Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There IS A Hope!

There is a hope in this world that even though the time is running out, nevertheless this hope is still here, and that is the hope of your sins being forgiven through Jesus Christ. It is the good news. It is good news that I have experienced as a reality in my life. What happens is if you give your life to Jesus today, and you really do go and pray and ask him into your heart and seek him, he will indeed forgive your sins. Jesus will indeed take away your past. He will indeed give you the power to crucify the devil within you. He'll give you the power to turn away from all that evil inside that you are so ashamed of. All those past actions you wish you didn't do and all those ways inside of you that you seem to helplessly follow. And you just wish you didn't have to follow that stuff anymore.

Well I wanted to tell you today there is hope, because when I came to Jesus and I asked him into my heart, he took away my slavery to that old way! So I could live the new way and crucify the devil inside of me and put to death the deeds of the old way. And it was indeed wonderful! You feeling guilty today and depressed by the evilness that is inside of you? Do you have regrets about things you have done? Well the good news today is that God will not hold that against you if you do repent and turn to Jesus, but he will offer you salvation and forgiveness of sin and a new way inside to put to death the old way through Jesus Christ. It's a new power, it's a new way that didn't exist before in the past. It has only come about when the Lord God sent Jesus the son of God into the world and all who believe on him and follow him will indeed pass from death to life and one day you will arise incorruptible. So you will put off this old flesh one-day and you will no longer have to put to death the ways and deeds of evil that try and rise up against us, and you will arise incorruptible.

That will come through the power of Jesus Christ if you decide to give your life to Jesus today and you go and pray. And you go and tell him about this. You go and tell him, “Lord I no longer want to follow my old way I'm ashamed of it, I no longer want to have all these horrible things I've done in the past come and condemn me before you”. You see Satan will bring up your past before God and he'll say, “look at all the evil things this person has done”. And yet if you haven't repented those deeds will condemn you.

But if you want to repent today and you want to turn away from those evil deeds, then turn to Jesus and when the accuser comes before God and he says look at evil deeds this person has done in the past, Jesus will step in there for you and he will say, “no he is now washed clean because he believes and follows the son of God, Jesus Christ, and I have washed him clean so he is pure before God”. And the accuser will have to leave and you will not be condemned for your past. So if you want to have this wonder forgiveness of sins and this wonderful hope, then you need to turn to Jesus like I did. And you go and pray and ask him to know you. Seek to follow him, turn away from your sin and he will indeed bring this reality into your life and then you can put to death the old way, kill the devil inside of you by the power of the Spirit and follow Jesus to the kingdom of God. Are you ready my friend to enter the kingdom of heaven? Are you ready to turn away from sin repent and be saved?...