Thursday, September 27, 2012


A single most important message from the Lord Jesus right now and that it is he wants repentance. These are the days of Noah where people love sin. People follow their own desires more than any other time. The message from the Lord at this time is with much emphasis and that is to REPENT. If you repent you will not perish. If you turn to the Lord while you still have time you will be saved. No other time has been so critical with this message of repentance than now. The Lord expects repentance from all people. If everybody repented then he would withhold his judgments. But if the people will not repent, he will spare those who do repent and he will judge those who do not.

Are you repenting? Have you reconciled yourself to God through Jesus Christ? Are you turning away from all sin and coming to the Lord in repentance? Because Jesus will free you from sin. He will set you free to have the power to live a holy life that nobody can do without Jesus. It is only the power of the cross, the blood of Jesus, that can set you free from sin. People doubt the power of Jesus to set them free from sin they say that can't be done. But I tell you in my experience it can be done and it is done. Only if you turn to the Lord in repentance and allow him to change you and set you free from sin. But if you don't turn to him in repentance and allow him to set you free, how can you enter the kingdom of heaven? You can't! You will be told: Go away I don't know you, you worker of sin. And you will be sent away into everlasting punishment.

But the just shall inherit the kingdom of God. Only the just. And who are these just? They are those people who turn to Jesus in repentance and they get freed from sin by the power of the cross. That's who the just are. There not Christians who go on in their evil and make excuses for their lack of self control. They are not Christians who say that you can be saved even they continue to sin. The just aren't Christians who condone sin in any way. They are the wicked. They call themselves Christians but they are really the wicked. Dear friends be separate. Be just. Be Jesus' sheep. And the only way to be about is if you come to him in repentance and have him set you free from sin by his own power…....