Monday, October 8, 2012


Living right for entering heaven Dont give insult for insult Dont give in to your desires Turn away from that which is of the world or above God Bless dont curse Be patience

Speak with integrity and graciousness shining your light and testimony when able

Live quiet lives doing the will of Jesus not following this rebellious generation Be separate from all evil and dedicate to Jesus your life Give thanks to God in all you do Dont fight dont argue leave people/ brethren up to God Dedicate free time to prayer and praising the Master and seeking his voice and guidance Help and care for the brethren where u can sharing burdens in prayer as if they are Jesus. Warn in love but have mercy and do not judge. Take captive every thought and desire and take captive to will of God. Bad thoughts out.

Dont talk much for idle words always are present with sin. The tongue lights fires. You will be called to account for all words Endure undertrial and in time u will reap reward Be holy in your conduct and keep your eyes on Jesus. This way you will have honor in heaven and bring glory to your Father in Heaven...