Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Easy Salvation: Path Of The Cross

How do you spend your day? I spend my days serving Jesus and praying and seeking to do his will. I spend my days free from the distractions of this world and I keep myself separate from it too. Why do I do this? Is because I've lost my mind? According to the world I've lost my mind big-time! But according to Jesus I have found the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven, because I found the words of Jesus and their reality of; if you want to follow me says the Lord you must deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me. We are not part of this pleasure loving sin doing generation no more, we who have turned away from our sin and accepted the cross. You see the path of the cross is not one that most people like.

They preferred the false feel good gospel of: Jesus forgives me and all I have to do is believe.. that's what they would rather believe. They don't want to accept that Jesus' cross actually has a road that you must travel on; the way of the cross. The way of the cross is to deny yourself, and put on Jesus and follow him. Take up your cross that's the way of the cross. You can't think that you can believe the cross for your sins, yet you won't shoulder your cross and you won't walk the way of the cross. That means you're a hearer of the word only and not a doer of the Word. A doer of the word spends his time in prayer and seeking and praises to the Lord and seeking to bring others to the kingdom as the Lord gives him the ability. But hearers of the word are those who listen to the good news and say: yeah, yeah, Jesus's blood covers me that's all fine and good… and that's as far as it goes for them.

They think that that is enough for them to enter the kingdom yet they don't dedicate themselves to the way of the cross. They aren't doers of the word. The person who is a doer of word, Jesus said, that he is the one who hears the words of Jesus and does them. And he is the one who built his house on the rock and the flood comes and it's not destroyed. The person who hears the good words and the commands of Jesus and doesn't obey them and put them into practice, is he who built his house on the sand and the floods come and the ruin of that house is great. Are you a doer of the word? Or are you a hearer only!...