the broad path that leads to destruction. He said: FEW are on the narrow way that leads to life. He said STRIVE on the narrow way to enter the narrow gate. He did not say that for nothing! Strive many will try few will be able to.

Are you obeying the words of Jesus? When you get to the gates of heaven when you get to the day of judgment and you have to stand before the Lord and he asked you: did you accept me? Are you going to say: well I accepted your name but I didn't accept your words. Jesus is going to say: why didn't you accept my commands? Why didn't you do them? If you accept Jesus you also must accept his commands. That's why I am here tell you, you must obey the words of Jesus if you expect to have salvation. You can't be saved if you just accept the Lord then you walk away. It's like you forgot what you look like in the mirror. Jesus is right you are wrong. If you accept his words and you do them will your name not be written in the book of life? But if you do not do his commands and you do not obey his words, does not it prove that you do not love him! Do you think people who do not love Jesus will be in the kingdom of heaven?...


Jesus said that you will be called to account on the last day for every idle word that you have spoken. So my question to you is: are you watching your words? Will your idle words condemn you or will they acquit you on the last day? Are you obeying the words of Jesus? Jesus also said that his sheep know his voice and that they follow him. Are you following him? Do you know his voice? Jesus also said that: he who loves me is he who obeys my commands and it is he who built his house in the rock. Do you love Jesus? Are you obeying his commands? Jesus said that if your eye causes you to sin you be better off to pluck it out and enter the kingdom with one eye following him than to leave him and go on in sin and be cast into hell with two eyes.

Are you plucking out your eye of lust today? Jesus also said that he came to send the conformer, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will speak to you what Jesus wants to say. And he will reveal to you his truths. Do you have the Holy Spirit? Do you know Jesus? Do you obey his commands? Jesus said on the last day he will say to many who professed him and did many miracles in his name: go away I do not know you. Do you know Jesus? Are you living in sin? What will Jesus say to you on the last day? Assumptions are dangerous my friend. If you do not know the Lord today and you're honest about it, go and seek him. Go and obey his commands. Pluck out the eye of lust. Watch your tongue. Ask him to set you free from all sin. Jesus said that he who sins is a slave to sin. He said he who the son of man sets free shall be free indeed. Are you set free yet? Do you go by the words of Jesus that will judge you on the last day? Or are you a foolish man who does not obey the words of Jesus and thus is building his house on the sand......

Saturday, November 3, 2012


It is very dangerous to assume anything. Christians assume they are pleasing to Jesus. They assume that they will enter the kingdom because they go to church, because they read the Bible, because they profess Jesus, and they think they believe in him. But I want to warn you that it is very dangerous to assume anything.

A brother in Christ knew a certain friend of his and he was showing in a dream this friend who had died as a Bible believing churchgoing Christian. And he went to the gates of heaven, and at the gates of Heaven he was told: Go away I don't know you. Many Christians they assume that the Lord knows them yet they don't hear the Lord. They don't hear him speak to them. They don't know if he's pleased with them and they don't have a relationship with him to know if they are on the right path with the Lord. They are not led by the Spirit.

Never assume anything. Instead spend your time in serious dedication and seeking the Lord so that you can actually come into a relationship with him, where you arent going off assumptions entering the kingdom. You're going off the reality of following Jesus as his disciple. Never assume that you have enough faith to enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead lay your faith in Jesus and obey him, seeking to live a life dedicated to him so that you will know what to do and he will lead you as his servant. And you will have communion with the Lord.

Jesus said I stand at the door and knock if anybody wants to open the door I will come in and dine with him. Is Jesus dining with you today? Or do you just assume he is pleased with you? Even though he's outside the door. Will Jesus tell you: Go away I don't know you? How is your relationship with Jesus today? Do you KNOW him?...


Jesus calls each and every person to know him. He said in the Bible that his sheep know his voice and they follow him. He also said: I will say to many people on the last day, go away I don't know you, you workers of sin. Jesus is real and Jesus hears and speaks.

Does Jesus know you? What will Jesus say to you?

Jesus called me to be a witness for him. He said: if anybody wants to follow me they must pick up their cross, deny themselves and come follow me. That is what I have done. Now is this what you are going to do? Do you hear his voice? When I turned to the Lord and did what he said, which is to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him, he started to speak to me and to show me things.

Does Jesus speak to you? Has Jesus told you what he thinks of you? Are you pleasing to him? How is your relationship with Jesus today? Do you know him? What will Jesus say to you?...


I am here because Jesus brought me out of the broad path to destruction. And it is this broad path that most Christians are on today. Jesus said in Matthew; he said broad is the way that leads to destruction and many are they who go by that way…but he said, NARROW is the way that leads to life and few are they who find it. You see very few people find the way to life. Very few. Most people are on this broad path destruction. Most Christians are on this broad path. They do not know it but the path they're on is not the narrow way. I used to be on the broad path. And how was my life on the broad path? It was quite fun. The broad path isn't broad for a reason. There aren't many people on there for no reason. There are many people on the broad path because it's very fun. When you're in this world and you're caught out by the glamour of this world, the broad path is something that is something very fun. And something you want to be on. You want to be a part of everything that's going on in the broad path. You see Christians they want to be a part of the broad path. Lots of things go on in the broad path. That's where all the gossip is. Thats where all the fun takes place.

And people really want to have fellowship with people on the broad path to destruction. The Christians as well. And that's how I used to be. I used to be on this broad path. I did give myself to Jesus long-ago, but I didn't stay very serious for Jesus. I got caught up with all the fun and dance on the broad path to destruction. The rich man in the Bible was on the broad path too. And he had lots of parties and and nice banquets at his home. And he enjoyed these times with his friends. Because he was on the broad path with them. All his brothers were on the broad path too. And then he died and went to hell, because the broad path doesn't have the narrow gate at the end of it. No matter what Christian tells you that it does, because it doesn't… and the the rich man died and at the end of the broad path was the gate to hell. And he descended into the fires of hell. And in torment there he was crying out. But it was too late by then. You see the broad path always ends in hell. Never ever does it end in heaven. And when I used to live on this broad part I used to chase after things on the broad path. My career, my sport…the desires of my soul. Your soul as many desires. It's written somewhere in proverbs that a man must put a lid on his desires otherwise he will make his life miserable. You see our soul has many desires. That's why people go and climb Mount Everest. That's why people go and do things in this world because their soul has many desires. And your soul wants to fulfill these desires.

You want to live for these desires. And this is part of living on the broad path to destruction that most Christians are on. And you see I was busy having a lot of fun on the broad path with worldly people who were on the broad path too. I was in fellowship with the Broad way to destruction, yet I went to church and I claimed Jesus. How deceived I was! So many Christians are deceived by this: they think that their broad path ends heaven just because they profess Jesus Christ. You can always tell people on the broad path because they dress-up to look like the world, they make themselves all good for the world. What they call COOL or HOT…and they want to make themselves like this for the world because the broad path is like that. You see on the broad path there's lots of nightclubs, there's lots of partying. There's lots of drinking, drugs, crime, having fun, selfishness. You know there's lots of religion on the broad path. In fact all religions belongs on the broad path to hell. On the broad path people walk around and they live after their own desires. They don't put Jesus first in their life. They don't do what he said. And all these Christians on the broad path are not headed to the kingdom of God. And that's the big deception of this time that we live in is that these Christians believe that they are on the way to heaven when they could not be further from the truth. Now what about this narrow way, the way I found a few years ago. I want to tell you about a dream I had about the narrow way. I had about two years ago, actually more than two years ago, would've been several years ago.

I had a dream of this narrow way. It was spoken of in Isaiah, I think chapter 35, Where This Way of Holiness running through the wilderness. That's what this narrow way was. A way of holiness running through the wilderness. Isaiah says that there was no ungodly people on that way, only the redeemed. And these Christians say: well I believe in Jesus, I am redeemed, so that makes me be on that way. Now I want to tell you something of what I saw in my dream; I didn't see many people on that way. I only saw people dressed in white on that way. And there was one or two in a mile. Lots of people would try and walk that way but they couldn't get on it. People in the darkness were not getting on this way. And we read in Revelation, where Jesus said in chapter two and three, he said that: those who are dressed in white are the ones who are worthy. He said not the ones who are in darkness. We only get dressed in white, and all talk about that later, but for now I want to talk about this narrow way that I saw. You see it was a golden highway to heaven; highway of holiness. It wasn't a highway where you just sit down and blast your ears out with all this worldly music. You known those people were not on that road. It wasn't a highway where you were going along and cussing and swearing on the road. No those people, again, they were not on that road.

The only people I saw on that road who were these people dressed in white, are saints and apostles and disciples and followers of Jesus from the very least to the very greatest. Thats the only people on this narrow way. And you know where the narrow way ended? I saw in my dream it went through the gates of this wonderful Kingdom. It was the kingdom of God. Thats where it goes to. This narrow way is the only way that goes to the kingdom of God. And I want to tell you again about these words of Jesus about the narrow way. He said: broad is the way to destruction and many are they who take that road, but narrow is the way to life and few are they who go by it.. FEW, that's what I start my dream; I saw one or two people in a mile. That is not very many people is it! One or two in the mile. And this road was quite long and eventually it ended in the kingdom of heaven. You see that's the way to the kingdom is this narrow way. And now how do we get on this narrow way? Why are so many people on the broad path that is not the narrow way? You see the broad path is very very wide and millions of people are on that way. But how do we get on this narrow way? This way I saw in my dream? I want to bring you to alert to another dream I had. And this dream I saw an earthenware vessel being filled with water, hot water, and in this water these people were going into it. And they looked in pain and suffering because its very hot water. And they were being swirled around in this jar and then I heard the voice of God saying: these people they are Christians going to trial and these are the hot waters of trial. And at intervals I saw people coming out.

They were coming out and they had something between them and the evil inside. I could see it. And I heard this voice saying: those people coming out, they are people who have put a barrier between them and the evil inside of them. And this barrier they had placed between them and their flesh. The evil inside. And they departed out of this place singing and dancing in joy! Is not that wonderful! That's what they did and these other Christians most of them were still in this hot water. They didn't come out. And I understood in my dream that they weren't going to come out. Because you see many people failed. They didn't pass the tests of trial. They just went back to the Broad way. The tests of trials and temptations, they ended up falling to sin and that they failed. You see that's what Jesus said, this is all biblical. Jesus said: many will try to enter the narrow gate but few will be able to. Thats what Jesus said. I am only quoting what he said. I am not quoting these things to discourage you thinking you may not entering the kingdom. I am saying these things to expose the truth that you must obey the words of Jesus to enter the kingdom. And we go on to read where he says: strive to enter the kingdom of God, strive. So the reason I talk about these things is because I am pushing you to strive to make your election sure on the narrow way. Because I tell you many will find out too late that they were on the broad path to destruction. And it will be too late by then. And they will not have made it. They would not have made it. We got to be separate dear friends. So let us focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and seek this narrow way. Now I want to talk about how you get on this narrow way. How did I find the narrow way? How did I find it?

I was on the Broadway of destruction for a long time following my own ways and what I wanted to do in life. And sin, fellowship with people on the Broad way. The Christians they fellowship with a lot of people on the Broad way. They say Jesus came and ate with sinners, so that makes it okay for me to go and party with my friends who don't know Jesus and I'm no light them… you see Jesus did come to eat with sinners, not only that, Jesus came to do two things: he came to make the wicked righteous, and he came to expose hypocrisy. So he came to expose your hypocrisy while you are on the broad path claiming his name. He came to make those of you who are wicked, righteous. Now we have to fear the Lord! Now how did I get on this narrow way? You see I was on this broad path and I was a hypocrite. And Jesus exposed my hypocrisy and he got me to repent. And I decided to heed the warnings, and I got on my knees and I sought the Lord and I said: I dedicate myself to following you on the narrow way. I left the broad path that day. And that is a decision you have to make. I get people messaging me saying: I can't leave my sin, it's too difficult, I keep falling, I can't get away from sin. You know that's because you haven't made the ultimate decision to turn away from the broad path. Now that's the decision I made. Thats the decision that I stick to. I decided to leave the broad path and get on my knees and pray to Jesus Christ and asked him into my heart. And then follow him and continue, not just to walk out the door and go back onto the broad path again like so many do. You see so many people they go to these evangelists and they pray a prayer and they dedicate to Jesus and then they just walk out and they walk straight back onto the broad path. You know that's not the way to go dear friends. If you want to be saved you have to come on the narrow way. Now Jesus said in the Bible he said this, he said: I'm the narrow gate nobody can come to the father except through me.

He said that he was the way the truth and the life. So it is through Jesus Christ alone that you can get on this narrow way. And that's how I got onto the narrow way from the broad path to destruction. Now you might say: why is it then that Christians can be on the broad path? How is that possible? Its because they have never left the broad path. They are hearers of the word only that's why. And Jesus said that too. Jesus said that be not hearers only of the word but doers of the word. Jesus said this about hearers of the word, he said: people who hear the word only are like those people who build their house on the sand. They're the people who hear my commandments but they don't obey them and that they put them into practice. Now Jesus said that those who hear my commandments and put them into practice they are the people who built their house on the rock and they don't fall. But the people who build their house on the sand, their house is destroyed and great is the destruction of that house. Same on the Broad way. The Broad way ends in destruction no matter what Christians tell you, it still ends in destruction. There is no Jesus at the end of the broad path. These people they say: well you know Jesus will accept me, I am not perfect don't point fingers. I'm not pointing fingers I'm exposing the truth, the words of Jesus and he makes it very clear and I can say it again: he said this he said: broad is the way to destruction (in Matthew Chapter 7) broad is the way to destruction and many are they who go by that way. But narrow is the way to life and few are they who enter into that path, into that gate. He said: STRIVE you therefore to enter through the narrow gate, because of many I tell you will try and few will be able to.

He goes on to say: many will come to me on the last day and say to me Lord Lord did not we do so many things in your name? And did we not cast out demons in your name? And did we not do miracles in your name? And I will say to them, says the Lord: depart from me you workers of iniquity. Depart from me. They would've thought they were on the narrow way on the way of salvation, but alas they were on the broad path. In my dream I didn't see people on the narrow way in dirty clothes. I only saw them in white clothes. And that gets me back to these white clothes I was going to tell you about. What are these white robes? The people, the Saints, on the narrow way that I saw had white robes on. They were the redeemed. Well Jesus himself says in revelations chapter 2 and 3, he talks about these while robes. He talks about not staining these robes in the world. And those people are worthy. He talks about; he will give them a white robe, the ones who overcome. They get through their trials, they become victorious. And what is this victory? What it this victoriousness? This victorious is being able to turn away from your wickedness and follow Jesus, and experience his victory over sin in your life. That's what victoriousness is. You see Jesus will give you these while robes. And when you come to the Jesus you're going to feel right in your heart. I want to ask you today; do you feel right inside? You know I am not saying do you feel grieved about the temptations you go through. I am not saying are you grieved at the sin you see. Or are you grieved at the way your flesh has evil which you turn away from.

I am not saying that. I'm saying; do you feel right in your heart before the Lord Jesus Christ? Or do you feel that you got some work to do? That's what I challenge you today. How do you feel before God? Do you have peace and know that you're right with God? Do you know Jesus is pleased with you? He speaks, he'll tell you. Is he pleased with you and you feel the lightness of spirit inside and you feel the peace of God? Is he pleased with you today? People they they come and they start talking about a lot of doctrine, but my question is not about doctrine. Is not about church, is not about religion, it's: is Jesus please with you today? How are you before the Lord? That is what I want to ask. How are you before the Lord? To see Jesus hears and he speaks now people don't really realize this. And Jesus himself said in the Bible that: my sheep hear my voice and they follow me. You see Jesus does speak and his sheep do here his voice. If you don't hear his voice, it's time to ask to be his sheep. So how do we do that? We get off the broad path and we dedicate our life to Jesus. And Jesus speaks in many ways. He speaks to me often in a still small voice in my spirit but you got to learn to hear him. Satan also speaks to you too. You know those dirty thoughts that come into your mind. You know those wicked thoughts that just came in from nowhere, this is Satan. These are the angles of darkness speaking to you. You got a learn discernment so that you know the Savior's voice. You got to ask to be his sheep so you know when he speaks to you. And thats where you have to come off the broad path. There is no way you can follow Jesus on the broad path.

You have to get yourself separate from it. People on the broad path do many things. You know what do people on the broad path do? They do things like computer games, they waste their time playing these war-games. You know they waste their time listening to all this rap music rock music pop music metal music. They spend their times looking at porn TV trash on TV ungodly worldliness. They spend their time following and chasing sport, going to the game every week. This is what people do on the broad path to destruction. They would tell you till they're black in the face that they're saved and that it is fine but they are still on the broad path of destruction. I didn't see those sort of people on the narrow way that I saw in my dream. I only saw holy saints of God who had separated themselves from the ways of this world. And they had a white robe on. They were not rocking around with hippo in their ears. They weren't shouting prideful lyrics of rap. They went playing war-games. They weren't drinking having fun in the world, they were completely set apart for God. These people in these white robes they were holy people following Jesus in the narrow way. That's the thing dear friends, when will you get yourself on this narrow way? And this broad path I will tell you a little bit more about it: the broad path has many churches on it. And these churches have many leaders with long flowing robes and fancy suits and a gold-leafed Bible under their arm. They are in the churches on the Broadway, and they have many doctrines to keep you in their church. And they go and proselyte for church members so that they can have a successful business running. Because a church cannot operate with no members if it's a Babylon church. The only church that can operate is a New Testament church.

They don't need money. You see a New Testament church is a group of people that maybe meets at a home. Just go to somebody's home like the apostles did. They went from home to home sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. They had gatherings in homes and in places predestined around the city. They met at places to teach and preach. They didn't need to hire anything. They didn't need to have money because they were simply the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ under the new covenant. They had the power of God with them. The Babylon churches can't operate this way because that take the power away from the leader. If the people just gather in homes here and there and then anybody can start speaking as led by the Spirit. That means that there's no control by the leaders is there. So don't think that the narrow way has any leaders on it, no the narrow way is devoid of any leaders. The only people on the narrow way are disciples following Jesus on the narrow way. There's no Babylon church on the narrow way. They belong on the Broad way, and on the Broad way most people are on. You see there's a false Catholic church that's on the Broad way too. And that's leading many people into hell. They have got many false doctrines, they have set up a very large organization worldwide. They have fundamentals of Satan in their church.

And they think that this is all good and this is the way we should go. And they continue to live those paths because it brings in the money and the ways of the Broad way are good. Wine women and song, comfort, money, feel good. And this is why so many people are deceived because they are not on the narrow way but following the path to hell and destruction. And you see then people they die, and they believe that they were on the narrow way but the whole time they were on the Broad way. And they wake up to the reality suddenly after death. They come out of their body and their eyes are opened as they descend into the fire. They were on the broad path and they realized that they were deceived all their life. By then it is too late and they end up in the fire. It is not what we want to be like dear friends, we want to be dedicated to Jesus Christ on the narrow way, so that when we pass from this life we will go into the kingdom of God. The narrow gate of the kingdom that Jesus talked about. He said that many will try to go through that narrow gate, few will be able to. Now Jesus wasn't lying, he was telling the truth. I want to challenge you, how much do you want to be on the narrow way? How much do you want the Broad way? It's your choice. I get people they message me and they say: you know I don't really believe, I don't really want to come to your God I just want to go on in what I want to do. I want to be my own God.

And I tell them the gospel and they reject it. So I tell them, so be it that is your choice. Your choice will determine what is going to happen to you. Your choice so be it. So the question is: what are you choosing today? Are you deciding to be a hearer of the word? I'm giving you the word, are you going to be a hearer of it? Or are you going to be just block it out and just go on on the broad path and ignore the warnings and then in the end, end up the fire where it's too late. In another dream I saw these people in a place in hell. It was a very dark place. People were crying out in great anguish complaining: why did nobody warn us that living a life like this ended up in here! Why weren't we warned that living a life after our desires ended in this place! And what a place! What a place of suffering and torment. That is what I saw! Now were they warned? They were, they had Moses and the prophets. They had Christians telling them about the truth but they decided to reject it.

Why did nobody warn us that living a life after our desires ended in this place? That is why I am here warning because it does! The broad path does end in that place. It does. A life that's not dedicated to Jesus does end in that place. That the end of a life on the broad path. And that's what I talk about today so much is this broad path that so many Christians are on. And they are deceived on this Broad way. So many other Christians think they are on the narrow way yet they don't know Jesus. I want to challenge you: do you know him? Do you know his voice? Has he spoken to you? Has he led you? Has he set you free from sin? Has he given you righteousness inside your heart? Has he given you power to leave your sin? Or are you still doing your sin! I want to challenge you: do you know Jesus? Does he know you? You will know. You can deceive yourself, and say: yeah he probably does, I read the Bible. Or: I follow the law of Moses I am sure it is all good. Or: I'm sure he understands you know I'm just here. No that's not knowing Jesus. The apostles they laid hands on people they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Did you know that? And they start praising God, they were filled with the power of the spirit of the reality of the truth inside of them. Jesus said that he will speak you through the Holy Spirit. He said: I send you the Holy Spirit, he is my voice. I will speak to you through the Holy Spirit. He said the Holy Spirit will speak the words that come from my father, from me. He will speak nothing on his own accord. That's the way the Lord will speak to you, through the Holy Spirit. But what use is it if you don't know Jesus and you don't have his Holy Spirit! You can say: well I'm in a predicament I don't know Jesus I don't have the Holy Spirit, what do I do now? There is only one thing you can do now and that is you go and completely dedicated to the Lord and cry out to him and you don't stop until he comforts you. That's where a relationship with Jesus starts. It is through faith and a prayer of faith. It is always through faith. It is not through sight, you are not going to see anything. Some people do but not many. It is through faith. You must have faith, you must have faith. You must have faith in the reality of the Lord absolutely everywhere. The creation of the Lord is the proof of him. You know it says in the Scriptures: Go lift a stone Jesus is there. He says: I'm there... go lift a stone I'm there. He is everywhere.

You can have faith. You can believe and just have faith. Then you start to have the reality of the spirit and Jesus in your life where he starts to speak to you. You know when I first came to Jesus he started speaking in my spirit and he told me: Abide with me. He kept saying that; abide with me. And that's what I must do. I must abide with the Lord, because he said in the Bible that if you don't abide with me you will not bear fruit. Apart from me can do nothing. And branches get cut off that don't bear fruit. So clearly there's no way you can enter the kingdom of God unless you abide with Jesus Christ. So I challenge you today, Do you know Jesus? Does he know you?...