Thursday, August 23, 2012


A new beginning is coming, but not for the world. The world is not going to get a new beginning. Only people who follow Jesus and follow God in every way, they are going to have a new beginning that is going to come soon. But the world you see is going to be tipped out and swept into the garbage. The world is headed to destruction not a new beginning. If you are living in the ways of this world, you're not going to be part of any new beginnings, because the world's way is the path to destruction. It is the path to hell. Hell is the place of destruction. God's garbage dump where everybody who practice sin and loves lies and does the will of Satan and follows their own desires, they will be cast and burned up in the great garbage dump called hell. And the world's ways leads to hell. One day Jesus is going to burn up all this you see, and it will be no more. Swept away. Everything you strive for, all those housing and other things you strive to attain in this world at the expense of your relationship with God, it only takes you to the garbage dump and you will never be part of any new beginning unless you repent.

Because Jesus said strive to entered the narrow way to heaven for narrow is the way that enter life but broad is the path, broad is the road that goes to destruction and many are they who travel on this road. You see Peter warned himself, he said love not the world nor anything in the world for those who love the world are not of God. James said that as well. Those who love the world are not of God they do not have the love father in them Christian or not. You see people who love the world even if they're Christian are still going to be destroyed with the world. Because the world heads to destruction, the garbage dump in hell. Jesus himself says that every branch of his that do not bear good fruit, will be swept up, cut off and cast into hell. Into fiery furnace and burned. Now these branches that do not bear fruit, they arent worldly pagan people, they're people who profess Jesus and they're connected to him. They're Christians. Many Christians think that you will be always saved. They do not know that you can be cut off if you do not bear fruit, because Jesus himself said that those branches in him that do not bear fruit, they will be cut off and cast into the fire.

Now Christians never read those verses, because they are living lies. They think that they will always be saved even if they continue to practice their evil. Yet Jesus himself said in his own very words, which few people care to read and listen to, Jesus said that the axe is lying at the foot of every tree that does not bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit in the Garden of God. Now these trees are they nonbelievers? Or are they believers? No dear friends, they are believers. They're Christians. Because they're in God's garden. You see the branches that are grafted into Jesus, they aren't unbelievers. They're believers who profess Jesus. That's why they're grafted in. and since Jesus said that the father will cut off every branch in me that withers, does not bear fruit, and sweep them up and throw them into the firery Furnace, what makes you dear Christian think that you can escape the firey wrath of God's judgment in hell, if you do not bear good fruit? Now most Christians bear the fruits of this world. They are following the world, they live in the sins of this world, and they think that they can chase their own desires, careers, and talents, and all these things in this world, and yet they don't live for Jesus, they don't obey him, and they continue to practice sin! They continue to practice what is evil in the sight of God like fornication and even homosexuality. They lie, cheat steal. They don't turn away from cheating, from from all the sins of this generation. From seeking worldliness and worldly wealth and in seeking the things that this world loves that is pleasure and pursuits and parties and drinking wine women and song, and then they wonder why that Jesus is going to say to them; Depart from me you workers of sin! Even though they believed in his name.

Dear friends let us not be deceived! The Scriptures say it very clearly and the people are just not reading the Scriptures! Because we read in the scriptures that God is going to cut off every branch within Jesus, that does not bear good fruit and cast that branch into hell. Now do you want to be cut off? Or are you going to just go the way of the world that you see all around you. You know this world is going to be destroyed. It is not going to be going to a new beginning! The only people who are going to be going to a new beginning, are those who follow Jesus, turn from their sin, and they seek to be with him. They followed him in every way. They please him and they are seeking to follow him with all their hearts. Now you go and test me and test my word by the scriptures. Because you'll know that I'm speaking the truth because of what Jesus said.

Now you tell me if you think that Christians are saved once they believe and always will be saved even if they gone in sin and don't bear good fruit, why is it then that Jesus said that he will have every branch within him that does not bear fruit, cut off and thrown into the fiery furnace? Dear souls don't be deceived! Some Christians say well that person was never saved to begin with. No dear soul, that person used to be grafted into Jesus! So if he had stayed there he would've been saved! Don't deceive yourselves in foolish doctrines my friends. Turn away from all sin. Don't go the paths of this world that's headed for destruction. Go the path of Jesus Christ. Follow him in obedience. Turn away from all your sin. Crucify your desires daily. Put out all worldliness, give up your pursuits in this world. Give them up. That's why did, I turned away and gave them. I put them out. I no longer follow my pursuits not more. All those things I was striving after with such zealousness. Ive turned away from that. Now dear friend will you do that too? Because that's the way that Jesus wants us to go.

Because thats bearing good fruit. And since I did that, Jesus lets me bear good fruit. You see Im bearing good fruits of turning away from sin, and enduring under trial and temptation, and walking the narrow way with Christ and listening to him and living to him in obedience. Turning away from all evil when it arises and following the Lord Jesus Christ and seeking and striving to serve him every day. Now is that what you want to do today too? Do you want to come on this narrow way of living for Jesus above everything else? Where you no longer live for your things anymore and you no longer strive after the things this world wants? Are ready to give all that away now dear friends? Because that's what Jesus said; to give everything away if you follow me.

Dear friends I've had to give away all these things that I was once so focused on and it's wonderful that I was able to do that, because I tell you the truth dear friends, I have found the way of peace and the way that is joy. It is much better than the world could ever offer me which was only grief and many sorrows. So let us turn away, dear friends, from the ways of this world and you just go and follow Jesus and don't get cut off by God! Who will cut off you if you don't bear good fruit! If you're just bearing the fruits of this world, then don't expect to stay grafted into the vine of Jesus if you're a believer…...