Friday, September 7, 2012


Jesus said that he came to give life abundantly, life in abundance. He said that everybody comes to him shall have life abundant. He said that he was the living water. The life abundant that Jesus is talking about isn't the life of this world. It isn't having lots of money, a nice motorbike, a nice car, a nice House. It's not about having a nice holiday, money in the bank, savings for your retirement. No Jesus didn't come to give you that. That is not the abundant life Jesus is talking about. Let me ask you something today; what does this world strive after? I'll tell you what the world strives after, it strives after having a good life on this earth. But those who seek having a good life on earth real hell. The rich man had a good life. He had lots of money. He had lots of parties each day for his friends. He was a nice man. He was a good entertainer and a good host. Then he died and he went to the fires of hell and in hell he cried out Abraham: please send back Lazarus from the dead to warn my brothers so they don't end up in this place. Because living a life after you desire for the loves and things of this world and an abundant life down here ended in hell as the rich man found.

I want to warn you today that Jesus Christ himself said that if you want to follow me, you must give up your life for my sake and if you want to keep your life down here you'll lose your life. That means he will not inherit the kingdom of God. You will lose your life. Do not listen to the hypocrite churches of the West who preach money and they preach that you can have an abundant life on this earth. Now I'm not saying that Jesus won't look after your needs, yes he will. He will look after all your needs. The things that you need he will look after if you seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness. But you have to be prepared to go out of your comfort zone and trust the Lord and give away trying to seek an abundant life. If you seek an abundant life on this earth you will be lost. Dear friends if you want life abundant in the kingdom of heaven that's where your mind and heart must be. You should be focused on having an abundant life in the kingdom of heaven by building the Kingdom of God down on this earth. By giving away your life, no longer pursuing after your career goals and desires all the things you want to do in this life. Give it all away and get on your knees and dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ.

Where is your heart? Are you seeking the abundance of the life in heaven? Or are you so focused on the abundant life down on this earth and what you can see that you are like the rich man going to hell?...