Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The evidence of Jesus Christ is not only in the Bible, it is also outside the Bible. People say well where is this Jesus, if he is only in the Bible how can I believe? I want to tell you that there is a lot of evidence of Jesus outside the Bible, because when I sought Jesus on my knees in prayer, he came and healed me. Now that's evidence. He came and set me free from sin. Now a lot of you are just continuing to practice your sin every day and you cannot stop no matter how much you make a New Year's resolution. I have stopped my sin, now that evidence of his power. He also speaks in the Holy Spirit and you can speak in the tongues of the Holy Spirit. Now that's evidence also of Jesus Christ, more evidence that Jesus Christ is alive outside the Bible. There is more evidence Jesus Christ is appearing to people in dreams and visions. Jesus Christ is healing the sick even today. Jesus Christ is setting people free from their addictions today. People are being given a new lease on life today. Their old broken life is being done away and they are filled with peace and hope and the reality of the Spirit of God inside them. That is more evidence of Jesus Christ outside the Bible.

You see true followers of Jesus Christ actually follow him and they seek to know him and then they experience his reality and he sets them free from sin. They're the true church. The true church isn't all these religious churches you see everywhere that base themselves of the Bible yet they don't even know Jesus and he is no reality to them nor do they know him, nor led by him, nor are they following him and obeying him. Jesus Christ is a reality outside the Bible. You have to go and seek him on your knees to get to know him yourself. And if you do that you will come to know him and his reality and he won't be a myth of far-off things to you. You want the evidence? Then you go seek. You don't want to seek you? Will never find. You have to be prepared to put behind your sins, deny yourself, pick up your cross, hang onto the promise that Jesus Christ will set you free from sin. You go seek him and if you do that you'll find him. May the Lord bless you.....