Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hi. The Lord wants me to deliver you a message and that is that you must lay confidence in the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ. You must put your mind and heart on the reality that you will enter the kingdom of God, if you abide with Jesus. If you set your mind and heart on the promise of entering the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ, which we have great assurance of this blessed hope, then you will never stumble into sins that would take your way from the narrow way and away from the path to life. Use the confidence of the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ as your weapon for staying with the Lord, abiding with him.

You see when you lay all confidence and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, when you abide with him then he will abide with you and you will bear fruit because you are connected to the good vine Jesus Christ. And the only way is to abide with the Lord Jesus. Because Jesus said himself that a branch cannot bear fruit on its own. Without the living water flowing into a branch it withers up. And Jesus said that withered branches are thrown into the fire. So that's why the Lord wants you to know that you must lay your confidence and hope in Jesus and the eternal life that is coming. Because Jesus knows that if you stay with him, and if you lay hope in the coming kingdom in being with Jesus which is a blessed promise, then you're going to make it. Because there's nothing that's going to be greater in your eyes in this world that can take you away from the blessed promise of eternal life.

Because if that's what your focus is, nothing on earth will be able to sway you from giving up your blessed hope by going back to the broad path to destruction. You will not want to sell your salvation off, just for some lousy part time joy in this world. Some lousy fun with some sin. That's why Jesus wants you to know to lay your hope and confidence in your coming eternal life today through Jesus Christ because you abide with him. Lay your hope and confidence in that. That will get you through the hard times.

Because you know there's nothing compared to the joy and the wonderful things awaiting you in heaven. Nothing! Nothing compared! So anything on this earth whether it's trial, tribulation, trouble, or whether it be temptation, or whether it be short-term joy with sin, you know that none of those things compare with the internal life in the kingdom. So put to death all ways of the flesh today. Lay hold of your blessed hope. Lay your confidence in Jesus Christ. Abide with him. To seek to follow him every day with all you have. Abide with the Lord, abide with him so that he can lead you and fill you with living water that makes you bear fruit and stay green even during the drought. That's what Jesus wants you to know today. He wants you to lay your confidence in the coming wonderful eternal life with Jesus Christ. If you can do that you will get through any trouble tribulation or temptation......