Saturday, October 27, 2012


Jesus said that only the little children will ever see the kingdom of God. I read the words of Jesus where he says: truly I say to you; unless you become changed and become as little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven. Then he said: Truly I tell you the truth; unless you turn from your sins and become like little children you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says also in Luke 18:15: Truly I tell you, unless you accept the kingdom of God as a little child you will by no means enter in. strip yourself of your sins, desires, airs, pride, ways, and beliefs and trample them underfoot like a small child takes off their clothes unashamed and tramples on them. Jesus goes on to say in John 3:3: surely truly I tell you unless you are born again nobody shall see the kingdom of is clear my friends; unless you rid yourself of your evil nature of your pride and of your hardness of heart, of your knowledge,, and religious ways, strip yourself before the Lord and approach him as a little child just trusting him, you CANNOT be born again.

Nobody can be born again unless they approach the Lord in humbleness.God resists the proud but he gives grace to the humble. So people who get the grace of Jesus Christ are only those who come to Jesus as a little child before him and they strip themselves of their airs, sins, desires, hardness of heart as adults, beliefs, and trample them underfoot and approach the Lord unashamed and trusting in him. You see Jesus wipes away the past of all those who simply trust him and strip themselves of their dirty garments. And what does Jesus do? He puts on clean garments upon you. So you can approach God unashamed like a little child who is unashamed of their nakedness and thus tramples on their clothes so you shall trample on your dirty clothes and you shall be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But this cannot happen until you become a little child and you strip yourself of your sins your airs, your desire and all these things that adults love to hang on to. I tell you unless you strip yourself of your religious doctrines and all your ideas about salvation you cannot come to the Lord and be saved. You must first strip yourself of these things and come to the Lord as a little child, who just simply trusts the Lord in what he has really done for you.

So what are you going to do today my friend, are you going to strip yourself of your sins, airs, beliefs, doctrines, and trample them underfoot and simply accepts Jesus and his teachings and his words as a little child? Are you going to approach the Lord with pride thinking your saved while you continue loving your sin and continuing in your mistakes? Dear friends we need to become as little children otherwise we will by no means enter the kingdom of God. No the matter what you say. So become as a little child, be humble of heart, innocent as a dove but as wise as a serpent to the ways of the world lest you be gullible. Be ever watchful. Watch that you do not fall. That you pray always. That you may escape what is to come and that you may not fall to temptation that you may continue abiding with Jesus as a little child simply trusting him and stripping yourself of all your sins desires and ways.......

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jesus Does Miracles But You Must Be A Doer Of His Word

The Lord Jesus is a living Lord and he is a Lord of miracles and power. You've got lots of other gods in the world like Buddha Mohammad and Allah. But none of these gods can help anybody. They are completely powerless and they just don't help anyone and they just cant help you. You go and Google testimonies of those who allah has healed, there is nobody. Do the same for Buddha and it comes up with with how Jesus helped somebody to get out of Buddhism. And the you see testimonies about Jesus healing people and so many of them because Jesus is the God of miracles. And people cant heal themselves only Jesus can. And when you walk with Jesus miracles can happen in your life. You know I had a miracle happen in my life last week. You saw me on the show when I was a speaking in the message last week and for the last four days before that I had a tongue infection where I couldn't speak. And this tongue infection was from an ulcer which caused pain if I moved my tongue. And I couldn't speak for any length of time almost not at all because of the pain. And if I did speak it was not very easy to understand.

So what I did was I got on my knees on Friday and said to the Lord' I need to speak today for your glory that I need you to heal my tongue. And he told me to do something I did and it instantly my tongue seemed to be loose. I realized that away that the infection had been killed and that started to heal from that point. So the next day I was speaking quite fine. Only Jesus can provide these miracle. If Jesus had not done that my tongue would have slowly got better over the following week, however the infection would've persisted for several more days at least. It would not have been killed so suddenly like that, the infection, where actually the process stopped instantly and then healing started that very minute. And that I could speak the next day. Isn't that wonderful! That's what the Lord Jesus does, he does miracles and even he does little miracles like that. And another time you know I had a lot of depression in my mind.

I had like a dark heavy cloud hanging over me a few years ago and I wasn't feeling very good in myself. I was always feeling depressed and kind of like a disease had come upon my mind. Some days it seems very heavy and I used to struggle to think about getting up out of bed at the same time I had some fatigue problems with my body as well. And when I came to Jesus and repented of my sins, he took that away instantly. I've never heard of a depressed person taking their depression away. I've heard of them taking depression pills and going to the counselor to fell better. But at the end of the day the problem persists and it seems to always come back. But for me Jesus took it away properly and it didn't come back. And I was filled with peace and normality ever since. Normality of emotion. That's the work of God. Demons can't do that. Humans can't do that not even medicine. Proper peace and a new way. That's the miracles of Jesus. I heard about another brother who asked me to pray with him about his father who had cancer and he had this cancer in this particular part of his body and he was going to have to have treatment for it, and after prayer he went back and the doctor said that there wasn't cancer there anymore. This kind of thing is the work of Jesus, because nobody can heal themselves. People are absolutely powerless to heal themselves. It is the work of Jesus Christ. That's why I say Jesus is the God of miracles.

Allah and buddha and all these false gods that people follow today made out of wood and iron and stone, none of them can heal anybody. Not even the occult people who are into contacting the spirits. The demons in the spiritual world and they are into deep dark magic and things like this. Not even them can heal anybody. They can do counterfeit miracles, but then the person always remain sick anyway and ends up dying of his illness. The only God who has power in this earth is the God who made the earth, the one and only God and that's the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. And he sent his son Jesus through him miracles are done! Isn't that wonderful! And that's why you have to have faith. The biggest miracle that happened in my life was being set free from evil. You see all these Muslims and Buddhists they'll continue to sin because their God is so false that he cannot help them and set them free from their evil. So they cannot stop all their sin. They're enslaves to it. But when I came to Jesus, Jesus set me free from sin so that suddenly I could stop all the things I was doing and I couldn't stop them. Jesus also sets people free from addiction. You see he is the God of power and reality. And that's what's missing in this modern day church.

I had this professing Christians come to me and say: where's the book about church? Where can we ever go to be part of that anymore? And I told him; I am part of the book of acts church because Jesus is with me are working miracles in me. And you too if you follow the master. Because Jesus is the reality and the master is Jesus who is a reality. And so all of us who are following Jesus in his reality, are experiencing being in the book of acts church, part of the disciples of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

And that's what's so wonderful is that we can be part of this new way in the reality of Jesus and the hope of Jesus. A lot of people have no hope at the moment. They are hopeless and trouble in their life and their looking for an answer. So they buy these New Age books that say many sooth saying doctrines about the future world, but they still go home empty inside and got no hope. They get deceived by Oprah shows talking about other ways to a spiritual awakening or entering a kind of heaven that doesn't exist, but still in their actual everyday life they are not free and they're still on their drugs and their pills and they're still in their depression and illnesses and various things. That is because Jesus is not their reality, and are not part of the book of acts church and the walking and the power of Jesus Christ. We have to be following the Lord very closely so that we can be part of this is new way and if any of you need this new way in your life it is open. Anybody who can pick up their cross and follow Jesus is going to have this new way.

And that's what Jesus said he set himself: if anyone wishes to come after me and be my follower or my disciple you must pick up your cross and follow me… thats what the Lord said. And when people pick up their cross and they follow Jesus and they deny themselves, they come into the reality of Jesus. I get many Christians coming to me with many funny doctrines about the cross and about the blood of Jesus. These days there are Christians who think that the blood of Jesus washes away sin while they continue in sin. When they don't realise that you have to turn away from your sin and repent and accept Jesus first before you can be forgiven. But we who follow the Lord we are not following those paths anymore. We are following the real gospel to the kingdom of heaven. The way that enters the Kingdom hallelujah. These false gospel people they have a form of true gospel about them but they lack it's power. They don't have the miracles in their life. They aren't set free from sin. And that's why we don't want to follow the false church anymore. Because the churches are following many of these false doctrines.

And so they have no power no miracles no real reality of Jesus and so they cannot enter his kingdom because they don't know him. But we who are following this new way of being filled with the Holy Spirit and following the reality of Jesus, we are on the new way and we do have the hope of salvation through the cross. Praise the Lord! Cause our salvation is only through the cross. But these people they twist the truth and they say that salvation is through many other ways other than following Jesus. But there is only one way because Jesus said that he who does not abide in me he can do nothing. So we must abide in the Lord hallelujah, praise the Lord. So we need to follow this God of miracles. The real Jesus Christ who is living and breathing and speaking. You got all these organisations of religion and they are deceiving a lot of people because they're very close to the truth, but they don't have any power and a lot of them are in grave sin and they are blaspheming Gods name amongst the unbelievers and the other people who follow other gods. And these false churches are causing people to mock God and mocks Jesus. But dear friends we must be separate from them and be following Jesus ourself. If you go to your church today and they're just preaching a non-power Jesus and preaching a doctrine Jesus, you know that they're false and you need to keep away from them lest you get blinded by their doctrine and becoming lukewarm.

The only way to really get to know the Lord is to be able to get on your knees and just seek him and ask him: Lord please know me and I want to follow you… and then you do live your life that way in your faith. And the Lord sees that you're really serious about knowing him and following him in faith. And the Lord sees your faith and rewards your faith and he gives you more things and you become stronger in your faith and more able to follow the narrow way and more more power is given to you because of your faithfulness. But if you're like these lukewarm church people who have a form of godliness about them, they sing songs and praise the Lord and read the Bible and go to Bible studies Tuesdays and Thursdays, but then that's as far as it goes they don't live for the Lord. They don't be separate from sin. They don't really know his reality they haven't really sought him and don't quite realized that he is here right now waiting for you to become part of his book of acts church. So that miracles can happen in your life and other people's lives. And the miracle of repentance can happen through your testimony.

And many people have heard that I've come to Jesus and come to know him so they decide I will seek the Lord and they found him too! Because the Lord is there to be found. So I am here to encourage anybody who has found the Lord to; stay with the Lord and don't go back to the deceitfulness of this generation and the ways of Satan in this world. They are so deceitful and they can cause you to fall so quickly and away from the faith too. That's why people they follow the Lord for little while and then they just seem to fall away into more sin and get even worse off than they were originally! Thats because once the Lord has set you free but you still aren't really committed to following him, the devil rounds up more devils and then he goes and ruins you more than you were before. You see that his payback. But the Lord's payback is eternal life if you really want to put the effort into knowing him and communicating with him all the time. And it's called EFFORT. It is something you have to do. It costs you sometimes, but we who follow the Lord are happy to pay the costs and simply follow the Lord hallelujah! And the people of this world they look at people as the way to God. And this is a big problem because they see these religious leaders committing grave sins and they're saying: well if this God is real well why are these people committing these sins? But they're not his people! People who sin have turned away from the Lord and they're not his people anymore. Gods people don't live in sin.

If you're living in grave sin today then you are not his people, you're one of the Devils children. Christians today have a very hard time with that, because they think well how can I believe in the cross of Jesus and then become the devil child? It is simple; the people who believe in the cross of Jesus for real don't continue in evil. The people who don't really believe they continue in evil. It is as simple as that. 1John chapter 3 says that everybody who sins is of his father the devil. And so this is how you will know people. So you cannot look to other people to see God! Because God is found only on your knees and seeking him yourself. Anybody can let you down. Any famous preacher can become an atheist. I have heard about that too. Anybody can turn their back on God and go and walk away. Anybody can turn away from the victory of the cross over sin and being God's child, to deciding to be Satan's child and going and following the devil again. Anybody can do that. And that is why people fall when they see another believer fall they'll fall too. Because they don't have true faith in the Lord. They are only following somebody and as soon as a preacher falls they all lose their faith in God too. That's why we can never follow people but we have to have our faith firmly in Jesus no matter what happens around us. True faith in the Lord hallelujah. And then you won't fall because our faith is based in the rock.

Jesus said that if you obey my teachings and keep my words the floods will come and your house won't be destroyed because you have built your house on the rock. But all these other Christians in the churches they have built their house not the sand. They think that they can just follow that the Bible and the basic truth about John 3:16 and be saved, while their houses on the sand. Why is their house on the sand? Their house is on the sand because Jesus said that they are people who do not DO his words. They hear his words but they don't DO them. So when Jesus says, he commands; if anybody was to follow me he must deny himself pick up his cross and follow me, that means that you must DO that. And if you don't do that well how can you have your house on the rock?

As Jesus said that people who don't DO these commands have their house on the sand! We don't want to be those people. We want to be the people on the rock. The people who do deny themselves, do pick up their cross and do follow him. People have a hard time with that verse. They say; what is denying yourself? What is picking up your cross? How do you follow Jesus? It is not very difficult to understand dear friends if we really think deeply about it and think deeply about our faith in the Lord and look at the world around you. Because when we deny ourselves, obviously we deny ourselves of our sinful desires. When we pick up our cross, we are picking up the price that it costs to follow Jesus. When we walk out of the city and follow him, we are walking away from our old life and not coming back to it. That's what I did. I used to go my own path, chase my own career goals, and follow my own desires. When I came to Jesus I had to deny my desires and sins and temptation. I had pick up my cross of the certain hardships that I must have for following Jesus which means people are going to like it.

And I must not complain about but shoulder the cross manfully and then just walk out following Jesus not looking back at the old life. Isn't that wonderful that's what it means. People say is it not works-based salvation? If it was works based salvation why did Jesus say that if you don't do that you're building your house on the sand? So clearly that's a lie. The truth is that we must do the words of Jesus. Be doers of the word and not try and make excuses out of the Romans or any other book in the Bible. We must actually do the words of Jesus if we want to be his followers. And that's what the rich young man tried to do. He came to Jesus he said what must I do to enter the kingdom? The Lord showed him that he must be a holy and that he must give away what he had and follow the Lord which was to deny himself pick up his cross and follow Jesus. But he wasn't able to do that even though Jesus was actually physically there. And so he didn't become a disciple of Jesus likely Peter and Paul did. He didn't become one of the followers of Jesus at that time who followed Jesus. No, he just was his own person so he just walked away sadly because he had to go back to his wealth, his business, in charge of the money. He didn't want to be like Peter and give away his livelihood of fishing and just follow Jesus who came to him and said to follow him. No he didn't want to do that. He couldn't do that because he was rich.

And that's what most people are like today, that are quite rich. They don't want to give away their pursuits. They don't want to give up their sports, all these things. They want to continue to do them and then put a blanket over it all saying they're fine with God because they follow the law of Moses or that follow the Bible. It is all deception and this world is completely full of these deceptions. Completely full of them. People they don't realize what worldly things are they are so deceived by it all. I get Christians they cannot understand that sports is worldly. They say: Ah, how can watching sport on TV be worldly! How can it be worldly! They say. Well just look at everybody, they do it. The whole world watches sport so therefore it is worldly isnt it!

It's worldly because because unbelievers do something and they don't follow the Lord. So why are Christians then joining them in this? Why? It is because they are worldly too and they don't know Jesus. Other things are worldly too; like going along and the having good times at parties and drinking and all these carousing that people do these days in the cities. That's worldly. People who follow Jesus cannot do those things. If they do those things they are God's enemy. They are part of the world. Part of the unbelievers. Part of the people on the broad path to destruction. So they're all hypocrites who follow Jesus or profess him, but they also follow their sports, parties, and their lifestyles, live for their own ways, and pursue their own goals.

That's all hypocrisy if you say you also follow Jesus. Fine if you want to do those things nobody's going to stop you. But if you don't want to be hypocrite be a nonbeliever. Both go to hell anyway. It's only those who actually strive on this new way the narrow way. Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. They're the ones who enter the kingdom they're the ones who are saved, because they have true faith. And that's what we are here today is to keep away from the ways of this world. Spend our time in prayer instead of turn your TV on. Or instead of going spend your time at the movies why don't people go and pray instead? Why is it so hard? People don't like to pray. It seems like they don't I want to get on their knees and go and pray. They don't want to praise Jesus. Now why is that? Why don't people praise Jesus? They don't want to, their hearts are hardened they follow the world. Christians don't want to praise Jesus.

Most don't. The only people who seem to want to praise Jesus are those who turn away from the world and they follow Jesus. All these other believers they don't want to praise Jesus. They might be okay with turning on some rap music about God or they might be okay with turning on some hillsong music cause it sounds good and trying to get into the heart of it, but still dear friends they still go and fornicate with the world. To see a lot of these young Christians. They are all just laughing and being stupid. They don't really follow Jesus at all. They are more interested about social things when it comes to going to there Hillsong concerts. They talk about all this social affairs and social issues and their relationships. But they are not interested in following Jesus. They don't denied themselves, pick up their cross and follow him.

But we have to be doers of the word not these people who are building their house on the sand. You see the flood will come one day and all these people on the sand will cry out Lord Lord and it will be too late to have got into a relationship with Jesus and they will perish. You see we have to build our house on the rock now. Now's the time to be serious living quiet lives following Jesus. It is true. The Bible says somewhere that true followers of the Lord were not worthy for the world and they walked around some were executed and some were destitute and and the some were cut in two. And some were killed. And this is the true path of the followers of Jesus is that some of them have to go through many trials like this. So while you're having fun in the world with your TV and all your distractions on your phones and all the things of this world that are all so fun these days, and especially the distractions of the sins of youth, then you're just going to absolutely be washed away when the flood comes.

I see the young people, they are more interested in having chat times with all their young friends than they are to actually follow Jesus. They are too busy being silly with each other than they are to be following Jesus. They are not serious. They are just following the world. They love the world and all the wonderful sins of youth which are passing anyway and fading away very quickly. Dear friends we cannot be like this. We have to have ourselves absolutely and completely separate all the time from those silly paths. Young people have to be separate. No time to just hang around with your friends and be stupid together. It is time to separate ourselves to the Lord and become his follower where we actually do walk the narrow way like the disciples did.

Because the foolishness of youth isn't worth missing out on the eternal kingdom of God. We can put aside the foolishness of youth so we can enter the kingdom. We cannot enter the kingdom while we are just laughing at the jokes the world laughs at. While watching the same TV the world loves. While we are following the sports the world chases after. One champion rises another one falls. One is winning another one is losing it doesn't matter, it's world. Why do we care about those things? We are here for the kingdom of God not for these worldly things. Christians adamantly come against me if I say these things. It is because their hearts are dark and they're loving the world and they don't want to turn away from the world and be obedient to Jesus. But we want to be obedient to the son of God hallelujah! And put behind us all foolishness and just follow him and live for him. And that's what I do. The Lord pulled me out of a path that was on my way to the hellfire, and he brought me to follow him.

I can do it so can you. While people just follow their foolish youthful ways, there is no way they're going to be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. What's the point of just having all your cars and having all your fun and talking on all your mobile phones and having good times with all your friends everywhere, when you just simply don't follow Jesus? This world is completely deceptive. If you live in Babylon like the big Babylon city's of this world, like New York or any of these big cities, you're going to be amongst all this rife foolish worldly paths. Like Lot was. And it will be very hard for you to enter the kingdom if you are following them. So we got to be separate. We got to be separate from all this whole system of sports and attainment, parties, and worldly chasing after, and be your “best” person now. Thrill seekers say live life to the fullest. Some die trying. Some of them say live life to the fullest or die trying. Some do die trying and somebody says at least they died doing something they love doing. Fool! They ended up in hell.

And in hell they are crying out “pleased warn my family that living a foolish life like that ends in hell”! Like the rich man did. And Abraham answered the Rich man saying: Son they have the prophets in the Bible to listen to, Moses and Elijah, about hell and Jesus. If they can't listen to them they won't even listen to anybody sent back from the dead. That is what Abraham was saying. And the rich man in hell was crying out in torment saying: please please please warn my people. They didn't know that my thrillseeking life just ended here so suddenly. So on earth the people are saying he died doing something he loved doing and all are happy about it cause they are so deceived. And then under the earth in hell that very same person is crying out in torment now. Now his chances are over no more salvation for him. He can't be saved, finished. Done. His foolish life ended in smoke. You know there is a verse in the Bible that says that the folly of the fool is destruction. Fools folly is destruction. You live a life of foolishness with the foolish youth of this generation, your folly will be destruction. That's what it comes down to. You go join them, you will join them in hell too. Who are we going to join? Are we going to join them and end up in the same fire that they are headed to? Or are we going to walk the narrow way and be separate away from the ways of this generation. Christians are so busy being on the broad path and being blinded by this world and by Satan, that when they hear these truths they cannot accept it.

They say: I can watch my baseball I can watch the footy, I can go and join in on soccer there is not sin in that. But that's because they're following the Broad way and everybody's on the Broadway and everybody does it. But Jesus said that: broad is the way that leads to destruction and many are those who go by that way, and narrow is the way that leads to life and few go that way. It is because few will decide to do the words of Jesus. And what did he say? Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me. Jesus even said if anybody loves his life on this earth he will lose it. But if anybody loses his life for my sake he will find it. He who hates his life for my sake will find it. Do you hate your life for the sake of the kingdom? Or do you love your life. What is it with you today? Most Christians love their life too much. They love their footy. They love their soccer. They love of baseball and love the Super Bowl. They love all these sports.

They want to turn the TV on and want to love all the ungodliness that this generation talks about. And that it's not sin. Guess what dear friend, it is sin because it's on the broad path of destruction. And you are on the tide with the world to hell directly. Christian or not. And that's where they want to believe all the deceived preachers who say: It is all find you are saved brother because you believe in Jesus. And then they end up in hell just like the rich man. And who's going to be laughing then? The devil or you? The devil will laugh at you. That is why we have to be completely separate and not be deceived. Instead of mocking the preacher who tells you to leave your sports and all your ways of the world, you should be accepting what he says and believing that these words Jesus said are true: if you love your life you'll lose it but if you hate your life for my sake you'll find it. They are true. Just supposing they are true.

While you're busy believing in the blood of Jesus for your sins,while you are following the world, just supposing those other words are true as well where Jesus said: if you love your life on this earth you will lose it but if you hate your life for my sake you will gain it. Just supposing Jesus is speaking the truth when he says in Matthew: if anybody wants to follow me, he must pick up his cross, deny himself and follow me. Just supposing that's true! Just supposing the words of Jesus are true where he says: the person who hears my words and doesn't do them is likened unto the man who built his house on the sand and the winds come and the flood comes and the destruction of that house is great. Just supposing the words of Jesus are true where he says: the man who does do my words when he hears them, he does put them into practice, he shall be the one who built his house on the rock and his house shall not be destroyed.

You tell me dear Christian who thinks that you can continue believing in the blood of Jesus yet you follow the world. Big deception, big mistake. It is very sad. So many forms of godless around. So many forms of godly doctrines that talk about the blood of Jesus yet they lack one thing; they are only hearers of the word and not doers. That is the problem with these Christian doctrines; they are all hearers, but not doers. They don't do the words of Jesus. If they did miracles would happen. If they did the reality of the freedom of sin would become theirs. Is if they did do what Jesus said they wouldn't be shaken by things because their house is built on the rock. It is very sad friends. Are you a doer of the word today? Or are you a hearer only. Do you just hear the word.

Do you just hear the words of Jesus and you say yes I believe I believe but you don't do anything. Well your faith is dead if really believed in Jesus you would go and do his words. So many people are hearers of the word. They say: yes yes Jesus forgives me. And they go and sin. Yes yes the blood of Jesus covers me I'm going to heaven. And they go and turn on the TV and watch sport. They say yes yes its all good Jesus saving brother ha ha. And they just continue to talk trash, worldly jokes, foolish nonsense, following the sins of youth, being immoral all kinds of things. They say yes yes Jesus Jesus is for me still. Big deception there. Those people are so deceived that they are on the way to the hypocrites fire. Jesus said in the Bible somewhere it's written that: the hypocrites also have a place in the fire. It says the hypocrites and the unbelievers will also be in the same hell. What is a hypocrite?

A hypocrite is somebody who says they believe in Jesus yet they go and do something else. They spent time socializing with their friends in worldly things and they are not separate in their big cities. They are not separate from the ways of Sodom. All their plasma screens and all this trash everywhere, they are not separate. I hope some of you can be separate today hallelujah. I hope some of you can actually realise: I want to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. I want to actually do what Jesus said in Matthew: deny myself, hate my life for the kingdom's sake, pick up my cross and follow Jesus, seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness above all things. You know that's not the path of somebody who's following their career.

That's not the path of somebody who is being an athlete or some famous person. That's not the path of a music star, gospel or not. That path is not an easy path. Few people follow that path, few. Let us be the few. Let us be those few people because then Jesus said: FEW will be saved. He said few will enter. Lord they said will many people be saved? What did Jesus say? He said make every effort to enter the narrow gate, because many many will try, many, but few will be able. Now all those people trying are Christian. Don't think they're unbelievers. Their religious groups, their churches, organisations, all trying to enter the kingdom of God. Jehovah witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, you name it, they are all trying to enter the kingdom of God. But Jesus said that only few of those will enter the kingdom. Many would try few will be able. Because few will hear the words of Jesus and do them that is why.

Very few will do the words of Jesus. So I am here to challenge you: will you do the words of Jesus? Will you do the words of Jesus? Will you do them, pick up your cross, deny yourself and follow him away from the ways of this world. Will you do them today? That's what we want to be today, doers of the word not hearers only. Who is a doer of the Word? I see so few people who are doers. Let us be doers of the word leading others to be doers of the word. Building the Kingdom of God together with the power of Jesus. Following the Lord in all his power hallelujah....

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Lord brought me to repentance to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. And so I decided to move away from the false hearer only gospel and realize that Jesus is a reality and he requires us to be a DOER of the word and not just hearers. And so I decided to build my house on the rock so I got out of my house on the sand and I went and stood firmly upon the rock of Jesus and started to obey his commandments and pray to him and seek him and live for him in complete dedication like he said. You see he said to deny yourself and follow him. He said to hate your own life for his sake. That's what I decided to do and I got on my knees I did repent I did turn away from all these things I was doing that were completely worldly. And I got a new heart. I got changed. It was a supernatural miracle. And suddenly I had no desire to follow the world I hated the sound of the worldly nonsense that is all around us.

And I turned away from it all and I gave myself to Jesus and my life changed from that point. You see the Lord then brought me to follow him to be a doer of the word. And he gave me the power to be at doer. And most of you Christians believe the false cross only gospel and you'll HEAR it but you don't DO it. You don't walk the way of the cross. You don't come the way that Jesus calls you to come. You just say “Ah I believing in your cross”, but you say that from the broad path to destruction. You say in your house on the sand: “Oh Jesus I believe in your cross and John 3:16.” you even put John 3:16 on the door of your house on the sand. In your false hope you think that somehow the flood wont wash your house away. You are so deceived if you think that. All these false wicked preachers on YouTube and in the world especially in the churches and the prosperity preachers and all these popular preachers that preach this wicked doctrine from the houses built on the sand. They're all going to end up in hell because their house is on the sand. Your house must be on the rock. Jesus said: he who does my commandments and DO, DO my word, he is the one who built his house on the rock. Him!

Not the hearer only who believes but doesn't do anything. Jesus said that you must DO his commandments. He said to pick up your cross and follow me and deny yourself. That's what we must do. If you don't do that you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. You're going to be on the outside lost and when the destruction comes and the flood comes you are going to be washed away. John 3:16 wont help you dear friends when the flood comes while your house is built on the sand. It's only when your house is built on the rock you DO the word. And what is this doing? If you really believe John 3:16, that Jesus Christ came and died for your sins well then you would pick up your cross and you would follow him, deny yourself, stop living for your own ways, repent of all your sins and dedicate a life to him. Don't be like the rich man who heard that he had to give his wealth away and walked away from Jesus. He wasn't saved.

You see you cannot be saved unless you actually do the word. You do turn away from the worldly paths you're living on right now. You do turn away from following all that entertainment and foolish sports and nonsense and beer and fun and games of this lifestyle of this world. You don't join the people in it! You're separate, a doer of the word, salt and light. And then in time the flood comes and your house does not fall because you are built on the rock….....

No Easy Salvation: Path Of The Cross

How do you spend your day? I spend my days serving Jesus and praying and seeking to do his will. I spend my days free from the distractions of this world and I keep myself separate from it too. Why do I do this? Is because I've lost my mind? According to the world I've lost my mind big-time! But according to Jesus I have found the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven, because I found the words of Jesus and their reality of; if you want to follow me says the Lord you must deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me. We are not part of this pleasure loving sin doing generation no more, we who have turned away from our sin and accepted the cross. You see the path of the cross is not one that most people like.

They preferred the false feel good gospel of: Jesus forgives me and all I have to do is believe.. that's what they would rather believe. They don't want to accept that Jesus' cross actually has a road that you must travel on; the way of the cross. The way of the cross is to deny yourself, and put on Jesus and follow him. Take up your cross that's the way of the cross. You can't think that you can believe the cross for your sins, yet you won't shoulder your cross and you won't walk the way of the cross. That means you're a hearer of the word only and not a doer of the Word. A doer of the word spends his time in prayer and seeking and praises to the Lord and seeking to bring others to the kingdom as the Lord gives him the ability. But hearers of the word are those who listen to the good news and say: yeah, yeah, Jesus's blood covers me that's all fine and good… and that's as far as it goes for them.

They think that that is enough for them to enter the kingdom yet they don't dedicate themselves to the way of the cross. They aren't doers of the word. The person who is a doer of word, Jesus said, that he is the one who hears the words of Jesus and does them. And he is the one who built his house on the rock and the flood comes and it's not destroyed. The person who hears the good words and the commands of Jesus and doesn't obey them and put them into practice, is he who built his house on the sand and the floods come and the ruin of that house is great. Are you a doer of the word? Or are you a hearer only!...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Love You Be Encouraged

I've been following the Lord for about three years now and I've spoken his truth for a number of those years, warning people to wake up and telling them my testimony. And over the time many of you have turned away from your sin and you're now following Jesus. And I love you all very very much, and the purpose of this video is to offer you some encouragement to continue on this narrow way that I myself am dedicated to following. You see I was baptized in the name of Jesus and the father to follow this road. And I was set free from sin by Jesus to be able to follow this road that I am on now and that many of you are now on. And I want to encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith, staying with Jesus, and saying no to all wiles from Satan and from your flesh, and enduring until the end under temptation. Knowing that you will inherit the crown of life if you stay faithful and you stay on this narrow way. I loved each and every one of you and we are all called to make churches on this earth. Churches of people following Jesus. Already a lot of you have come to the Lord.

I have seen many messages from people. They write to me and they say how they heard a message about my testimony and the messages of the truth from Jesus and they tell me they decided to repent and turn to the Lord. They said things started happening in their life. They said they started to get set free from sin, they got peace inside. A new way opened up and they just started on the narrow way. They just don't want to miss out on the kingdom. This is what I hear from people. And it brings me great joy because this is part of the building of the Church of Jesus and everybody can do this. Apostle Paul enjoyed doing this every day. He went around and he brought people to Jesus and they became churches. Groups of people who follow Jesus. And that's exactly what I'm doing too.

I am going around and I'm leading you to follow Jesus and that's why I'm here to encourage you to keep doing it. Keep following, keep enduring, stay on the narrow way. We want to get to the end of our lives and be like apostle Paul when he said: I have fought the good fight of faith and I have kept the faith and endured unto the end now there is stored up for me a crown of righteousness… I don't want to have you get to the end of your walk and have you say that: I haven't fought the good fight, I've kept falling. I've gone back to sin. I haven't been faithful. And there is no good crown stored up for you if you just live a life of unfaithfulness.

And that is why I'm here to encourage you. I love you all and I want you all to enter the Lords kingdom. So I urge you dear brethren, and all you new brethren, focus on dedication to this narrow way that you have now embarked on and stay on it. Once you come to the cross that's the beginning. I want you to stay with Jesus every day so that my labors haven't been in vain for you. Because I want you to enter the kingdom with honour. Honor of having fought the good fight. Kept away from evil. Stayed true to the victory of sin that was given to you through the blood of Jesus Christ. Dear friends may the Lord bless you and be with you always. Go and do what he says seek to do his will so you can make churches and believers of Jesus, and he will lead you in all you do. I want the Lord to return and receive each and every one of you and say: well done my servant well done! Because you strove on the narrow way. You were faithful. You were a faithful servant. You reached even that one little person that the Lord wanted you to talk to. I want to hear “well done” to all of you......

False Worldwide Christian Doctrine Exposed

There is a growing YouTube movement actually also around the world, of a very destructive and false gospel. These false people who are in this movement are leading many people astray in their false teaching. Because the aim of this false doctrine is to get people to be a happy in their state of sin, believing that they are saved when they are actually on their way to hell. This is a very destructive heresy that is in going around YouTube for some time. It's headed off by many deceived individuals. They believe that the cross and faith in the cross is all you need to enter the kingdom; yet you can still follow your own paths, and it's all right to do a sin or three and yet they think that Jesus will somehow overlook their sin! I see some famous preachers preach that God will look at Jesus in you when you are doing sin and he wont see what you are doing, because he only sees Jesus in you. That is because that preacher is a preacher from the devil.

But we know what is the truth. We know that those who actually have come to the cross for real in repentance, have also experienced the power of Jesus and have been set free from their evil. We know that all these drunks that came to Jesus were set free from their drunkenness. People who came to Jesus with addictions to drugs were set free. People who were addicted to pornography and masturbation and other things came to Jesus and he set them free. They no longer were enslaves to their lusts and desires because they experienced the power of the cross. And this is where this false YouTube movement doesn't get it, because they are in sin themselves enslaved to their evil desires. And they are putting the cross as a Band-Aid on them hoping that they will be entering the kingdom on vain hope, when they do not realize that it is only those who actually do what Jesus says who are those who love him. Because Jesus himself said: Why do you call me Lord Lord and you do not do what I say? It is he who obeys me who loves me said the Lord. And so these false teachers and false gospel toters, they come to you looking very godly with a very godly looking doctrine.

It looks very good on the outside but on the inside it is dead. Because those who believe that the cross will all gain entry into heaven yet they continue in their sin, and they never get to know the Lord and I never get to follow him, these same individuals are very deceived because they cannot enter heaven like that. It is only those who believe on the name of the Lord for real who will be saved. Not these fake believers. Their gospel is fake to them. They hope that the cross will cover them while they live in their willful evil. While they hate their brethren. While they continue in their desire and worldly living. They even tell people that you don't need to repeat. They tell people that God will see Jesus in you while you do your sin! And because this terrible false doctrine, many people believe they are saved by these doctrines from these false preachers, so they don't get on their knees and repent. They don't seek Jesus to have the power of the cross set them free from sin. They don't seek him to be led by the Holy Spirit. Because they don't know him because they're in sin and are blocked off. We know that it is only through the cross that we are saved, but we must keep our own of the agreement. And the agreement is that you must believe with truth faith and you do what Jesus says. You don't just say: Lord Lord I believe… when you don't do what he says.

Because you get this seed of faith, and the seed of faith can fall into the heart of somebody who believes that Jesus died for them. And they believe for a while but then the love of the world chokes out the seed and it dies. You see these very people are those people whom the cares of this world and the love of this world and the lusts and pride of life choke out their seed, they also believe they are saved by this new false doctrine. You see their seed is already dead but a doctrine comes along saying that they are fine while the pride of life, the lusts of the eyes and the deceitfulness of this generation is in their heart. Their seed is really dead and they just hope of a doctrine that doesn't save. They say Jesus died for me yet they are filled with the love of this world. They say Jesus died for me, yet they follow the pride of life and the cares of this world and their seed is choked out long ago. But the seed that falls on the good ground is the man who hears the word and he does the word. Jesus was a big talker on DOING the word. He always talked about doing the word. Do do.

The one who does the word is like the person who built his house on the rock and the floods come and the winds beat on the house but it doesn't fall because his house is built on the rock. And Jesus said that this person is likened unto the man who hears and does his words, puts them into action. Now what is putting Jesus's words into action? That means you do repent. You do turn away from your evil. You do watch every idle word that you speak knowing you will be called to account for it. You do lay faith in the cross knowing that that is what forgives your sins. You do live a life of following Jesus and doing what he said. And he said that if anybody wants to follow me, he must deny himself pick up his cross and follow me and whoever does not deny himself is not worthy of me. You do believe those words of Jesus written in the Scriptures, and you realize that yes, you must deny yourself. You must pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

And Jesus said that: the one who hears my words but who does not DO my words, is likened unto the man who built his house on the sand and the wind comes and the flood comes and the destruction of that house is great. You see he didn't do the words. He didn't repent, he didn't deny himself and follow Jesus. He just settled for a doctrine saying that, the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and God only sees him so I don't need to deny myself. I don't need to pick up my cross and follow Jesus, I can just continue living in my own sin! Test my words by scriptures dear friends and you'll see that every scripture that I've quoted here in this video proves that the Lord Jesus requires you to be a DOER of the Word and not a hearer only. Jesus didn't die so that you could live a selfish life following your own desires. Jesus died so that you could deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him with the new way that comes inside of you when you turn away from all iniquity. Because he's the one that changes you to follow him. And that's what happened to me; Jesus came and he set me free from sin, gave me the power to follow him and gave me the heart to turn away from evil. And I want to tell you one thing is that you can't do it alone. No man can follow this narrow way without Jesus. Without him you truly can do nothing......

Friday, October 12, 2012


Today I want to talk about how the Lord Jesus Christ is a reality and what the true gospel is. Because there's lots of false gospels but there is one true gospel that saves. And exactly what is this gospel? Exactly what is? Thats what I want to talk about today is what is what is this good news? Why Jesus? Why these things? Why? Well first of all I want to tell you what happened to me was a few years ago, I had fallen away from the Lord. I wasn't dedicating myself to him. When I was very young the Lord showed me that I must follow him, but you know the cares of this life and all the things that carry people away got hold of me and I willfully chose to go off on the wrong path in life. But then the Lord called me back to follow him and to repent of following the world before it was too late. And what happened was I had to repent and seek the Lord for his reality and realise that I did have the live for him now.

Because thats what I wanted to do, I wanted to live for the Lord and enter his kingdom. And so I started to pray and I got my knees and I started to cry out to the Lord: Lord please know me I am in trouble see when you're in the world to get into trouble. You get all kinds of griefs and troubles because of sin and doing what is wrong. And that's what I did, I did many things that were wrong. I just live my life. I was like any person who doesn't know Jesus. Like apostle Paul he just walked around making trouble before he came to Jesus, and that was the same for me. I just walked around making trouble following my own life and having fun in the world. I was in a restaurant last night and I overheard some people talking about the Bible and religion they were saying how it's all just a facade. It's all just a facade they said. It's all just a show and hypocrisy and stupid. There's no reality of the Lord they don't even know him. Well these people speaking don't even know the Lord, they think it's just just a religious book and they think that it's just churches and men taking money of people, scamming their way into the big organisation.

The Catholic church biggest scam on the planet. That's what these unbelievers think about the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and all these things, because they don't know the Lord. Now that's why I'm here to tell you about what is the good news and why is this real? You see I did finally call out to the Lord and ask him: Lord please show me the way, please lead me to your kingdom. I cried out because I was in sin I was depressed I was in trouble I was living my own life and I didn't know where to go other than just the world's path. That I knew the world's path didn't have anything good at the end of it. I knew after my achievements they all become nothing anyway, and I knew that there was nothing good at the end of my path even if I achieved the world, because I was chasing success, but even if I achieve the whole world I knew that the end it was just empty and nothing. After all the fanfare had gone away and the fuss had died down I knew I would be just left with myself. And that's the reality of this world dear friends, is that it holds nothing for you, nothing.

Despite all the arguments about religion and whether the bible is true or not or whether God is true or not, at the end of the day, a life devoid of God just living your own way of being an atheist or being an unbeliever or just being religious, it ends with nothing and you die empty, nothing, gone. And I knew because the Lord called me from when I was very young, I knew that I must follow the Lord but I didn't follow him. I went after this empty world. I was chasing success the way of this world. All you people there you know you try and get the best you can be in this world and you think you're doing good but in the end it doesn't give you anything and you die empty. People get to the end of their life and they are empty, they only have memories but nothing concrete. And that's when I cried out to the Lord, I said: Lord I'm ready to dedicate myself to you please know me, please show me the way. It was barely a few months after that the Lord started to show me things. He started to show me that I must repent. He brought me across some other brethren. They showed me the way to Jesus.

And I started to realize the reality of Jesus. You see I never really had the true reality of Jesus before. I did believe but I didn't know what the real good news was what is the good news? Why is there a gospel? What is this gospel? And that's what I began to realise, I suddenly started to realize that I've got to pray the Lord now! I realised that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen is alive and he hears and he speaks. Many people don't know that. They don't think that's true so they don't seek. But I did seek. That very hour the Lord came into my life and he took away my problems straight away. Suddenly I was a new man in my mind and my heart by the power God. I just totally was changed and I had this light and warmth inside of me all of a sudden. Because when the Lord Jesus touches you, it is a reality. Something real happens to you. And you know it. You can't go proving anything to anybody other than the way of your life changes. And that's what happened to me; my life changed and suddenly I wasn't doing my evil. I used to go around and chase after my sports and I used to swear and follow the world and I was just worldly then just suddenly I was couldnt do it!

I just suddenly stopped. I did no longer utter swear words as soon as I got angry. And another was something very possible for me to do because I knew that I was doing wrong when I was wearing and angry at people, and I used to think I should stop! But I couldn't, it just pop out of my mouth. Who can tame the tongue? I've never known a man who is able to do that. I don't care whether you're Einstein or some poor beggar. Without god you tongue just runs away on you and you know it. But suddenly I had control! Now why is that? The power of the cross, Christ Jesus, the Christ, now that's what I want to talk today about this wonderful power of Jesus Christ. The reality of the gospel. Now what is the gospel? The same gospel that apostle Paul was shown from heaven, thats the gospel I bring you today. The same gospel that apostle Peter shared as he walked with the son of God back 200 years ago, the time that God sent the son of God to the earth. It is reality of why I can speak about it today, is because this is what I experienced. And suddenly I was free from sin. Suddenly I had light.

Suddenly the Lord started to speak to my spirit. I got dreams and things at nights like vivid reality dreams showing me things. I got shown how believers go into the fires of trial when they come to the Lord. And that the ones who separate themselves from their wickedness within and just follow the Lord are the ones who go into the kingdom of heaven. And that's what the good news is today, is that there is more than this world that you see and these useless pursuits that you chase after and the empty desires of lust, there's more than that. But that's the good news there's more than that. There isn't just your empty lusts, your empty works that come to an end and then you die. That's not the end. This is the good news I bring today that there's more than that. This is the kingdom of heaven that is a reality that I've experienced. That's what the good news is! Entering the kingdom of heaven! So what is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven? The Jews and had to try and keep the law of Moses to be right before God, but they didn't enter the kingdom of heaven. Who enters the Kingdom? Well the good news of corse is the son of God that was sent to the world. And the reason why he is the good news is because it didn't stop back then in Israel. Jesus Christ was crucified but he also rose from the dead. It didn't stop in Israel. That is what I'm trying to alert you to the fact that the son of God didn't finish in Israel.

Why can I say that? Because today the risen son of man, the risen Jesus set me free from sin when I called out to him. So the gospel is that if you believe on the cross for your sins and you go to the risen Jesus, the Jesus that is real now and he's alive and he hears and he speaks, and he is here in the spirit world, if you go to him you will enter the kingdom of God. And not even God can stop you from entering if you believe on his actions on earth. And what are his actions? He was sent to the world to die for the people sin! So what happened is that he got crucified on the cross willingly and then he gave up his spirit and they laid his body in the tomb and then it's all documented that the apostles saw him again afterwards because he rose from the dead. And I can tell you truly that this same Jesus that rose from the dead back then didn't just disappear. He didn't just become a phantom and is suddenly disappear from the world like a breeze. No! He stayed and everybody who believes on him from that day to this day entered the kingdom when they died, the kingdom of heaven. And that's what I'm talking today about this gospel because it's so important because it's the only way you'll ever have the hope of entering this wonderful kingdom of heaven. Thats the hope is that you must believe on the cross. If you believe on the cross, you have the Lord's word for it that he will accept you into his kingdom!

You have the Lord's word on it, God Almighty, the father in heaven, the son of God is the only way to him. There aren't other Gods. Allah isn't a God because allah didn't send Jesus, so he is fake because there is only one God. The father in heaven. And he sent his son and this same son rose from the dead as he said. And I prove it because I cried out to the son of God Jesus Christ and he set me free from the sins I was in bondage to. He set me free, the son of God did what he said he would do, he set me free from evil, hallelujah! Now how wonderful is that? The son of God is alive! He is the way to the kingdom of God. Life doesn't just end with your emptiness at the end of it. There is more; there is the kingdom of darkness and there's the kingdom of light. For those who believe and they go to the son of God they'll enter the kingdom of light. And that's the good news the gospel is that it IS a reality. It's not just in a book a long time ago, it is actually a reality today. The good news is the just religion of foolish men who make up tales to get more money, it is not that, the kingdom of God is actually reality of setting people free from their sin!

Putting peace into your heart, healing your diseases, setting you free from evil things. That's what the kingdom of God is. It's people who follow Jesus, they become the kingdom of God, and then they'll enter his glory. Jesus said himself he said that I go to prepare a place for you in my father's kingdom, all of those who follow me. He is talking about the followers of him, his people who decide okay I'm going to accept this son of God for myself, I'm going to go seek him, and I'm going to go live for him, and find him for myself because is alive right now. He is listening he hears, he is waiting to give me peace. Jesus said I came to give you a free gift of peace. He said Blessed are those who believe in me but they don't see me. Because remember Jesus isn't here anymore he rose from the dead. But he's here with us in spirit now. So that's why he said blessed are they blessed who believe in me even though they don't see me.

You know that wonderful praise the Lord! We just have to follow Jesus Christ hallelujah! Blessed are they who believed in me when they don't see me. That's what Jesus said that's why he's a reality. Blessed are you who believe in me when you don't see me said the Lord. Now I'm going to tell you about some words of Jesus because as I said earlier I got set free from all my sin, I got peace in my heart and a new way came to my life from Jesus. Because the reality of the Jesus the son of God is is not just a myth. If I went and prayed to allah all-night nothing would've happened. If I went and prayed to some Hindu god or maybe to buddha or something else, nothing would've happened dear friends. You know why I got changed? Because I prayed to the father in heaven of Abraham, the father the creator of this world. I prayed to the father. He helped me and he sent me his son, that's how he helped me. I really needed help I was in trouble. I was in an empty life, I didn't have any hope, I needed help, I needed Jesus Christ but I didn't know him. So all I said when I cried out to the father, I said: father in heaven God Creator help me! Cause he created all things and you know what he did? He sent me to Jesus Christ the son of God.

And that is the good news the gospel that I bring you today; son of God hallelujah! And I want to read to you the words of the son of God, hallelujah! He said to me when I first came to him he said abide in me. He said stay abiding in me, abide in me. That's what he would always say to me because when I abide in him it is the only way he can lead me in the spirit. Now he said in Luke he said: why did you call me Lord Lord and you don't do what I say? He who has my commandments and keeps them it is he who loves me and he who loves me will be loved by my father and I will love him and I will manifest myself to him…. manifest… so you who want to love Jesus and you come to the reality of Jesus then you go and obey him. And Jesus told me to abide in him so that's what I did. I obeyed his command. I started to read about his other commands in the Bible and I started to make sure I obeyed them too. And that's when the Lord started revealing himself to me. Because he said it in the Bible himself as well as today. He said it to me and he also said it here, he said: I will love him the person who follows me and manifest myself to him.. manifest means show, reveal. That's what happened to me is Jesus started to show himself to me just in dreams. And he started to speak to me and show me things. Now listen; Jesus said: if anybody loves me he will keep my word and my father will love him and we will come to him and make our home in him. He who does not love me does not keep my words and the word which you hear is not mine but the father who sent me. I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. What Jesus said in John. And that's what the father brought me to when I cried out to him, he brought me to Jesus the son of God! Because he's the only way to the father. And I believed on the cross of Jesus.

And I knew that he had died for my sins at that point. I realized his reality so I accepted the Lord and I decided to obey his commandments because he says that if you love him you got to obeys commands. And I just repented and turned away for my evil and I sought the Lord. And that's how I came to find this new way, the good gospel, the good news. The true gospel. And what else happened to me was this; Jesus said he said: the helper the Holy Spirit will come whom the father sent in my name. He would teach you all things. And then the Holy Spirit was working in me and the Holy Spirit started to teach me about the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit started to give me wisdom to lead others to the kingdom. You know what? It's a great honor to serve the Lord, it is honour! You want honour in heaven? Then go serve the Lord, it is honour. We are all men same as each other, it is just that the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us to believe in him. The father in heaven has allowed us to believe in his son, that's an honour.

You'll receive honour in heaven because you believe and because you followed the Lord. That's what you want to do today. You don't want to go on in your empty life that just has no honour. Your empty life it gets to the end of it and there is no gold medal waiting for you for just living, for just doing your responsibilities and raising a family. There is no gold medal for you at the end of that. Those are just responsibilities on the earth but you have a responsibility in heaven today. You have the responsibility of following the Lord. Following Jesus and receiving your honour. That is your responsibility. And so if you take it up and you accept the Lord Jesus today and you go seek him yourself to know him, then you will receive honor in the kingdom of heaven too. Just like the apostles received the honor because they gave everything away and followed the Lord.

They gave away chasing the world. They gave away their fishing career just living for the world. Just living for life. They still supported their family as the Lord gave them ability yes, but they gave away living like a pagan. Even though they were israelites, they didn't know God. They were uneducated and they didn't know the way to the Lord because Jesus had not yet come. But Jesus Christ opened the way to the father. Before Jesus Christ came, all the people who died following the father in heaven the Almighty Creator, all the people who died with repentance in their heart and following the Almighty Creator giving him the glory in their life like Abraham like Moses and like all the Israelites or non Israelites who honoured the creator, they all went to a holding place but not in the kingdom of heaven. They cannot go there because you cannot enter the kingdom unless you are made purified. No man can, we all have sinned.

John 1.18 all men have sinned. Nobody is without sin except the Messiah Jesus Christ. And that's why when they died before Jesus they couldn't go to heaven. They went to a holding place called paradise that was near hell but it wasn't in hell it was near. They could see hell across the divide. But they were in peace and the others in hell were in torment. It wasn't until Jesus Christ finally came to earth as prophesied from the very beginning in Isaiah, Jesus was prophesied, and those were written thousand years before Jesus was even born! It says in Isaiah that the Messiah would come and he would be crucified it says. And as the Scriptures foretold, the Messiah did come! He did get crucified, he did rise from the dead. And what happened was he went and took all those people into the kingdom who die before. Because they died in the hope.

But we no longer have the hope, we have a reality now of Jesus Christ right now. They died with the hope of the of the salvation in the far future because they knew the promise that God was going to deliver the people who believe in him follow him and obey him and love him. He said to Eve at the very beginning: I will the way… and finally the way was made right at the end of time 2000 years ago and now we are at the very end of time right before judgment. But it doesn't matter because we still have the day today of the grace time of Jesus Christ. Anybody who goes to seek him like I did, is going to get peace in their heart. Their sin guilt washed away and they are going to be set free sin. Is not that wonderful?

The father in heaven sent his son to be the guilt offering for sin. You see before that in the temple of God they used to offer the blood of Rams and the blood of bulls as the guilt offering because they had done many sins. And since had to be purified in the way. Because you have to be purified from sin. God can forgive you, but even if it gives you you are still filthy in sin. Just because you forgive the garbage doesn't mean the garbage is going to be clean. So God would forgive them but they still couldn't go to the kingdom because their spirit was dirty. Their spirit was unclean and unclean things cannot enter the wonderful glorious kingdom of God. That is why he sent his son. You see when his son died his death on the cross there was also a spiritual death as well to the old way. And the spiritual cleansing of the spiritual blood (of Jesus) on the spirits of people who turn to Jesus, what happens is their spirits get cleaned by the power of the cross. Don't ask me why the power of the cross, I don't know all I know that's the way the father made.

That's the way the father made. He made your spirit to be cleansed by the power of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross and rose again. And so you will be clean to enter the kingdom. Real clean and you actually feel clean inside and and you feel cleansed. You don't have any more guilt anymore, because the father made the way for the Spirit to be cleansed, through Jesus Christ, the true gospel. That's why I'm here today to tell you about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ how I experienced it. And ever since Jesus died and then he rose again and he appeared to his apostles, ever since that day the apostles went around and started to tell people about what they had seen. They saw Jesus die on the cross they saw him again after he had died as many other people had in the day. And they started to tell the people: Look, the father in heaven has made a way to him that you can be changed and into his kingdom. And that the kingdom of God is now on earth. It is no longer at the temple of God in Jerusalem. It's no longer: you go there once a year and have your sins cleansed but you can never go near God and he is all scary. Now you have the grace of his son he sent, his only son, to cleanse you white right where you are. Even if you are just in your own home.

You don't have to go to the temple anymore. You don't have to get circumcised anymore. You don't have to do the offerings of rams and bulls anymore, because the father now has made the way to be clean. And that's what the apostles preached and that's why they were killed or persecuted. Because the religious leaders hate that because they don't have any power anymore. It all rests with the son of God whom they crucified as prophesied. And so what happens, dear friends, is that those who really want to enter the father's kingdom, they must come to the Gospel of truth through his son. Believed in the cross, put your faith in the cross. Because first comes faith. Then comes after faith, love, and then after love comes works. Three things.

So when you have faith in the cross, that's when you get changed. After you changed you have love in your heart. And after that you can then do the works of love and things like that. But first there must be repentance from your sins and then believe in the cross, faith in the cross. The realisation that what I'm saying is true, because when I realized that I went and sought and I found. If Jesus wasn't real I would've been praying all day and all night for year and nothing would've happened. I would still be swearing and still living my own life, and I would still be as lost as I always was. But if Jesus Christ was real and I was crying out to him would not I be changed? Yes! Would not I have peace in my heart suddenly? Yes! Would not I be able to stop my sins? Yes, if he was real would that not happen? Did not happen? It did! That's why I'm here because it happened. It is real it happened to me!

The reality of Jesus Christ is real dear friends. Jesus said: if anybody loves me he will keep my word and I'll reveal myself to him and the father will come and live with him. Hallelujah! So that's why I wanted to speak today about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ because it's such a reality that if you go to it you'll be set free from sin too! Get his peace as well. And you'll be able to be an apostle and a disciple for the Lord and receive honor in the kingdom of heaven. There are things you need to do though; you need to stay with the Lord and abide with him. You need to keep turning away from your desires within because there's no great victory without great suffering. You have to hate your life for the kingdom. Those who have been truly changed by the power of the cross will no longer want to live after the ways of this world. However there will be times when you will be tempted to go back, and you'll be tested to see if you really do want the son of God. And you are going to be put into trial. You are going to have flesh desires and things rise up because whats the use dear friends if you are never tested? If you are never tried and true? You can go to heaven but you can never say to the Lord that you really loved him because you never went through testing.

Dear friends you will be tested. You will get desire to go back to the world. Satan will come to harass you if you truly have come to the cross, and that's what happened to me too. I got many trials and temptations and testing and horrible things, because as soon as you become a child of God through the power of Jesus Christ, Satan comes try and get you back to him. To his world of deceit, of darkness and blindness where you just bump along and just die and go to hell without realizing that you even doing that. That's the deception of Satan's world dear friends. It is dark, people who do it are dark inside. But you see those who come to the cross get tested and you have to endure. Jesus has put away all anger. He says put away your evil thoughts. Crucify your desires and follow me. That's what Jesus said, crucify your desires and follow me, deny yourself and follow me. And that's where you get honour in heaven because even you got tested even you got tempted even you had all the trouble coming against you and all these things that you could have gone back to, you still chose to follow the son of God and lay faith in him even though you never saw him.

And that's why you will get honor in heaven dear friend. You will get honour. The greatest honour of actually being outward to be with Jesus Christ on his throne with God! That kind of of honour. I am talking about the reality of being a king in the kingdom of heaven with the King of Kings. That is what Jesus said he said he's going to have places for you. That's why we have to endure and never let the stupid things put you down. And that's what the apostles did; they walked around encouraging their people who followed Jesus telling them to keep away, (from sin), endure, keep your eyes fixed on the prize. That's why there's so many false gospels out there because they want to get people keeping their eyes fixed on the world and they have a believe back in their mind about Jesus but the thing is they no longer follow him.

They will only have shame in heaven shame! They will hang their heads in shame on the judgment. And I don't know what will happen to those people, but I know that they wont have honour. That's why we have to endure dear friends all the way. And that's why I'm here to encourage you because everybody who follows Jesus, is a disciple if they have denied themselves and follow him. And so I'm a disciple of the Lord to and you and also if you deny yourself and follow the Lord. Disciple means follower. So as a disciple I am here to tell you to be encouraged. Encouraged to just stay on top of all temptation, and encouragement to keep turning away from the world because we have a better kingdom we are going to, encouragement to continue to lay your faith in the power of the cross because it's the only thing that will ever save you, nothing else. Encouragement to continue keeping your eyes fixed on the kingdom of God on Jesus Christ and his cross, and following him daily in prayer and living for nothing else.

You go about your daily duties or your mind is fixed on Jesus Christ. You go about everything you do only with the thoughts of the kingdom of heaven and of the cross. That way you can be a light to other people because you don't join them in their evil. You no longer follow the TV and all that nonsense. You no longer follow all the things of this world and its pursuits because your mind is fixed on the kingdom. Now let me tell you something; if your mind isn't fixed on the cross and it isn't fixed on Jesus the Messiah, the risen one, the anointed one, the holy one, if your mind isn't fixed on him, then you can go and follow the world. But when your mind is fixed on him you can't follow the world anymore!

You are completely unable to. You no longer want to just follow all your sport and TV and all that trash. All the evil of the world, drinking, parties, nonsense. And no longer able to do that when you got the reality of Jesus inside your heart, because you know that that's all empty and only leads to the fire. But dear friends that's not what we want to do today. We want to be separate, completely separate unto our Lord. And we got to keep enduring unto the end. Because dear friend he is the only way. He is the good news, the wonderful good news of the kingdom of God. We got to encourage each other on the path until we enter his kingdom to receive our honour. You must not judge anybody, you must not hate on anybody, you must not have no love, you must be following the world, you must not be doing sin, we just got to completely dedicate ourselves to the reality of the cross. If you don't know Jesus today then you got to go seek him until you find him like I did. And then you're able to have the peace, to have a new way inside, have love, crucify your anger, your judgments and desires and follow him in joy and overcome the trials that come your way and overcome Satan by the power of your testimony by the power of your faith!! hallelujah!!...