Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Your time is running out. Your time is running out to get yourself ready for the Lord before it is too late. Your time is running out fast to make yourself right before Jesus and repent and turn away from all your sins, your time is running out. Jesus is coming back soon and if you haven't made yourself ready then it's going to be too late. You need to make use of the little time you have left because time is running.

You need to repent and focus on the Lord today because the time to do that is running out fast and soon you will not have any more time left to do the repenting and do the turning away from sin that you need to do today. Soon you won't have time left to be serious because it will have run out. The time to be serious about Jesus is today. It's not tomorrow, it's today, now. Time is running out fast dear friends and if you don't prepare yourself and get right with the Lord today and repent and focus and dedicate yourself to him, then you are going to find out that you're going to just run out of time. And it will be an everlasting regret if you do leave it until too late, but for those who don't leave it until too late, they will have everlasting joy. I'm here to warn you to get ready for the Lord Jesus because your time is running out. Get ready to serve him now! Get ready to repent now! Get yourself ready for the Lord now! Put on white clothes of holiness for Jesus Christ now! While you still have a little bit of time. For I tell you truly dear friends, Jesus is returning and time is running out fast. You going to get ready? Will you be ready? Jesus is coming are you ready?...