Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Believers who are following Jesus and who have fallen back to any desires of sin or done things that aren't good in the sight of God, they must turn over a new leaf and keep going with Jesus. Satan likes to try and keep you in your failures. And we all have a flesh that can go back to sin if we so choose. We are on the earth and we can choose the righteous path and be set free and then we can walk off back to evil that is true. But we who are with the Lord, he is there to convict us to repent and turn over a new leaf and start again with the Lord. He will lead you into his kingdom if you do that. This world and Satan and your flesh however, is all about keeping you away from turning over a new leaf and repenting. It's all about just stay in your sin and you'll stay away from the Lord.

And as long as the devil can keep you from not turning over new leaf, starting anew, afresh with the Lord in repentance, he can keep you in a state where you can get a hard hearts and go away and stay away from the Lord and end up in the fire even though you knew the Lord at one time. So I am here to encourage any of you that if you have strayed away from the Lord, if you have experienced his power in your life setting you free from your sin, but you have gone and chosen to go back to whatever it is that is wrong in the sight of God, then I'm here to tell you to turn over a new leaf and let bygones be bygones. Don't make excuses. Just start afresh the Lord is going to to lead you. Everybody who can repent should repent. Everybody who does will be accepted. Turn over a new leaf today my friend if you have fallen and put the bygones into the past. Look forward into the kingdom of God. Let the Lord lead you and don't make excuses about any false path that you may have fallen to. May the Lord be with you...