Friday, September 7, 2012

No Salvation If You Put This World First

Every single person who puts the worlds first above the Lord God is going to go to hell. That's what the Scriptures warn that; every person who puts the ways of this world before the Lord and they live after the ways of this world and what they want to do before the Lord, they shall perish and they will not be forgiven. It does not matter if you are a Christian or if you are professing believer in Jesus Christ, if you put the ways of the world before the Lord your God you will perish. If you go on in sin and iniquity in the ways of this generation, you will not inherit the Kingdom of God. The Scriptures warn that Jesus said he will say to many who profess him that he will say to them: go away you workers of sin. Christians who lie and believe lies believing that the blood of Jesus cannot set them free from all sin, will not inherit the kingdom of God because if you cannot go to the Lord Jesus Christ in faith, you cannot have your sins washed away and forgiven.

The only way is to go to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and you ask him into your heart so that he can change you and set you free from all sin and you will be able to go sin no more if you are serious about following him. Because Jesus said that he who the son of man sets free from sin shall be free indeed. There is no other path if you want to enter the kingdom of God, you have to stop chasing after your goals and the things you want to do in this life. You have to stop chasing after the world and putting it first. You've got to stop seeking after the cars, the houses, the future of this world above God, and you have to dedicate your life to serving the Lord God following Jesus Christ. That is the only path to salvation. The ways of the world and the cares of this life choke out the seed out of many a Christian's heart. The hypocrites will say they are still saved while they still follow the world. But the Scriptures warn that they are on their way to hell and the Scriptures warn clearly that the fires of hell awaits all those who reject the Lord and do not follow nor obey his commandments.

We must follow and obey Jesus Christ dear friends. If you cannot do that you cannot be saved. There is no easy way to salvation. There is only the way of the cross. If you cannot give up your life for the sake of the Lord, then you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. If you cannot decide to turn away from chasing after what you want to do in this life then you cannot be saved. You cannot have salvation if you do not have true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. True faith is demonstrated by your works. If you have true faith you will have turned away from your sin because Jesus will have set you free. If you have true faith you would have dedicated your life to Jesus and you'll be following him seeking to know him and wanting to do his will…....