Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Lord brought me to repentance to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. And so I decided to move away from the false hearer only gospel and realize that Jesus is a reality and he requires us to be a DOER of the word and not just hearers. And so I decided to build my house on the rock so I got out of my house on the sand and I went and stood firmly upon the rock of Jesus and started to obey his commandments and pray to him and seek him and live for him in complete dedication like he said. You see he said to deny yourself and follow him. He said to hate your own life for his sake. That's what I decided to do and I got on my knees I did repent I did turn away from all these things I was doing that were completely worldly. And I got a new heart. I got changed. It was a supernatural miracle. And suddenly I had no desire to follow the world I hated the sound of the worldly nonsense that is all around us.

And I turned away from it all and I gave myself to Jesus and my life changed from that point. You see the Lord then brought me to follow him to be a doer of the word. And he gave me the power to be at doer. And most of you Christians believe the false cross only gospel and you'll HEAR it but you don't DO it. You don't walk the way of the cross. You don't come the way that Jesus calls you to come. You just say “Ah I believing in your cross”, but you say that from the broad path to destruction. You say in your house on the sand: “Oh Jesus I believe in your cross and John 3:16.” you even put John 3:16 on the door of your house on the sand. In your false hope you think that somehow the flood wont wash your house away. You are so deceived if you think that. All these false wicked preachers on YouTube and in the world especially in the churches and the prosperity preachers and all these popular preachers that preach this wicked doctrine from the houses built on the sand. They're all going to end up in hell because their house is on the sand. Your house must be on the rock. Jesus said: he who does my commandments and DO, DO my word, he is the one who built his house on the rock. Him!

Not the hearer only who believes but doesn't do anything. Jesus said that you must DO his commandments. He said to pick up your cross and follow me and deny yourself. That's what we must do. If you don't do that you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. You're going to be on the outside lost and when the destruction comes and the flood comes you are going to be washed away. John 3:16 wont help you dear friends when the flood comes while your house is built on the sand. It's only when your house is built on the rock you DO the word. And what is this doing? If you really believe John 3:16, that Jesus Christ came and died for your sins well then you would pick up your cross and you would follow him, deny yourself, stop living for your own ways, repent of all your sins and dedicate a life to him. Don't be like the rich man who heard that he had to give his wealth away and walked away from Jesus. He wasn't saved.

You see you cannot be saved unless you actually do the word. You do turn away from the worldly paths you're living on right now. You do turn away from following all that entertainment and foolish sports and nonsense and beer and fun and games of this lifestyle of this world. You don't join the people in it! You're separate, a doer of the word, salt and light. And then in time the flood comes and your house does not fall because you are built on the rock….....