Wednesday, October 17, 2012

False Worldwide Christian Doctrine Exposed

There is a growing YouTube movement actually also around the world, of a very destructive and false gospel. These false people who are in this movement are leading many people astray in their false teaching. Because the aim of this false doctrine is to get people to be a happy in their state of sin, believing that they are saved when they are actually on their way to hell. This is a very destructive heresy that is in going around YouTube for some time. It's headed off by many deceived individuals. They believe that the cross and faith in the cross is all you need to enter the kingdom; yet you can still follow your own paths, and it's all right to do a sin or three and yet they think that Jesus will somehow overlook their sin! I see some famous preachers preach that God will look at Jesus in you when you are doing sin and he wont see what you are doing, because he only sees Jesus in you. That is because that preacher is a preacher from the devil.

But we know what is the truth. We know that those who actually have come to the cross for real in repentance, have also experienced the power of Jesus and have been set free from their evil. We know that all these drunks that came to Jesus were set free from their drunkenness. People who came to Jesus with addictions to drugs were set free. People who were addicted to pornography and masturbation and other things came to Jesus and he set them free. They no longer were enslaves to their lusts and desires because they experienced the power of the cross. And this is where this false YouTube movement doesn't get it, because they are in sin themselves enslaved to their evil desires. And they are putting the cross as a Band-Aid on them hoping that they will be entering the kingdom on vain hope, when they do not realize that it is only those who actually do what Jesus says who are those who love him. Because Jesus himself said: Why do you call me Lord Lord and you do not do what I say? It is he who obeys me who loves me said the Lord. And so these false teachers and false gospel toters, they come to you looking very godly with a very godly looking doctrine.

It looks very good on the outside but on the inside it is dead. Because those who believe that the cross will all gain entry into heaven yet they continue in their sin, and they never get to know the Lord and I never get to follow him, these same individuals are very deceived because they cannot enter heaven like that. It is only those who believe on the name of the Lord for real who will be saved. Not these fake believers. Their gospel is fake to them. They hope that the cross will cover them while they live in their willful evil. While they hate their brethren. While they continue in their desire and worldly living. They even tell people that you don't need to repeat. They tell people that God will see Jesus in you while you do your sin! And because this terrible false doctrine, many people believe they are saved by these doctrines from these false preachers, so they don't get on their knees and repent. They don't seek Jesus to have the power of the cross set them free from sin. They don't seek him to be led by the Holy Spirit. Because they don't know him because they're in sin and are blocked off. We know that it is only through the cross that we are saved, but we must keep our own of the agreement. And the agreement is that you must believe with truth faith and you do what Jesus says. You don't just say: Lord Lord I believe… when you don't do what he says.

Because you get this seed of faith, and the seed of faith can fall into the heart of somebody who believes that Jesus died for them. And they believe for a while but then the love of the world chokes out the seed and it dies. You see these very people are those people whom the cares of this world and the love of this world and the lusts and pride of life choke out their seed, they also believe they are saved by this new false doctrine. You see their seed is already dead but a doctrine comes along saying that they are fine while the pride of life, the lusts of the eyes and the deceitfulness of this generation is in their heart. Their seed is really dead and they just hope of a doctrine that doesn't save. They say Jesus died for me yet they are filled with the love of this world. They say Jesus died for me, yet they follow the pride of life and the cares of this world and their seed is choked out long ago. But the seed that falls on the good ground is the man who hears the word and he does the word. Jesus was a big talker on DOING the word. He always talked about doing the word. Do do.

The one who does the word is like the person who built his house on the rock and the floods come and the winds beat on the house but it doesn't fall because his house is built on the rock. And Jesus said that this person is likened unto the man who hears and does his words, puts them into action. Now what is putting Jesus's words into action? That means you do repent. You do turn away from your evil. You do watch every idle word that you speak knowing you will be called to account for it. You do lay faith in the cross knowing that that is what forgives your sins. You do live a life of following Jesus and doing what he said. And he said that if anybody wants to follow me, he must deny himself pick up his cross and follow me and whoever does not deny himself is not worthy of me. You do believe those words of Jesus written in the Scriptures, and you realize that yes, you must deny yourself. You must pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

And Jesus said that: the one who hears my words but who does not DO my words, is likened unto the man who built his house on the sand and the wind comes and the flood comes and the destruction of that house is great. You see he didn't do the words. He didn't repent, he didn't deny himself and follow Jesus. He just settled for a doctrine saying that, the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and God only sees him so I don't need to deny myself. I don't need to pick up my cross and follow Jesus, I can just continue living in my own sin! Test my words by scriptures dear friends and you'll see that every scripture that I've quoted here in this video proves that the Lord Jesus requires you to be a DOER of the Word and not a hearer only. Jesus didn't die so that you could live a selfish life following your own desires. Jesus died so that you could deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him with the new way that comes inside of you when you turn away from all iniquity. Because he's the one that changes you to follow him. And that's what happened to me; Jesus came and he set me free from sin, gave me the power to follow him and gave me the heart to turn away from evil. And I want to tell you one thing is that you can't do it alone. No man can follow this narrow way without Jesus. Without him you truly can do nothing......