Saturday, September 29, 2012


And most people are on their way to hell and they're not following Jesus and are not following this narrow way which is very narrow because it only allows people who want to be in the kingdom of heaven. And not those people who wanted to just go on in their worldliness and sin. I see people around me and they like to party and look cool and do their hair up with bits of blond in it and put on earrings and look like a pimp. And they think that being cool. And thats the way of the world and that way is going to hell, hellfire. And many of these people are going to to die one day and going to go to hell and they are going to say Why did nobody warn us that living after these desires of ours ended up in this place. And people can say to me well hell does exist. They will say its just a myth. And I can say well I can't change how you believe, I can't change how you want to think. And you can think it is not true but in the end reality makes itself apparent. And that's what will be seen by this generation is a reality is going to make itself apparent, reality. And people say well where is this reality? Where is hell, where is God where are all these things?And I will say again you may not see it now but after you die reality will make itself apparent. And it will be too late by then if you're knocking on the door of the gates of heaven and you will hear a voice saying I don't know go away you who do evil.

Because in your life you didn't use the grace time to repent and walk with Jesus. But thats why we are here today to use this grace time while we still have the time. Time is grace to repent and walk with Jesus on the narrow way. And today I want to talk about evil thoughts just thoughts in general because all evil begins in the mind. And people who walk on a narrow way will have the thoughts and that's where evil starts up in mind. And when we are following Jesus and we have been set free from our sin we don't want to go and tangled back into evil. And the devil is going to try and get you back and thoughts are where it all begins. Thoughts, evil thoughts. I want to read to you what Jesus said. He said: Don't you understands that nothing that goes into your stomach can defile you but is the words that you speak are what defile you for out of the heart comes evil thoughts, evil thoughts… and thats what I want to talk about it today, these evil thoughts that what comes out of the heart. Thats where it is all planned. Evil people in the world, in the past, like you hear about all these evil dictators like Hitler and people like this, evil didn't start all at once. It always starts in the thoughts first and then once you start bringing these thoughts in and your mind is set on them, that's when action begins.

These killers with these guns going around and shooting lots of people, it always started in their mind first. People always say that they were disturbing the mind first or they spent too much time playing video games. Whats there mind on? Its on evil, it is on violence and you entertained all this stuff satan will come in. then you are going to go out and start to do evil. People say I can't stop my lust. It's alright to sin ever so often just natural. No it is too do with the mind. It is where the thoughts are. Where your mind is is where your heart is going to be. And when we belong to Jesus and we have been set free from sin, thats where we mutt crucify and we must do the work of salvation. The works of salvation is to take these thoughts captive to Christ and decided to live on a narrow way. And this is what Paul said himself and he said that we are humans but we don't wage war as humans do. We use weapons but not worldly weapons, to knock down strongholds in spiritual places and human reasoning and faults arguments. We destroy proud obstacles that keep people from knowing God and we take into captive every thought into obedience to Jesus Christ. And after we have become fully obedient to Jesus Christ then we are going to warn others about the being obedient as well. You can read in two Corinthians chapter 10. I want to warn you today that these thoughts are what you must take active.

And I want to ask you, where are your thoughts? Where are they? All these evil things are coming to mind is Jesus pleased with what you're thinking about? You know are they things that the Lord could say: Look why are you fornicating with your mind all the time? You may not be doing actions of sin but it all begins in the mind and maybe you got your mind on the fornication and usually men do this, they fornicate with their minds. The Spirit gives us desires that are opposite to what the flesh wants. That's your body. Your body wants sinful desires and these two things are fighting against you. But when you are directed by the Spirit of God you are under no obligation to the law which is the power of sin. So when you follow your desires of your sinful nature results are very clear: you'll be doing sexual morality impurity lustful urges evil thoughts and idolatries, dissections and divisions all of which will not inherit the kingdom of God. But when you follow the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit produces in you these kinds of fruits: love joy peace righteousness kindness gentleness and self-control. Now are you taking into captive your evil thoughts today? They will come. I am not saying do you have evil thoughts, because everybody gets evil thoughts. We are in the flesh but what are we doing with those evil thoughts? That what you are going to be judged by. Do you realize that you are going to be judged by your thoughts? Thats how narrow the way is. If we got our mind of evil we got to take captive that evil and throw it out. Turn away from your evil thoughts.

That's what the Lord said to Ezekiel he told the prophet Ezekiel that the evil man must turn away from his thoughts and turn to the Lord. That is why it is so dangerous to be living in this day and age of entertainment and be able to enter heaven it is almost impossible if you got your mind on the TV, and the TV is going to to get your thoughts into places you don't want them to be and you are going to get judged. You are watching these stupid shows and they are getting your mind on lust and then your minds on it. You already lost, you are already on your way to hell now. Because all you want to do is focus on all this evil and when your mind is on evil you are going to start to do evil and you already are lost. It is a narrow way, we have put our mind and heart of Jesus Christ always otherwise these things you see around you and all these lustful images and lustful things and evil things and foolish thing. What they do is they get into your mind and a crowd your mind and you start thinking on all that and it becomes who you are and you can't control it anymore because you become a slave to all this evil you let in. you let it in. that is why we have to watch what we look at and guard our mind every second in captive to Christ. All these thought taking them captive. I tell you it is true. If you got your mind on evil thought, throw them out. They can't contaminate you if you throw them out. But if you got you mind staying on all these thoughts and become your fantasy, you are in trouble then. Because you just let satan have a foothold in your life and you are approving of evil. And that's where it all starts from there on it will take you for a ride to hell and these things become actions in time and you become a slave to unrighteousness.

And we don't want to be in that situation. It all starts on the mind. If you have been letting your minds think on evil and you haven't really turned away, well now is the time to take that stuff captives and to take responsibility for what you are thinking about today. Responsibility thats the word people don't want to hear about we must hear this. You alone are responsible for your actions and your thoughts. You, you alone and it will be you who will be held responsible before God. And when he calls everybody to give account for their lives the Christians, he is going to be judging you on what you did after you came to Jesus. He is not going to judge you on your past. He already forgave your past, all that evil used to do. All that sin you used to do Jesus washed it away and forgave it but from now on you must walk with Jesus. And he's going to judge you on did you walk with Jesus. Did you did you stay in the victory of the cross? Or did you just go back to sin. Did you just let your mind wander over evil everyday. Entertain evil thoughts. This goes for me too. If we've done this we just got a repent of all sin and take those thoughts captive from now on, because the Lord Jesus does forgive people who are repentant and they do strive to enter the kingdom. And that's what Jesus said he said you must strive to enter my kingdom. He didn't say that you can just think you're evil thoughts and will be okay. He didn't say that all those little lustful thoughts that you get and entertain. You know he is going to be very displeased with that. How do you think you can get past Jesus when he knows all your thoughts? He is going to be pleased with people who have come to the Lord and accepted him and and they've had all their sins washed away and there've been cleansed and then they abide with him from that day forth. And they get these evil thoughts and they cast them out and he's going to say look there is somebody who follows me. Because even they are tempted by the world they still turn away from it. Like job in the Bible God said look he follows My Commands.

He said that to Satan and he said you can't find fault with him because he loves me. And that's what Jesus wants to say for his people that they love him and they follow him and they want to turn away from all evil inside and if that's your mentality then you are following the Lord. But if you're trying to make excuses just to get away with your evil thoughts today, for all those little evil actions or those little lustful things that you are doing in secret, and you want to make it somehow okay by the Bible so you get some scriptures to say it's okay I can do this, and Jesus has forgiven me, you know you're completely deceived. And you are following the ways of Satan. But today we can turn away from those paths and we must always remember that if we do fall to these things and we do have a mind to repent the Lord is going to forgive you. But there will be consequences of this disobedience understand that. But the Lord will forgive us so we have to turn away today and strive on the Narrow way and live in the freedom of Jesus Christ. I want to read you from Galatians 5 where it says: so Christ has truly set us free make sure you stay free and don't get tied up against a slavery to sin and the law. And Jesus said in John 8:36 he said that he who sins becomes Sins slave slave. He says he I set free shall become free. So if you're a slave to evil today and you are doing your evil and you feel you can't stop doing your evil and you feel a bit desperate about it, it's because you are a slave and you need to come to the cross of Jesus Christ to be set free. And I'll read it again: Christ has truly set us free. Now Christ has set me free now has his set you free? That's the question. Has he set you free? If not you need to go and seek until he sets you free from sin. I'm not saying setting you free from evil thoughts they always going to come. I'm not saying he's setting you free from evil desires you're in your flesh. We have to endure. What I'm saying is he is setting you free from doing your evil and these evil thoughts they're yours and you're doing them. He is setting you free from all that.

And then you have the power from then on in Jesus Christ to turn way and follow the narrow way of holiness and have joy about it because you are able to turn away from evil. And you don't have to do it any more and that's the joy of the cross. Because he gives you the power to turn away from sin. Isn't that wonderful, because if you are no longer a slave to sin you don't have to go back. But if you're still down to sin and Jesus hasn't set you free because you haven't repented and gone to him,then you're just going to keep spinning every day and that's why Christians say I sin every day because they're a slave to sin and they don't know Jesus and he set them free by power across and they haven't had his blood wash away their sins. So their on their way to hell and not saved. Let us read on: but we who live by the Spirit, we are eagerly awaiting to receive the righteousness that the Lord promised us for when we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ then we are going to receive this righteousness. So he says: you are running the race well so who has held back from following the truth? All these false teachings is like a yeast the spreads through the whole batch. Now you say I'm trusting the Lord to keep you from believing false teachings. People are trying to get people to to stay slaves to sin and it is a terrible false teachings that is going around these days. They are trying to get people to be slaves to works and sin. They are trying to tell everybody to keep the laws of Moses , or you cant be free from your sin or they mix these two together. But I'm telling you today is that you have been called to live a life in freedom. So don't use your freedom to satisfy your sin again. Instead use your freedom to serve another in love and that is what we got to be doing. We are here to be free by Jesus Christ and it can only happen if you turn in today and get him to set you free. And that is what we got to do and it is these evil thoughts that will trip you up and they are from Satan and from your own flesh. And we have our hope in the righteousness to come.

Now what is this righteous? It is the day when we get transformed from these bodies of sin and the sinful cravings of it, and we will be transformed into a new body and we will be out of the world. So not only will we be out of the world, but we will also be given a new body that is like a baby that doesn't want to sin. Does know sin. Doesn't know sin. Wouldn't you like to not not know sin any more? Innocence, well that's what happens after you have endured until the end. But if you obey and satisfy your sinful cravings of your flesh that is passing away along with all its evil, then you will indeed perish with your flesh and you're going to end up in eternal punishment. But if you put to death these deeds of flesh and all the things you flesh wants to do because you want this kingdom, you want this new body, this unsinfulness, you want this new innocents this new Holiness inner righteousness of God, that's coming to those who keep the faith, then you are going to turn away from your evil thoughts. You are going to put out all these evil desires and bring them into obedience to Jesus Christ. It is a responsibility, something you have to do. Nobody can do these things for you. You have to do it. So when these evil things come into your mind, take control of them and throw them out. There is not sin done its only a sin when you start entertaining the evil and you start living according to it and what it dictates you. And the flesh will dictate certain things. So maybe you got a problem with certain lustful desires and the flesh has these things come into your mind or from the devil, or from what you see. You see the eyes are a window and they can influence your a lot.

Jesus said that if your eye cause you to sin you would be better to cut it out than enter hell. So the eye is a window. And the eye can cause you temptation. You can behold something that comes into your mind. And the mind hangs onto it and you don't turn it out. You know you can just keep following Jesus and instead you start thinking about these things. And your mind is no longer on Christ your mind is on evil on sin. And what happens is the sin starts taking over your life from that point. And you must turn away from sin. If it is happened to you and you have let sin in and you are thinking about it and it got to the point where you are not free anymore, or you never were free you're just playing by all this evil inside, well you need to go to Jesus now and repent and you got to ask him please set me free from this. And he will he is going to set you free and the you have to turn away from it in the future. And this is how sin is. The Lord Jesus sets people free from sin and then the devil comes back because he never wants to give up, and he puts them into a situation of temptation and the first time is going to be strong. And temptation is going to be very strong. But when you have been tried and tested the strength of the temptation is reduce dramatically. But many people never get past that first test that they say well Lord I repent of this sin and I am not going to do it any more and they go to the Lord and they feel the peace and realise that they have been set free. And then a few weeks later that they get a temptation for this again and is quite strong, but not too strong, but strong enough, but not too strong that they cannot bear, but strong enough to be a temptation. And these people often they fall to it and they never really pass the test, because in this world we will be tested. And everybody is tested in this world gets tested by five by the Lord.and through temptations.

Does not it say that through many many trials to enter the kingdom of God through many trials? Yes, you will have trials. But if you only want to follow the Lord and your hearts is on the Lord and your mind is on the Lord, that temptation is not going to be greater that what you want. And I want to put it this way: if you really want the kingdom and that's what you know you want and you know that the temptation of course is going to take you away from the kingdom, then it depends on what is greater in your mind and what you like best. What you love more. Do you love the Lord more or do you love this temptation more, this sin, this thing it wants you to do. And it is a love inside of you, that wouldnt be a temptation if didn't love what it is that is trying to get you to do something. It is something you love and you have to turn away and you decide who you really love? Jesus or the sin? Whose going to be your master? Satan and sin or Jesus Christ and righteousness? And I tell you truly that's how I overcame sin was because the Lord has set me free but when the testing came I had to make up my mind who I loved more. And was only till I really dug deep and found who I loved more the reality of the coming kingdom, or the sin and its short-term benefits. And it's only when you dig deep and you really decide deep down you decide I want the kingdom more than this. It is at that point that you have victory why? Because you were wonderful? No! Because you had the choice and you decided to choose Jesus and keep choosing him and that's what this life is all about. Its all about choosing the Lord. As I said time is grace. And if you choose the Lord blessed is the man who follows the Lord and doesn't give in to the sinful desires.

And we can read that also is in James where James writes that the evil things within us and how these things can cause to fall if we follow them. And James was also writing about how through these many temptations we got to stay with the Lord because everybody who enters the kingdom goes through trials and temptation because it says he who endures under temptation until the end, will be saved. This life isn't something very easy because when you get set free from sin it doesn't mean Jesus has redeemed your body yet. Redeemed you out of your body yet, no. we are still on this earth. We are waiting until the day of redemption that's why we have the hope. Thats why we have faith. You wouldn't need faith if you are going to be redeemed straight away and the day of redemption came today where we are changed into a new creation. Although we are inside, but I mean our whole body. We wouldn't need to have faith. But that's why we have faith because it's a hope for the future. You know if you really want that, if you realize that the sins of the world and all your flesh is useless and is dead to you, you hate it, and even though part of you likes it because its the flesh but you don't want it so you turn it away, if thats your mentality then you can have this new creation and be ready for the day of redemption. Because that's what you hope is. But this world doesn't hope for that. They actually love this sin.

They love who they in their flesh. I am talking about their evil. And when they hear about these things they just mock and scoff because they love their life. They love their flesh. And time now, evil, they love it all. So they can never enter the kingdom. They can never be redeemed on the day of redemption, because they don't want to be. Just what they choose. God will give them what they choose. They choose the flesh and death. But we are not here to choose death and flesh. When I see these Christian rap stars rocking around thinking they're following Jesus Christ, when they love the flesh and its ways and it's wicked nonsense. Last night I was hearing all this wicked noise downstairs. All this rap music. All this partying and fornication going on. This city, the day of Sodom and Gomorrah is here. I am thinking and my heart is heavy with the way Jesus feels about it. It is disgusting, it is filthy sin. You know people love it. They love to go in these dark little holes and have the rap music blasted into their ears and drink and smoke and then the Christians even go and listen to it in their own ears and they say it is good and they put Jesu onto it. That is how wicked this society is, it is completely perverse and very few Christians are going to be saved. Because most of them want the flesh. They want to deny themselves crucify their desires and put out their evil thoughts. They don't want to do that. They don't want to be redeemed on the day of redemption. Of corse they want to go to heaven, everybody does, but they don't actually want to have those things over what they have now. And that is the problem, is where is your heart? Is your heart on this coming day of redemption? Is your faith on Jesus Christ were you want to be with him? Because that's where your mind is if your heart is there. Or is your heart on the things of this world? On the wonderful flashy cars, sport, soccer, rap music, all these wonderful fun times with friends drinking smoking being cool and wearing earrings and and doing your hair up to look like a movie star. Putting on iceman glasses and being all cool. You know that's what Christians want to be, and I tell you what that is satins path and I am telling you now that is the broad path of destruction. And I am telling you now everybody who does those things is on their way to the fire. And that will be their reality in time even they don't believe it now.

And people can say well I don't believe that! I don't care if you don't believe because it doesn't matter because reality will become apparent in time. But until then I cant make you see nothing. It is just going to be reality will be apparent in time. That is all I can say about that. But I want to read to you from James... dear brothers and sisters when trouble comes your way know your faith is tested and your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow when your endurance is fully developed you'll be perfect and complete needing nothing. So we got to be enduring trail dear friends. We to to be turning away evil thoughts. We got to put them all out and follow Jesus Christ. God blesses those who patiently enduring endure testing and temptation after they will received the crown of life. After they will receive it. God has promised the crown of life to those who love him. Remember that when you're being tempted you cannot say God is tempting me because God never tempts. Temptation comes from your own evil desires within you. This is true, out the heart comes all evil. Al evil desires these desires give birth to sin and sin to death. Don't be misled whatever is good and perfect come from God. Put your mind on those things. If you claim to be religious or following the Lord but you don't control your tongue or control yourself, you're fooling yourself. If you claim to follow the Lord and you're not putting out your evil thoughts and you're not controlling the tongue because you're not turning to Jesus to be set free so that you can control your tongue, well then you are going to be in big trouble and you will not inherit the kingdom. We need to be focused on the Lord. It's a very serious time. Many argue some people have faith others have good deeds but I tell you that show me your faith by your good deeds. Do you have good deeds? Are you following the way? Are you turning away from all your sin living holy? Listen: cant you see that even the demons believe in the Lord and they tremble, without good deeds faith is useless. All these Christians they come to me and say many things.

They try and condone their worldly sin loving, flashy car driving, rock music blaring, life style. Drinking and smoking dope and following the broad path of destruction and they think this is somehow going to enter them in the kingdom of God because they think that just because they believe in Jesus means that they are able to enter the kingdom even they live on the broad path to destruction. But friends it is through faith that is true and if you have true faith you will enter the kingdom. True faith is turning away from all the evil. I want to ask you all again where are your thoughts? Where are your thoughts? And what are you looking at? If you have trouble with something, that goes for me too, what are we looking at? Are we looking at evil? Evil actors doing evil things? Even looking at history can be not beneficial if it's okay to cause you trouble and I know that. So we have to put our mind and heart on the Lord always and guard our thoughts. You got to guard your mind. Guard what comes in and guard what goes out. And it's your responsibility I tell you what Jesus is going to do it for you. You don't just sit back and he does all that taking out, no you have to do it. It is your decision your choice. Only you can do something like that God wont do it for you. He can but he wont because the Lord does not interfere with man's free choice.

God didn't intervene with Adam and Eve wanted to choose to know about sin. They didn't know about sin until that ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which makes you understand about sin. You imagine children who don't understand about certain things. And if they had suddenly their eyes opened. This is what happened. But God didn't stop them from making that decision. It was their responsibility. And it is your responsibility. Your responsibility. You have to decide to turn away from your evil thoughts today and turn to Jesus Christ. You have to decide if you want to be redeemed. If you want to enter the kingdom. You have to decide. And if you don't want to that's fine thats your own decision. If you still want your evil thoughts and your evil and even if you want to claim Jesus at the same time, it doesn't matter that's fine. That is your decision and the Lord is going to say you made your bed you are going to lie in it. And your decision is your decision. If you choose to stay blind and not listen to the truth then that also is your decision. If you choose to go on in sin God will send you an illusion to believe because you want that. But it is still your decision. The only part that you don't have a decision in is when you're going to die. You don't have any say in the allotted time that God has given you on this earth to get it right. You have been no say in that. God has full power over your allotted time and it shall come to an end, you realise that.

And after that comes judgment but whiles you are on earth you have an allotted time that you don't know when will end and you have no control over. And when finally the Lord draws our spirit out of your body, takes it out, then you are in the spirit world, the real world which is the coming reality you don't know yet. And then it is going to be judgments. And righteous for the righteous and it's going to be punishment for the sinner. And what happens is that people they leave it till too late to make it right before the Lord. They want to have their sin. So they're ultimate choice is that they want their sin so God sees they made their choice so he ends their life. He may give them a long life or he may give them a short life but a time will always come to man and it is called death and then the Lord will end their time for repentance. Not without warning them and not without giving them a chance after a chance to decide to choose the right path and turn away from evil thoughts, turn away from evil desires and evil things, and turn to the Lord. But people that don't want to do that, he gives them over to whatever they want to do and in the end comes judgment. So dear friends we don't want to be under the wrath is coming, we won't be staying the children of God because we want Jesus. We want to follow him and if you really want that then you are a child got today because you want Jesus Christ and his Holiness. If you really want his Holiness in your life, his righteousness, all the wonderful things of the spirit, then the Lord is going to give you those things. If you want it he will give it. If you want sin and evil in this world and all the things of this world then Lord is going to let you have it. And then also the wages of it. And it will be hell in the end because all these trashy things are going to be burned in the end in the fire but it is those who want to follow the Lord who will turn away from evil......