Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's no good to just say you believe in Jesus, yet you don't know him, considering Jesus himself said that he will say to many people on the last day: go away I don't know you you worker of sin. You see Jesus told a parable about a woman who was searching for a coin that she'd lost in her house and she swept the floor clean trying to find this coin and finally she found this coin and great was her joy.

That is how we must be. We must be searching for the kingdom of God relentlessly until we find it. Searching and searching until it's ours, till we find. Jesus said that those who seek will find, those who don't seek even what little they have will be taken from them. So you must seek the kingdom of heaven until you find relentlessly like the woman Jesus told of in the parable. She was sweeping the floor trying to find the gold coin and she wouldn't stop until she found it. Do you have that kind of faith? Where you just seek? You just want God. You want his ways in your heart. You want to turn away from your sin. You want to pursue him until you have found him and you can say: I have found the Lord! Then be serious and do it. Don't stop until you have found the kingdom, and Jesus will say to you one day that he knows you. Does Jesus know you? What will he say to you?...