Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To Stop Sinning

Hi Jesus set me free from sin and gave me the power to go sin no more. People they write me and they say how is it possible that you can be set free from sin? Doesn't everybody sin and they naturally they can't stop? Well I want to tell you my testimony on how Jesus set me free. A few years ago the Lord brought me to seek him, and I was living in my sins and a hopeless slave to sin, and I didn't know where to go. And then the lord brought me to repent and I realize that I must repent and seek him and get to know him so he can set me free and be with me. So what I did was I sought the Lord in repentance and that very time the Lord came to me and he actually set me free from sin.

Suddenly I wasn't walking around hopelessly and enslaved to all these sins I was doing everyday. You see I was set free. Suddenly I no longer wanted to live after my pursuits which is sin too. Suddenly I wanted to put Jesus first which is righteousness. And Jesus told me to abide with him and as long as I abide with him and I keep doing it, I am no going to go and sin. So it's my endeavour from now till I enter heaven that I abide with Jesus so I don't go off into sin. Because temptation and evil thoughts and evil desires are going to come and they do come. But it is he who endures to the end under these things abiding with Jesus and turning them away, taking them all captive to Christ and instead following his narrow way, they're the ones who are saved. You see many Christians tell me they can't stop sinning and nobody can stop sinning because they themselves have never come to the cross to be set free from sin. They have never been born-again. They don't know what it's like for Jesus to be setting them free from sin. Because they still love their sin and they don't want to admit that there got to turn away from their love of sin. Or they don't realize that he can set them free from it and they don't seek him. And these Christians really are just sinners and wicked like the unbelievers and their going to hell on the broad path just as much of the unbelievers are, because they aren't saved, and they are not abiding in Christ.

He hasn't set them free and doesn't know them and they just do their own sins and live their own life. Many believers think that professing Jesus is saving them while they have never experienced him, never been set free from sin, and they have never turned away from all their selfish ways and pursuits and desires and actions of sin and actually gone to him to experience the wonderful power of the cross. And Jesus said in John 8:36 that he who he set free from sin shall be free indeed. And that's what I experienced. So that's why I'm here to encourage all you people who are continuing in sin today, and you know it, that you are on your way to hell and destruction and damnation, you are on the broad path of destruction along with this whole world and you certainly will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless you actually get born again through the Spirit and experience the power and life changing way of Jesus Christ in your life. Where he does actually set you free from your sin and the only way to experience this is for you to have faith and go seek, ask and dedicate to Jesus.

That's what real faith is. That's how you become born-again. And as such there will physical power that sets you free from your sin if you choose that. If you choose to turn away from your evil. And what you must do is you must continue to abide with Jesus and not go back to the evil. You see the seed that was thrown on the stony ground, the believer heard that with joy the good news and he did go to the Lord but then the cares of life came up and and all the pride of possessions and the sins of this world choked the seed out he just died. He didn't stay abiding to Jesus, he didn't bear any fruit, so he got cut off. The seed died. He just went to hell. You see many say Lord Lord but few know the Lord and actually are born again that's why Jesus said that the narrow way is narrow and few find it. Because they just continue in sin. They don't really want to stop and actually go to Jesus to be set free.

And that's why I'm here today to tell you that you must go to Jesus to be set free from sin today otherwise you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. If you are still sinning today was no way you're going to heaven, you are going to hell right now. Your sin will take you there and you're not going to be forgiven for it, not unless you repent properly and you go ask Jesus to set you free. And there is no use repenting and being forgiven and continue to sin and repent of sin proving that you really don't want to leave your sin and Jesus won't set you free from sin that you don't want to leave. He allows you to have your sin if you really want that. And there is going to come a point when he is just going to cut you off. All of you who claim Jesus and you just continue in sin, you are going to be cut off in time after the Lord has given you time to repent and to change. So I'm here to tell you that I've been set free from sin, Jesus has the power to do it today, that make you born-again. And I'm continuing to abide in Jesus and I'm going to keep away from our sins and just followed Jesus in the victory he has already given me. I'm here to tell you, you go do the same.

Otherwise you will not inherit the kingdom of God. You're dreaming if you think by your belief you are going to get there if you continue in your sin because it proves you don't know him and your faith is dead, and your seat has died. Repent go to Jesus, get born again get set free from your sin. Get the power of the Lord in your life then go abide with him and stay with him. If you do that you will be saved…....