Friday, September 28, 2012

The Christian Sinner Delusion

Many Christians are under the delusion of Satan of a false gospel. They hide behind the Bible using it as an excuse to condone sin. They say: I sin everyday and so do you. They say that even Abraham sinned. They say he committed adultery and David committed adultery and he still entered heaven. That means I can still enter heaven if I continue to sin because Jesus will forgive me. This is Satan's salvation delusion and the very Bible they used to condone this wicked false doctrine, also condemns them because they do not realize the power of Jesus Christ, they do not know him, and they have not come to him to be set free from sin, nor do they believe that the blood of Jesus has power to set them free from sin because they would rather believe lies so that it removes them from accountability before God. So they can just believe and go on with their life in their sins they like doing everyday without seriousness and without crucifying the flesh, denying themselves, like Jesus says to, and still enter heaven. It's called vain hope.

They are breaking the rules of the race of faith and in the end they get to the gates of heaven and the Lords and will say from the inside to them on the outside: who are you? I do not know you! Go away, go away. Their name is not written in the book of life. Now why is this? I want to read you the Scriptures to prove their delusion so you can seek the Lord yourself and be saved. They like to say that nobody can stop sin but we read in John 8:36 that: he who sins is a slave to sin and a slave isn't a permanent member of a household, but he who the son of man set free, shall be free indeed. So we read here from Jesus' own words that he has the power to set people free from slavery to sin. When you sin you become a slave to sin so even one single sin will put you back under slavery to sin. That's what Jesus said, he said he who SINS. SLAVE. I SET THEM FREE. I'm speaking clearly this way because people are just not getting it and this is what the Bible says. And the Bible is true. Now I want to read on to one John chapter 1:8 where it says that: he who says that he is without sin is a liar. And that is true because nobody is without sin.

I have lived a life of sin until I came to Jesus and nobody can say I have never sinned. Everybody has had a sinful life including myself. That's when they get to the cross. Now many Christians never come to the cross, they're still in 1 John 1:8. They never came to the cross to be set free. Now I want to read on in one John chapter 3. now these Christians say that they will continue to sin and nobody can stop, yet they don't realize that that means their father is Satan. We read here: little children (one John 3:7) let nobody deceive you; he who sins is of his father the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. So the Christians who continue to sin and they admit they're continuing to sin, whether they like it or not they are actually have their father as Satan. That is who their father is proved by the Bible. The very Bible they used to hide behind and say they can sin, PROVES that their father is Satan. And we read on: verse 10: and in this that the children of God and the children of Satan are manifest. So this is who you know who is a child God and who is a child of Satan; whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God. Nor is he who does not love his brother. For this is the message you heard from the beginning. So we know that he who does not practice righteousness.

And what is righteousness? Faith love truth and turning away from sin. Practicing sin is not righteousness! Adultery envy malice unclean in the heart interactions in lusts and all these things, worldliness, you known that's unrighteousness. So if you're practicing righteousness you are of God because John 8:36 said that Jesus will set you free from slavery to sin. Which proves that one John chapter 3:7 says that he who practice righteousness is righteous. So people say well that's all WORKS! But that's because they don't realize that they haven't come to the cross to be made righteous by Jesus so that his righteousness lives through them and they don't sin anymore because it's Jesus living through them and they crucify and deny themselves!!! nothing in them is righteous, that's why they deny themselves and they don't live after the flesh. They crucified the flesh. Paul says himself if he live after the dictates of the flesh you will die, but if you put them to death by the power of the spirit, you will live. So it's not works! It's actually Jesus working THROUGH YOU JESUS WORKING THROUGH YOU!! THAT'S NOT WORKS DEAR SOUL! Listen: when Jesus works through you and you are righteous because he's working through you, that because he knows you and you have come to the cross and he has set you free. So all you who are still in sin you are of SATAN right now of your father the devil. And me too I used to be of the devil too until Jesus made me a child of God. And he will make you a child of God if you stop arguing and you go, you get to know him and get him to set you free from your sin and make him work through you into his righteousness. And is not your works!

Now listen to this: he who keeps Jesus' commandments abides in him and he in him. And by this we know that we abide in Jesus by the Spirit he has given us. COMMANDMENTS! One John 3:24. he who keeps Jesus commandments. Do you keep Jesus commandments? They are written in Matthew Mark Luke and John. I want to read on to one John chapters 3:9 where it says: whoever has been born of God does not sin. Ok that is very straight and to the point. So how do we get born of God? It is becoming born again! So John 3:16 that he who believes in the son of man shall become born again. So when you truly believe that goes along with your repentance and you get a new heart and change and the seed of the Lord is in you so that you cannot sin… now I want to tell you why this applies to my life. When I returned from my sins three years ago the Lord Jesus came into my life and he set me free from sin and he gave me the power to turn away from my wicked flesh and walk the narrow way. And that's what I've been doing ever since. And people say: have you ever sinned since doing that? There have been a few times and I have fallen from this way and sinned because I followed my flesh!! but I've turned away from that now and now I'm following Jesus again without sin. And I can truthfully say that because he set me free and don't want to follow my flesh no more so I deny it.

That is why I am here to encourage people to stay following Jesus abiding in him and not to follow the flesh. But to stay in the victory of the cross. To stay with Jesus working righteousness through you. I can still sin and go off and follow my flesh again if I want to. Of course. I can turn away from the righteous path like Saul did, and I can go off after my flesh and leave Jesus and I will not inherit the kingdom of God. Or I can abide in Jesus in his victory he has already given me making the born-again, and the seeds can keep growing and bearing fruit because he abides in me and he is working through me to be righteous. But if I go off after my flesh the seed will die in me. Die! I will become dead. Paul said: follow the flesh you will die. So even if you were saved but you walk of after your flesh and don't come back, the seed within you will die. And you will go to hell and not inherit the kingdom of God no matter how much you were following Jesus before that. Now I can prove this because it says also in the Scriptures that Paul himself wrote: it is impossible for somebody who has known all the truth and experience the power of God in everything and he's gone and walked away from it. It says it is impossible for him to come back and be saved.

Go read it for yourself. But if that person has backslidden, whoever wants to repent, it proves that he has hope, and he can turn away and come back and have the seed revived. But if the seed actually dies there is no hope. But never think you haven't got any hope because if you even wanting to hear this message today and wanting to repent, that seed in you isn't dead yet and the Lord will revive it in you come to him. There is never no hope until you die. We can make observations of somebody who has actually walked away properly and the seed has died in them and they just laugh and never will repent till they die because they don't want to, we can make that observation of saying this scripture applies to him because he doesn't want to repent and he doesn't all the way till his death. But it doesn't apply to you who has gone away from the Lord you want to come back. And you want to repent today and you want to be holy and you want Jesus to set you free and revive that seed inside of you and give you the power to walk a holy way again and it will indeed happen and you will be like the prodigal son returning......