Wednesday, September 12, 2012


People want to live out their lives in peace without crime or without things happening to them. But we live in a generation particularly in the West that has forsaken God and each person is a part of what west and this world has become. By allowing yourselves to watch your TVs, playing your violent video games, programming your children grow up like heathen, you have created a world that is unsafe because when you open the door to the devil he comes in. peace comes from God. There can only ever be peace and safety if you follow the Lord, if you bring your children up to worship God.

You can only be free from a violent society if you trash your TV, trash your computer games, trash all that garbage. Get rid of your music. Stop listening to the ungodly singers. Stop filling your ears with evil from from dawn till dusk. If you do that and you turn to the Lord Jesus and you go and obey him, then there's going to be a change. You will be able to have peace and safety for yourself, because the Lord will protect you from all evil. You may be persecuted for the Lord but you will have the strength to go through such things. This world has fallen a long way my friends. People are reaping what they have sowed. They have sowed violence and sin. They have turned away from God and he handed them over to Satan. Satan's doing what he does best; stealing killing and destroying. That's why you see the world like it, war and violence and trouble, distress, all because of people who follow Satan and reject God. The only solution for yourself is to turn before you get destroyed because God hates the terrible noise of all the victims of rising up from this wicked world, corrupting, killing, destroying and stealing. And he's heard it and he is coming to destroy wickedness off the face of this earth. He is going to scourge evil from this earth and all who practice evil shall be gathered and cast out.

All those who repent will be saved. So the question is; are you going to be gathered along with the evil because you join them in your life? You listen to their music? You follow their immoral lifestyle? You sing to the same songs as they do? You watch the same movies they watch? You're a part of the same ways of this fallen society, speak the same way as them? Well guess what dear friends you are going to be scourged off the earth too unless you repent. And that's what it's come down to: the West us going to be judged. You realize they will be destroyed and will be done away with and be finished. Do you want to be with them? Finished, done away with, scourged off the face of this earth? Well if you want to be saved, you have to repent. You have to turn away from the fallen society of this world. You have to go and trash all that wicked stuff you're following. You've got to turn away from it and stop making it what you are following. You got to put Jesus first and repent and have his love for you so you can turn away from all it's evil. And then when your flesh rises up with all its desires you can keep turning them down. Put them out of your mind and keep following Jesus no matter what. Are you going to do this? Because dear friends, I tell you truly that the Lord is going to judge this generation just like he did Solomon Gomorrah.

And woe to you if you continue to follow this society on the day of that judgment! For will you not burn like they did when they had fire and brimstone and sulfur rain down on them from heaven? Will you too not burn the same? You will, you will not escape. You will be consumed by fear terror and fire and pain. When the Lord brings his judgment down he's going to clean this earth of sin. He's going to scourge it clean. He's going to bring upon the wicked what they asked for. Their asking for judgment. Because of their wickedness the Lord God is going to put them out. Now every one of those people could be saved if they repent and turn to Jesus. And I'm hoping you're going to be one of those.

Maybe you're one of the people from Nineveh today who heard about this terrible judgment coming, and decided to rend their hearts before God and say: Lord please forgive me, please forgive me, I repent! Do you have that blessed repentance in your heart today? Then the Lord is going to spare you on his day of judgment. He will spare the cities that repent but he will scourge those who do not repent off the face of this earth. Dear friend are you ready to repent? To turn to Jesus, obey him, leave all your sins, stop following this generation, leave its music, fun, song and dance, movies all its violence? Are you ready? Well go do so today before it's too late! May the Lord be with you....