Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Most Christians Are Not Disciples Of Jesus Nor Part Of His Church

Jesus came to earth to make churches. A church is gathering of people who follow Jesus, disciples of Jesus. We are all to be making disciples of Jesus when we ourselves have found Jesus, so that wherever we gathered together in the name of the Lord, there is his church. That is what the true church is. It is people who are led by Jesus Christ, they hear his voice and they are following and obeying his commandments, and they do what he says. You see the things that are written in the Scriptures that Jesus said you must obey.

And the things he tells you to do you must go do. That is what a servant of Jesus is and those who become true servants of Jesus are the true church. We are not talking about gatherings of people in the name of religion and buildings and money, we're talking about people who follow Jesus and seek to do his will in all they do. When these people gather together, they are the true church. Are you making and gathering churches like the apostles did? Or are you scattering and sinning? Are you building the Kingdom of God? Or are you breaking it down? What are you doing today? Are you a disciple of Jesus? Are you making other disciples of Jesus?...