Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progressing To Maturity

Today is an another day that we have a chance to turn to Jesus before it's too late. And every day you leave it, its going to get too late one day. And many people they have a chance to come to Jesus and they keep slipping the chance. They let it slip and then the day comes and it's suddenly too late. They fall away to far and they can't repent and they just going on in their sin. They keep going on in sin and and end up dying one day and going to hell. You know that's I saw a lot. I knew an old lady who was a sinner all her life and she didn't want Jesus. And then she got lung cancer because she was a smoker and she slowly died and her chance is gone to go to heaven. And many people they get themselves in this situation where they don't repent. They don't want to. And you tell them about Jesus and they say, I don't care, I just want to live my life in peace. And at the end of a peaceful life is hell because I saw in my dream I saw these people in hell and they were crying out saying: why why did nobody warn us that living a life after our own desires ended up here. And they were in great torment and hell is a real place and the end of a peaceful life is hell. So you want to be left alone, and you want to have a peaceful life, well you will have a peaceful life if you're not in a war zone and then the end of your life, after your life of sin, and after your life of many griefs, you die and then you go to hell.

That is just how it is, because Jesus Christ came to save people from hell but only those who turn to him not those people who don't want him. You know Jesus does not force anybody to follow him, he only asked people that if they want to follow him then they can deny themselves and pick up their cross, which is all the things they want to do and turn away from it all, and go follow Jesus. And if you want that salvation today, well you're going to have to seek the Lord and accept him because if you don't accept him you will go to hell, that/s just how it is. Sins take you to hell and people say well isn't that a bit unfair that the Lord just sends me to hell just because I don't want to accept him. But it's not the Lord who sends you to hell, it is the sins you do that end you there because the Lord never wanted you to go to hell. So people say: well if he never wanted me to go to hell why did he create me in the first place? Well why did he send Jesus to die on earth for you in the first place? I don't know, all I know is that God did make the way to the be saved. And he made the way through through Jesus Christ to be saved, and if you can't accept that you cant be saved that's just how it is. People they try and work it all out in in human terms before they want to accept. But the thing is there are things you just can't work out. Others want a workout about the universe and nobody knows how the universe began. Even the evolutionists don't know how they could possibly have been a big bang or where did the material come from in the first place, nobody knows. And some of these things we won't know but one day we will know. And that's the thing is that when the Lord returns he said that all things will be made known. All things. So you will suddenly see a very very clear picture of everything one day. But while we have the chance now, we want to be saved. And the salvation has always been very clear.

It has always been turn away from sin and accept Jesus Christ. Turn away from sin and follow Jesus. Now I want to read to you about this turning away from sin and following Jesus. What that is, it is the basic gospel. It is the very basic start of the walk with Jesus Christ. And when we aren't mature in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that is what we are coming to understand. So Paul was writing, let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ and let us go on to become mature in our understanding. Now this is talking to believe us who have decided to turn to Jesus Christ. They have they have been instructed for baptism, like being baptized in water for Jesus, turning away from sin and reckoning the old flesh dead. I want to read on it says: you don't need for the further instructions about baptism nor laying of hands which is prayer, nor resurrection of the dead and which is on the last day we will be resurrected into the kingdom of heaven, nor the eternal judgment, the eternal judgment is hell and hellfire and the last day of judgment. And so God willing let us move further into our understanding for it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who were once enlightened and who experienced all wonderful things, who have then turned away from God. He goes on to say: let us move away from the teachings of the basics of faith and let us move on to spiritual understanding on all matters. And I want to talk about how do you get this spiritual understanding on deeper matter. Where does this wisdom come from? Does it come from the Bible? Or does it come from the church or people? I want you to know that it comes from actually getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ. So when you get to know that he is the way to salvation and you decide to repent of your sins and you go and turn to him, then you have to go and seek the Lord. You got and find him for yourself where he he speaks into your spirit and where he sets you free from sin and he gives you power to turn away from sin and he sets you free from the bondages of sins, and then when you live your life on the narrow way, he gives you the power to keep living your life on the narrow way if you abide with him.

This is the basic teaching so when you get to know the Lord you will come to live this way, because he would change you. But you got to go and know him. You got to ask and pray. That's the only way. You can't find it all out in the Bible because you will not understand it. You can't find it all out in church because people can't help you. You will only be able to find it when you pray, the real deep understanding of things. You got to pray. You got to find the Lord Jesus for yourself and then he will lead you into deeper understanding of all these matters. Where you're able to find out how, how do I need to live my life today? And it's not always very easy. We often don't know what to do. That's where you have to just trust the Lord Jesus Christ and you will get tempted as well and can you go through all kinds of evil temptations from within. Your own fleshly evil desire living inside of you. You know, again that is the part of the walking the narrow way, is that you're going to get an uncomfortable time and times where you're going to be tempted and tried to be lured back into sin. And it's going to be very hard for you at times to be able to turn away from sin I know that. It's going to be hard. And your flesh is going to really want to to go after something and it could be a little sin or it could be a big sin, or it could be a very bad sin, or a very evil something. You know? And it doesn't matter because the flesh will like whatever it is and the flesh will try and pull you along into doing those things and becoming what that is. And what that is is sin that leads to death and hell. Hell's the end of the sin for the sinners. You see God is just and he doesn't allow people to get away with their evil deeds. You know people they get all smart and they like to say: well you know all these Catholic priests there're all are committing sin and how come they are doing that since they're people of God? Well guess what, people should stop looking at God through other people because people sin. You know they do wickedness, and you must never put your relationship based off through the Lord looking at other people. We have to have our own relationship with God.

The best of people can fall to sin and go to hell that's the truth. And you don't want to end in hell with them. People say well look at all these Catholic priests and then they blame God for it. You know God's got nothing to do it. He doesn't tell people to go and do evil deeds. That's what they decided to do. They fell to their own lust and sins within and they became wicked and they are following Satan bound in sin. Their fault. It is people's fault, it is not God's fault. He didn't tell him to go and do that. He told them to repent turn away from sin. He told them to follow him, he didn't tell them to go off and do sin. And this is where people want to make an excuse. They say that since these Catholic priests are so sinful, I'm not going to go and follow Jesus. Well guess what all of you will end up in hell together because if you can't follow the Lord in holiness, and they can't follow the Lord in holiness, well there is going to be no salvation for them nor you. So everybody will end up in the same fire together there will be no blaming each other because you will be separately being in torment. Dear friends we want to keep away from all foolishness of this nature and we got to take responsibility. Now that's a word people don't hear. They don't want to hear you have to be responsible. But I'm telling you you have to be responsible for your salvation. Your salvation alone and you have to be responsible for your choices you make. And every sin you commit you'll be held responsible for as well. And God will make you account for them personally. You know you have a very personal God and he is going to be personally annoyed with you if you personally make the wrong choices. And he is going to call you to account for them and he is gonna say why? And the wages of your personal disobedience is going to be eternal judgment. So that's why we need to turn away from our sin and turn to Jesus Christ and stop blaming others or blaming all these things on God when it has got nothing to do with him. Because he just sent his son to save you.

People they want to blame God about everything. They want to say: well you know Lord why did you want to create me if I am just going to be a sinner? Why did you create gay people? Well God didn't create gay people. These people were born and they followed after a generational curse they were born into. There are curses that go through families. When people sin they put a curse in their family. When people are sleeping round outside of marriage and get children out of wedlock which is fornication, what happens is they get a curse on their generations of people after that, even up to the 10th generation they get a curse. That means in that family a demonic stronghold is in it. And it means that the children are born into a slavery situation. But what happens is the children don't have to follow those ways of that sin. But the thing is people do they just follow you known and become enslaved to it. Because children aren't bound to sin. It's only when you start to do sin you become a slave to it. That's what Jesus said he said, he said people who sin they become slaves to sin and that's where Jesus comes in because he came to set people free. So you may be bound to so many sins. Maybe you got homosexuality running through your family or something. Or something worse and maybe it's affected you where you become harassed by this curse, this demon. And you know maybe you are doing those sins and if you are then you under the power of it, not just harassed by it. And in the end if you're under the power of it, then you need to be freed by Jesus Christ.

You need Jesus Christ. You need to have him make you clean so that you can be clean inside. All your heart cleansed. And that's where Jesus Christ comes in. that's where you got to pray. That's where the good news comes. Now these are all the basics of the Gospel and you should be following the Lord and moving on from these basics if you have come to know him. You should be getting into a deeper relationship with him not going over and over with sin all the time just continuing to do it like an immature Christian. You need to start moving on from this basic teaching of turning away from sin, and having Jesus set you free. Because he will set you free you just got to go and seek him. People they say well I can't stop this sin. Well it's because you haven't really made the decision to move on from being a babe in Christ where you are still a slave to sin, and you have to actually make the decision, the basics of the faith the very beginning of the faith, you have to decide to turn away from your sin and get into a relationship with Jesus so he can set you free. And people they never really get past that stage. They never really get past the stage of having first faith, so in other words they are never saved. They never really get dedicated and don't get on their knees and dedicate, and get set free from sin. They never really get past that stage. But dear friends we want to move on to holiness through Jesus Christ. We want to move on to having the power of the Lord living through us. Deeper understandings of things, deeper meanings. We want it to happen in our lives. So we want to move on. You know that's why we need to do to to put behind our old ways and just simply get to know the Lord deeper and deeper, and pray and have faith and move on in our relationship with the Lord in what we are doing everyday.

That is what we have to do dear friends. Now I want to read to you a verse what Jesus said, and he said; this is a parable of the rich farmer and he said: somebody asked the crowd to Jesus so they said: teacher please tell my brother to divide my father's inheritance with me. And Jesus replied: friend who made me judge over you? So he said who made me judge over you? And then he told this story: a rich and had a fertile farm and it produced fine crops. And he said to himself what should I do I don't have enough room for all my crops? And then he said, I know I'll tear down my barns and I'll build bigger ones, then I'll have room enough to store all my wheat and other goods and I'll sit back and I'll say; self you have done very well for years to come! You're going to take it easy so eat drink now and let's be merry. But the Lord said to him one night, you fool today you're going to die and then who will get everything you have worked for? And Jesus says: yes a person is a fool if they store up things on earth yet they don't have a rich relationship with the Lord God. What are we seeking? Are we seeking a rich relationship with the Lord God? That's what we got to be seeking dear friends. We've got to be seeking a relationship with the Lord so we can move forward in our understanding of things. We must not be trusting in our own strength having our own strength and our own flesh as our what we want to live by. And we want to sort everything out by the strength of our own arm and the strength of man. You know that's why we're like the rich farmers the fool who trusts in himself. And he says to self: I worked hard and I gained a lot in life and now I can take it easy.

And that's how this life is. You know the people of this world their motto is strive hard do well and it's pat yourself on the back because you did well. And you are rich now, and you got everything. You know and you don't never seek God. You don't ever follow Jesus. And thats being a fool and your trust in your own strength for your own wealth when we should be trusting in Jesus for that and seeking his kingdom first and he'll give it to us. Because Jesus himself said he said: that is why he goes on to say I tell you not to worry about everyday life or whether you have enough food to eat or clothes to wear for life is more than food and the body more than clothing. He said look at the ravens they dont work for their food yet God feeds them. So how much more valuable are you to him than the birds? Can any worry add anything to your life? And if worry can't accomplish even a little thing like that why are you worrying over big things. And Jesus goes on to say: why do you have so little faith? And he says: don't worry about these things as these things dominate the thoughts of the unbelievers all over the world. But your father already knows you need these things so seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness first and he will provide for your everyday needs. And he says: so don't be afraid little flock for it is your father's great happiness to give you the kingdom. And you know this is what the Lord requires of us. He requires you to trust him and ask him to help you instead of relying on yourself. And everybody wants to do it by their own strength, but we have to ask the Lord God in heaven to help us. If you need help go and ask him! Don't rely on yourself go and ask the Lord God and he will heal you. He will help you in what you should do in everything. We just got to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. He will help you in all things hallelujah. We just got to focus on Jesus and we got to give our hearts to the Lord and obey him in all we do. If you can't obey him you can't be saved. Praise the Lord.

Now I want to continue reading what Paul said about these things. Paul said this: so let us stop going over basic teachings about Christ and let us instead become mature in our understanding. So what is saying is let us not try and work out our faith with the Lord and not know him. And always be falling away and going back to sin and coming back and repenting and going back and always seems like your salvation is on the edge. Paul is saying don't do that. He is saying you need to become mature in your understanding which means you need to follow Jesus deeply and give yourself to Jesus to get to know him more. And have faith pray more and dedicate properly to the Lord. So you're not a baby in the faith anymore so you can go and help other people find Jesus instead of yourself always running around for answers. And if we know the Lord let us not walk back to sin because we we may never come back like Paul wrote. We may never come back. You know this is what happens to somebody who loves the Lord and does what he says but then goes and loves sin again. It says when the ground is soaked up from falling rain and then there's a good crop for the farmer and it has God's blessing. But if a field bears thorns and thistles it is useless and the farmer will condemn that field and burn it. And that's what the Lord will do.

If he sees people or sees you just continuing to produce thorns and thistles in your life and all you're doing is producing thistles, you know the Lord is going to finally condemn you and going to send you into the fire. And that's why we got to repent and live for the Lord so that we can become mature in following Jesus and not be falling to sin all the time time. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. You know let us dedicated to following the Lord with all our hearts today and do what he says in everything. That's what we got to do. Get to know him in our hearts. Get to know him in who we are hallelujah. And follow him praise the Lord. Move on in our understanding, get to know him properly and have a deeper understanding and become mature in the faith, instead of a babe in the faith. The only way to do that is to start praying and get to know the Lord and seek him and get him to have his understanding in your heart so you can understand Scriptures and all sorts of things from there too.

You know people they like to say well you know the way to understanding is to read the Scriptures more. They say things like; people reading the Bible all the time become very knowledgeable. Well thats true. They become knowledgeable but not in the matters of God, because you need to know Jesus first and you need to be led by him before the Scriptures can help you. And that's why people they build their churches on the Bible but they don't build their churches on Jesus Christ. So they have all these documents but they don't follow the Lord. They don't know him. They read the Bible every week but it doesn't help them because they don't follow Jesus. But we got to follow Jesus dear friends. Get to know him in our hearts follow him and all we are hallelujah......