Thursday, August 9, 2012


There is no salvation for those who are not obedient to Jesus Christ and his teachings and his command. Why can I say this? I say this because Jesus himself said in Luke 6:49 that the person who does not obey his teachings is like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand and the floods came and the winds blew and great was the destruction of that house. The foolish man didn't obey Jesus' teachings and his house was destroyed. Now the wise person is likened unto a man who built his house on the rock and he is the one who obeys the teachings of Jesus, and the winds come, and the testing and the trials come, and his house doesn't get destroyed because his house is built on the teachings and following obedience, to Jesus Christ. Are you obeying Jesus? Are you doing his commands and listening to his teachings? If you aren't, you're a foolish person who shall not get salvation.

You can go and quote Ephesians all you like, but if you are not obeying the words of Jesus and you are not listening and hearing and doing his teachings, then your house is on the sand Ephesians or not, grace or not. And when your house is on the sand, the flood is going to wash it away and it is going to be destroyed. Dear friend, are you obedient to the teachings of Jesus? He warned very specifically about how you are to live. He said that you must obey his commandments if you love him. He said that the two greatest commands that he gives are that you love God with all your heart and mind and soul. Which means you don't go off into the world and you don't chase the world, nor your own desires, you set your life apart from God. Number two, equally as important, you love your neighbor your brethren, and those people around you, like yourself. Which means that you don't hurt them you don't slander them you don't hate them, you don't sin against them and you don't cheat you don't lie you don't steal you don't covet.

If you are sinning today, which is breaking either of those two commandments either against God or against man, then you are like a foolish person who is building his house on the sand because you're not listening to the words of Jesus. And Jesus said that you are to be perfect like the heavenly father is perfect, Matthew chapter 5. and he said that you are to obey his teachings, and they are all written in the Gospels. So you better listen to his teachings in the Gospels. Go and read Matthew Mark Luke and John and you go and obey those words written in there. What does it all boiled down to? It boils down to this: because Jesus stood up and he cried out to the crowd, he said: if anyone wants life they must come to me and I'll give them the living waters from heaven and it shall flow from them rivers of living water. You see, you need to go to Jesus.

He said it clear he said you search your scriptures yet you don't come to me for eternal life. So he wants you to come to him for eternal life. Now if you're obedient to the words of Jesus, you would go do that. He doesn't want any sin in your life. He said that if your hand causes you to sin, he said you would be better to cut them off and cast them away and enter the kingdom of God with one hand and one eye, rather than the cast whole into the eternal fires of hell. So you see Jesus was very specific about leaving all sin. Are you a foolish person building your house on the sand so you don't want to listen to this today? Are you trying to say that the grace of God shall cover you yet you don't obey the commands of Jesus? Do you really think that when you don't obey his teachings that you can somehow get around having your house destroyed, when it is built on the sand and when the floods arise and the winds come and blow it away?

Don't be foolish my friend. It doesn't matter what Bible verse you try and justify your continued sin with, you must turn away from all evil and you must strive to obey and follow Jesus. That is the only way to heaven. If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven then you must separate yourselves unto the Lord Jesus today and go and seek to know him with all your heart and have no double mind about any sin in your life whatsoever. If it's a lust turn out don't try and make it okay in your life when you know it's not. If it's lying or is an immoral lifestyle or you are dishonest, you turn all that stuff out and you just get honest about Jesus Christ and let him lead you and you go and obey all his teachings and you be an obedient servant to Jesus then you will enter the kingdom of heaven. Because I can quote you again if you did not hear the first time that; those who build their house on the teachings of Jesus are building their house on the rock and as Jesus said it shall not fall. But those who build their house on the sand are likened unto the man who does not heed the teachings of Jesus......