Monday, September 24, 2012

CONDITIONS For Following Jesus

Jesus Christ leads everybody if they would come to him to be led. He turns nobody away. Anybody who comes to Jesus to be a servant of Jesus, and they want to, there are some conditions. And the conditions of wanting to be led by Jesus is that you must deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow Jesus. That's the condition. Many want to be led by Jesus, but they don't want to deny themselves. They don't want to leave following the world. They don't want to leave their sin. They don't want to leave being with their worldly friends and having fun on their computer games and entertainment through the movie industry and the TV industry. They don't want to leave living for their own selves. They don't want to leave their pursuit of their own goals.

But Jesus said that if anyone wants to come after me, if anyone wants to be led by Jesus, he must deny himself. That means you must deny your desires of sin inside of you, you must deny trying to chase after your dreams in this world and instead make your dream serving Jesus. You must deny being entertained by the world, it's movies, TV, games everything. You must deny seeking your own pleasures in this world over the Lord and instead you must come to the Lord and say: Lord how can I serve you? Because you give yourself to Jesus as a holy offering and you are holy because he washes you clean. That's what Jesus wants from you my friend. He wants you, all of you. He doesn't want part of you serving religion, part of you serving the world, he wants all of you to serve of him and do what he says, go where he says. And if you don't hear him, go seek. If he doesn't speak, wait be patient. The Lord will reveal your path to you in his time so we must be patient and go by the last order that he gave us and keep doing that until he gives you another order. If you want to follow Jesus you have to do it on his terms not on your own terms, not on mans terms. And you go following these people in the churches, they will tell you, you should do this and you should do that for us, but we have to be led by Jesus first and he will lead us to do good things. And he will lead you to bring the truth to people because he is the good Shepherd.

But you can't be led by Jesus if you don't really want to turn away from your sins. I am not talking about pleasures that aren't sin, I'm saying leave the pleasures of the ways of the world. Even Jesus and his apostles had good times together. But their good times were for the kingdom of God. They weren't for enjoying themselves in this world along with all the worldly people here. Jesus came to serve the Kingdom of God and do the will of the father not to serve himself in this world. And that's the attitude that you must have. You must seek to do the will of the Lord and not to serve yourself in this world. For this world is passing and though we are part of the world while living here, and we must live that is true, and we must work and we must do the things that are required in this world like all our responsibilities, but these things no longer dominate our minds when we follow Jesus. Having a good time no longer dominates our mind. We no longer put the first because we are here to do the will of the Lord......