Monday, September 10, 2012


I want to read to you a scripture today and in this scripture it says, no one who puts his hands to the plough and looks back is fit for God's kingdom. We read that in Luke 9:51. Jesus is talking about deciding to follow him and when we decide to follow the Lord and we put our hand to the plough and decide to follow him, and then we look back into our old life, Jesus said that we're not fit for him. So we're not fit for the Lord. He said that we're not fit for him. But we don't want to, we don't want to look back when we put our hand to the plough. We want to stay fit for the Lord, praise the Lord. We want to enter the kingdom. Then Jesus goes on to say in mark 7:7 he says that: every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. And he goes on to say: just as the branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me. So Jesus warns that you cannot bear fruit on your own without him. And he also warns that if you don't bear fruit you will be cut off or down from the kingdom. And so Jesus is sending a very clear message here, he is simply saying that you must get to know him otherwise you will not enter the kingdom of God. Now that's not what the churches teach these days. They aren't leading people to know the Lord. Maybe some are, most of the Western churches I know certainly don't. They're more about teaching their own doctrine or about telling people that they are saved by grace and it ends there. But we have the words of Jesus to go by warning us that if we do not repent we will indeed perish.

We do not live for the Lord we will indeed perish. So dear friends let us say amen to the Lord Jesus Christ and let us do what he said to do. We must be following the Lord and obeying what he says. Because what he said is true and everything the Lord says is what we must be obeying, praise Lord. Because that is what Jesus said he said that we are to do the will of the father. And those who do the will of the father would not be turned away. But those who don't do the will of the father, he said they will be turned away, because they didn't do the will of the father and he said what the will of the father was to believe in Jesus Christ and follow him. This is true belief. True belief isn't going to church. And true belief isn't just saying you believe and you just go on in sin! True belief is actually living for Jesus. Hypocrisy belief, hypocrite belief, thats saying you believe and just go on to another thing. Have you ever heard of a hypocrite who says one thing and does another? It is a bit like having a fitness trainer who tells you how to get thin but they're fat. That's hypocrisy. It's like they are a health consultant telling you to eat healthy while they McDonald's. Now this is what people do. They say they believe in Jesus and they'd tell you the way to the kingdom by believing in Jesus, yet they don't obey him and they don't live for him. They just follow the world like everybody else does. But that's hypocrisy, that's hypocrite belief. And we know that hypocrites will have their part with unbelievers in the lake of fire. So we know today that neither unbelievers nor hypocrites's can enter the kingdom. But it is only those who do the will of the father. So when you go along to these gatherings of people who say they believe in Jesus, yet they start drinking and carrying on and chasing after the world together, you know you need to be separate because hypocrites will not inherit the kingdom of God.

And we don't want to be hypocrites. We want to inherit God's kingdom. We want to live what we preach or live what we believe. If you believe Jesus is the son of God and you believe he has taken away your sin, then you should actually go seek him say he can have his freedom from sin in your life praise God. So that you can crucify satan within you. You can put out the devil ways in your flesh. And that's how we have to live every day dear friends. Everyday striving on the narrow way and then we can never be hypocrites. We can never be accused of hypocrisy if we do indeed strive on the narrow way praise God. Now isn't that wonderful! We can have our minds and hearts living for the Lord daily. It is very easy to be a hypocrite. It's very easy to say I believe or I follow the Lord or I even know the Lord, yet we start going after the ways of the world in our lives. We start to start getting all focused on following this world not following Jesus. Dear friends that's not what we want to be be, we want to be able to focus on this coming Kingdom of God always, having our minds and hearts genuinely set on pleasing the Lord Jesus Christ getting to know him. This is where a lot of people have a problem is that they don't actually know the Lord yet. They can't honestly say that Jesus has indeed come into their life. Now that isn't a bad thing, it just means that they are being honest and they must then go and seek. If you can't honestly say that the Lord Jesus Christ has come into your life and set you free from sin and helped you, then you obviously need to go and seek him and get to know him.

And with the faith that you have, just dedicate yourself to being serious and the new change will come in your heart. Because when Jesus reveals his truth in your heart, that's when you're able to realize that you need to repent. And when you have truly got on your knees and repented, you will have had a changing repentance experience where you have a new feeling in your heart. A new peace. And you're suddenly not bound to all those sins anymore. All those impossible sins that you couldn't stop. You're free from. And you have a new way in your heart. So nobody can ever accuse you of following something that doesn't exist, because you already know what you have experience and you only wish they could experience the same thing. And that only came when you got on your knees and started to cry out to the Lord and you said: sorry Lord. You're repenting of your sins. You know I once went to a preacher meeting and the preacher got up and started talking about how the Lord had delivered him as an unbeliever and he had nearly died in those circumstances. And how the Lord had saved him on his deathbed as a young man. He was saying how he saw the Lord's prayer come before him and he prayed and he was saved. And then the Lord healed him. And there was only one person in that whole meeting that was struck by the reality that they were a hellbound sinner. And I saw them on their knees going up to the front and crying and crying and calling out to the Lord. Everybody seems very tight lipped. But he was he was truly struck by God that day. And he prayed and he accepted the Lord and was forgiven, because when you realize the enormity of your sin, and when you go before the Lord and you pray and you ask him to forgive you, then you can truly appreciate the gift of the cross. And truly appreciate when you are forgiven, hallelujah.

So let us let us remember how Jesus has forgiven us. And remember that he will indeed wash those sins away and this is what this man was experiencing, he was experiencing the wonderful forgiveness of sins. And how Jesus Christ sets us free from out sin, and he gives us a new way. And then we got to stay on that way. You know when I realized that the Lord Jesus Christ does indeed set you free and he is the reality who he is, I was repenting. And some people help me pray but I wasn't very serious about it and it wasn't too much later that I just went back to my old ways. But you see the Lord keeps his hand of mercy on us and he kept trying to pull me back to the real way following Jesus on the narrow way. And finally I realized that I had to follow the Lord. And it's only then when you really dedicate yourself to him and really decide to follow him with all your heart, it is only then that you can actually come to know him and be led by him even in the smallest of ways. And to start to have a relationship with the Lord to communicate with him. This is the way to finding the Lord. Realizing that you need to turn to him today, realising that you need to actually dedicate your life to him and then go and do so. Because Jesus talked about a parable of two sons. And one son he said: go out into the vineyard and work for me and bring in the harvest. And the first son said yes I'll go. But he didn't go. He said the same to the second son, but the second son said no he didn't want to.

But then he decided to go later. Jesus said which of those two sons really loved the father. And the Pharisees said well the second son who said no but then he decided to go and do it. He did the will of the father. And it is the same with you. Maybe you've said no to Jesus before. But maybe you decided now okay I'm going to go and work for Jesus. I'm going to dedicate my life to his way. And then you are doing the will of the father and you really love the Lord. Or maybe you're the other son and you say Yeah I'll serve him and you are really eager and you go to church and you're interested about it but you don't actually do anything. You just keep living your life even though you are eager and say yes, yes I will go. I will dedicate my life to the Lord. Well you certainly prove that you don't care you don't want to serve him and you are just doing your will. But it is the former son who was pleasing to the father not the latter. So being obedient to Jesus is the very first step we must do. If we want to really follow him and you have to seriously dedicate your life to him. But if you don't want to do then well that's your choice and you don't want to serve the master and you don't want your crown of life and you don't want a reward in heaven. You knows there was never any prize for quitters. There is a prize and reward for those who follow the Lord who dedicate themselves to him in the faith. That's how it is. And blessed is the man who endures says the Lord. We got to endure.

Blessed is he who who does choose the right way of following the Lord. Blessed is he. It is like the parable that Jesus talked about the cities, and he said to one man, he entrusted him with a certain amount and another man another certain amount. And the man who was given five cities he worked hard with what he was given in the end ended up with ten when the master returned. And the master was delighted and he said: well done my faithful servant you have been faithful with this, I'll put you over everything. You see the Lord is a very wonderful master, and if you are faithful with what he gives you and you make it more by serving the Lord, you will reap a wonderful reward later. Later when he returns. Isn't that wonderful. But if you're like the servant who was given a little but he didn't do anything with it at all, he just hid it, he just kept what he was given and he didn't increase anything, he just lived his own way. The master will come back and ask of him well what did you do for me? Now this person was a servant. Someone who was serving Jesus who was a servant. Who wasn't an unbeliever or somebody who wasn't interested in following Jesus. No this person was someone who had come to the Lord and had given their life to him. But this persons didn't grow what was given to them they didn't serve the Lord. They put it into a box, they left it there, and they didn't go and do the works of the Kingdom, which is the living in faith, and the good deeds of following the Lord, and leading others to the Lord and things like that. And the master returned and he said well what have you got to show me? And he had nothing. And he said: guards come and take this servant away and throw him out into the outer darkness. You know when Jesus returns, he is going to ask you the same thing. He's going to say: what have you done for me? And maybe you have gone to church and had a good time.

But have you done anything for the Lord? You can say well I went to church. Well maybe you can just continue to live your life and chase after what you wanted to do. You could say well I was successful in my life. But the Lord Jesus Christ isn't looking for that. He is going to say: what did you do for me? And what did you do? Did you have fruits showing that you had stood up for the Lord? Had you warned your people? Had you resisted the devil and not gone on in sin. Had you spent your time in prayer seeking to know the Lord more and praying for the lost? Had you lived the life of dedication to furthering the Kingdom of God on this earth? Or were you too busy with the cares and the worries of this life with your own plans. With your own future. Is that what Jesus will find with you? Dear friends, let us not be caught out when the Lord returns with nothing. Let us be doing even the smallest of works for the Lord of dedicating our lives to him. That's what the Lord wants to see. He doesn't expect you to have lived a long life of just serving him the whole time. He expects you to have dedicated your life to him and once you have done that then served him. And that's what he said in the parable of the vineyard. He said it's like a master who sent for some workers in the marketplace at the beginning of the day, and they came and they worked all day. And then at lunch time he went and got some more workers. And then one hour before finish he went and got other workers, another lot of workers, and then he went and payed them all, he payed them all the same amount. The workers who he had got right at the end got the same as the ones who'd be working in the vineyard all day.

But either way they had gone into the vineyard and they dedicated themselves to working and they weren't just lazing around. So even if you've being called right at the end to work for the Lord and you are doing it right at the last hour, or you have been dedicating all day all your life for many years, it doesn't matter, the point is we must dedicate ourselves to the Lord. That's where our heart must be. Dedicated and working in the vineyard today. And the Lord will give you your reward along with everybody else. Dear friends is that what we are doing today? Are we dedicated to furthering God's kingdom? That's what we must do. Pray for the lost, pray for people you know. God can do miracles. You yourself dedicates yourself to following Jesus and being led by the Holy Spirit. If you are not baptized then go and get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Find somebody who's a Christian and they can baptise you in a river somewhere. Be serious about your dedication it's not playtime. It is not just a gimmick or something interesting like religion. It is not like just Islam where you get into a religion or being a good Catholic. It is not about going to some priest and telling him your sins. It's about actually getting to know the God of heavens. God of heaven who send his son to the world. Thats all that matters in this world. It's a very big thing because the creator of this universe also sent his son into the world that all who believe on him will be saved. And if you do that and if you live in ways that Jesus commands then you're going to be saved. I want to warn you about the hypocrisy of the churches. About the false gospel that they preach.

They will tell you many lies. They'll tell you things like go to heaven just believe. Just believe in John 3:16. it says here they say why they're in sin, that God sent his son into the world that all who believe on him will be saved. But they forgot is to read on where it says in John 3:19 that Jesus came into the world but people loved their sin more than they loved the light and I wouldn't come to the light to have their sins exposed and be saved. They forgot to read on. And so do not be caught up by the lying hypocrite churches who preach a gospel about Jesus yet they don't live for him and they don't have his power. You see Jesus is indeed the good news and if you do turn to him and follow him with all your heart you're going to come to know him and be set free from sin and live a new way in life. A new reality each day is for the Lord Jesus Christ. Each day you can live is for the Lord. That's what we want to do. We want to live each day for the Lord. As we go about what we must do, the Lord will lead us into what wants us to do. He will lead you in your circumstances and show you the way to go. And that's how we want to be dear friends. We want to be led by the Lord in every circumstance so we can please him when he returns. We can have a gift in heaven. We can have his way in our hearts praise the Lord. And we don't want to serve the Lord for a while and then go back to the old way. Putting our hand to the plow and then looking back over our shoulder to the old life. That's what many do, they serve the Lord for a few years and then they just go back to the old life. They go along to the church and they get their light put out. They get involved in activities and fun and they forget Jesus. They forget serving him, being with him and doing what he says living on the narrow way to life. They start becoming focused on this life having a successful life now. They start getting focus on the abundant life here.

That's what the churches teach. They teach about the abundant life on earth. But we know that the abundant life of the rich man didn't gain him anything. And the one whom Jesus spoke of, he ended up in hell when he died. Because Jesus said he said in the parable: friend you have an abundant life on this earth and now you are in torment. Now why is it that he ended up in torment after living an abundant life. It was because he focused on world on the earth, and that's what he was focused on. He wasn't focused on God first. Like Moses and the prophets warned about putting the Lord God first and living for the Lord God and praising the Lord and living for him and thanking him for all your things that he gives you. Instead the rich man just focused on the earth and the pride of life and the cares of this world and having fun without the Lord without knowing the Lord, and that goes to hell. We read in the scriptures that everyone who focuses on the earth ends up getting cursed. If they turn away from their focus on the world they will be saved. And it is no different for today. Everybody who just lives an abundant life down here and has that as their focus will end in the fire. People who think God will give them an abundant life so they can have a better life down here, that the pagans strive after that every unbelievers strives after, they will not inherit the kingdom of God. Don't think that the unbelievers who strive after these things and then the believe who do the same, don't think that they will also get into the kingdom. No believers must be separate. If you are going to say you are going to follow Jesus then you better walk the walk as well. And his way is not that easy. It means that you no longer want to follow doing what you want to do.

All these all these pursuits and success that you can have and striving in the heart for things. Your heart is full of desires for things. You got to put it away and instead be focused on how can I serve the Lord today. How can I please him. How can he be first place in my life today and you focus on praying and serving the Lord. And in time you will reap your reward. Worldly people laugh at you because to them that is craziness. Focusing on these things is not what the world does. That would be foolishness to them. They want you to focus on the world because that's how everybody should be according to the worldly people. And so you're going to be thought of as crazy and foolish because you focus on the kingdom of God. But one day the tables will turn and one day they will realize they are crazy and foolish and you are not. And everybody in heaven will look at them and say they're crazy and foolish because they focused on just the here and now and they missed out on the eternity. And now we do want to be like that we want to focus on the kingdom of Heaven....