Friday, August 24, 2012

The Withered Branch

We who follow the Lord, we can have comfort in these end times and the Lord will provide for us in more and more supernatural ways. And we don't know when our last days will be. I know there was Christians in world war two, that was a terrible time worldwide, and they were supernaturally provided for by Jesus. I know of Christians in the other's places of the world that have extreme poverty due to government control, and they were looked after by the Lord. You see the Lord always looks after his people and he provides for those who lay faith in him. Now why can I say that with certainty? Say that because the Lord God himself said he said in Ezekiel he said that the person who lays faith in him is like somebody who is planted by, is like a tree planted by the stream and the drought comes and the hard times come, but this person always bears fruit because his roots go into the living water. Now I can't remember if that was in Ezekiel, but it was the words of the Lord anyway, but we read on that the man who doesn't trust in God and makes his own arm his strength, he makes flesh his strength, he looks for man's wisdom and help. He is like the man that grows in the desert Bush in the middle of the parched places of the desert where the salt bushes are, he's got no hope. And when we rely on our own arm and our own strength then the Lord doesn't help us. Dear friends we need to have our roots in the living water.

I want to read to you a parable from Jesus. Now Jesus has had just told the Jews to repent. He said: I tell you unless you repent you will all likewise perish…. then he spoke this parable: A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came seeking fruit on it and he didn't find any and then he said to the keeper of the vineyard; “look for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree and I found none, cut it down. Why does it use up the ground?” but he answered and said to him, “Sir leave it alone this year, I'll dig around it and fertilize it and if it bears fruit then we will not have to cut it down”. I want to put your attention on to this parable because there are many believers who believe that true Christians will never end up in the fires of hell. But these trees in the vineyard they are not pagans, they are people who believe in Jesus; trees in the vineyard. Okay now this tree wasn't bearing any fruit so that this tree is likened unto a believer of Jesus who believes, but they don't bear any fruit. Jesus comes to their tree and doesn't see any fruit there. And the father in heaven comes again next year and the next year and still no fruit and the father says: “let us cut this tree out of the ground and cast it away”. And then Jesus says, “no no, let me water this tree”.

Because Jesus remember is here to save people. So Jesus says; let me water this tree and if it still doesn't bear fruit after one year then cut it down. So what Jesus does and he works in your heart and you try to push you to repent for a year. And he brings about all these situations to bring your life down so bad that you need to cry out to him and seek to know him. Some people they just don't learn and once again they just don't bear any fruit. What happens? They end up getting cut down. I want to read about this little further where Jesus says this, he says in John 15, John Chapter 15: he said if anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away as a branch that withers and such branches are gathered up and thrown into the fire and burned, for I am the good vine and and you are the branches and my father is the gardener. And a gardener cuts off every branch in me that does not bear fruit and every withered branch. If you abide in me and my words abide in you you will ask and things that may be done for you that my father will be glorified. He said apart from me you can do nothing. He says he cannot bear fruit. A branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine. And then he goes on to say that the branches that don't abide in the vine they wither and the father cuts them off. So these branches I want to talk about today are Christians. They're not pagans and unbelievers, they are not atheists, not Muslims or Buddhists.

These branches are Christians, they are abiding in Jesus and what happens is they cut themselves off from Jesus and they wither on the vine and the father doesn't allow withered branches to stay on the vine so he cuts them off. And what happens Jesus said that these branches are gathered up and they're thrown into the fire. So you have to be grafted into Jesus to bear good fruit. To be able to have the fruits of love to have the fruits of righteousness, and have the power to turn away from your sin if you if you have decided to repent and turn to the Lord. You have to do that if not you cannot bear good fruit! If you have decided to ask Jesus into your heart today, that means that you have been grafted into the vine and naturally if you don't cut yourself off from Jesus, you're going to naturally start to bear fruit, and the father will be pleased and he'll prune your branch and your going to bear more good fruit. Now Christians they cut themselves off from the good vine and their branch of withers. They must and must not do this! Now how do we cut ourselves off from the vine? That's when we go off on our own steam and power and do everything on our own and we just make our own life. We go back to the broader way we go back to our sin. We start sinning everyday. That's when we are cut off from Jesus. Because sin cuts you off from Jesus. One sin does! And so we have to repent and connect ourselves to Jesus again so we are not ringbarked off Jesus. You know the process of Ring barking don't you? The farmer get his axe and he cuts around a tree about 1 inch all the way around and it cuts off the water to the tree and the whole tree dies even though it still stands with its roots in the ground. Same with you; if you cut yourself off from the living water, then what happened is your branch, even though it still on the vine it withers, it dies all the leaves fall off and no fruit. And what happens is God will cut those branches off, gather them up and cast them into the fire. Dear friends we don't want to be cast into the fire do we?

We want to be just focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and obeying his commandments and doing his will! You see Jesus also likened Christians to the tree growing in his garden his garden, the Father's vineyard. Again this isn't pagans this isn't unbelievers, this is Christians people who believe in Jesus they get planted in the fathers vineyard. And the fig trees there and they are likened unto a figtree and the roots go into the ground, the good ground which is Jesus Christ. But the thing is this fig tree that we read about in Luke Chapter 13, didn't bear any fruit. It had lots of green leaves but didn't have no fruit. Now that was a Christian who just doesn't go out and work for the Lord Jesus Christ. They live their own life and they're not interested in being fruitful in the kingdom of God and what happens is the father sees they got no fruit and so he says, “let's cut this tree down is useless and a waste of ground place”. And Jesus pleads and says no because he is the keeper, the tender, and he tends these trees so they will bear fruit. He says I'm going to fertilize it. I'm going to help this tree to bear fruit and if it still doesn't in the year then we are going to cut it down and it will be thrown out of the garden. Christians say that no we can't ever lose our salvation once we invite Jesus into our heart, yet they don't realize that if they don't bear good fruit and if they cut themselves off from the vine, if their branch withers, that means they're going to be cut off and cast into the fire.

We have to be serious dear friends, about these truths from Jesus Christ. Now these aren't my own words Jesus himself said those things and you tell me if the branch that is grafted into the good vine of Jesus Christ, is that not a believer? Yes or no! If that branch decides to cut itself off from the living water from the vine and withers up, does not Jesus say that the branch would be cut off and thrown into the fire, destroyed! Yes. So we have to leave behind foolish thinking and instead embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ today. And obey the Lord. Now how do we bear this good fruit that we need for the kingdom of God so we don't get cut off? How do we do this? There is only one way dear friends and that is you must be connected to the good vine and you must be connected. You must have the living water come flowing into you. And people say well how does this happen? How do we get this living water just flowing into us? Well Jesus said how; he said if anybody wants to to drink of the living water and the bread of life, let him come to me. He said if anybody thirsts come to me and I'll give him water to drink and he'll never be thirst. If everybody hungers let him come to me, says the Lord Jesus Christ. He said that, the son of God. Let him come to me. So you have to go to Jesus.

Now people say well how can we go to Jesus? People we have to leave our fleshy minds at home. And we got to start thinking spiritually here. Because God and Jesus are Spirit and we are spirit, except we are just at home in a flesh body at the moment. But nevertheless you are a spirit. And so what you have to do is you have to close your eyes and pray and start seeking the Lord in faith. And if you believe in him but you don't bear good fruit and you're really close to being cut off, or cut down, it is time to pray and press in in prayer towards Jesus and don't stop until you find him. Don't stop until that peace and that power from heaven comes into your life. Don't stop. Because once the Lord in your life that's when you change instantly. That's when the trouble goes out of your mind. That's when you be set free from sin. Suddenly your free from sin. You don't have a desire anymore to go and smoke cigarets, or go and drink. You've lost your desire to swear and curse. You've lost your desire for many things. And sure maybe these things can come back and try and tempt you, you know Satan is never a good loser and he does try and come back and try and get a foothold in you again. And this is where you have to be zealous because you can become cut off from the living water again and your branch can wither up if you listen to Satan. You can stop bearing fruit and become useless Green Tree, if you listen to temptation, go follow it. You got to turn away dear friends in your heart and your mind. Mind and heart. That's how we love the Lord with all our heart and all our mind. And we can love sin with all our heart and all our mind too. Depends who you want to be loyal to join to. Do you want to obey the first commandment to love the Lord your God all your hearts and all your mind? Or do you want to love sin is all your heart and mind, because that's how we love things, we love them in our hearts and minds. So we have to decide to reject our hearts and minds of our love of sin within the heart and within the mind, and turn it down in temptation. And once you do that and you give yourself to the Lord Jesus, you stay in the power right! No I am not saying you'll never be harassed by Satan or your own flesh you will. You'll get harassed and you may be discouraged at times, but take heart once you follow Jesus he has overcome the world.

You know even if you face terrible persecution or whatever. Jesus has overcome the world and his power will flow into you. So you're going to be able to turn the other cheek to your enemy, you are going to be able to forgive people you don't want to forgive. I know it's hard to forgive sometimes especially when nobody stops their evil against you and they don't repent, but we've got to forgive still. When brethren for instance divide against you that might hurt you. But we are to forgive them pray for them and we have to hold no malice in our hearts. This is the power of the Lord Jesus enabling us to do these things bearing the good fruits for the kingdom of God praise the Lord. And that is what we must do to my friends today. We must focus on the Lord Jesus in prayer until we find him. Once you find him then you're going to be able to come into his presence and have the living water flow through you so you don't get cut off by God in time, because you bear bi good fruit. I can read it to you again from Luke 13 where Jesus said he said: A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came to seek fruit from it and he found none and he said to the keeper of his vineyard: Look For three years I have come seeking fruit and I find none! Cut it down it is using up good ground. But he answered him and said: Sir let it alone this year and I'll dig around it and fertilize it, and if it bears fruit well we wont cut it down. Are you bearing fruit? Has the Lord God, come to your tree year after year and your bearing no good fruit? Can he find no fruit on your tree? Does he finds just sin there?

Well guess what he is going to want to get you cut off and thrown out and Jesus pleads: no I will fertilize this person. I will help him. And what if you don't listen? Are you listening to Jesus today? Let us listen dear friends. We don't want to be cut off, cut out of the kingdom of God. We want to be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ so we can bear good fruit of the kingdom of God hallelujah. Now who wants to bear good fruit? Now I want to! I want to continue pressing on in the kingdom with Jesus Christ bearing good fruit from his power. I used to bear a lot of bad fruit. I used to live my own life do my own things and just follow along with this society having fun and doing what I wanted to do. I had no good fruit for the kingdom of God. If the father came to my tree he would see none. I wasn't living for Jesus at all so he would see no fruit zero. Because without Jesus we read that you cannot bear any fruit. A branch cannot bear fruit on its own. Have you ever seen a dry branch like this? Have you ever seen that bear fruit by itself? Well you can't either. Like this branch you can't bear good fruit either unless you connect this branch into the good vine to the good tree Jesus Christ. So that's what I did!

I got on my knees and prayed to the Lord, “please Lord know me help me I want to serve you. I didn't want to ask him to help me do better in my life. I didn't ask him to help me be a better this or a better that. I denied myself before the Lord and I said I want to serve you. So I wasn't looking for him to help me, I was looking for me to help him! That's the attitude Jesus wants. You know he's had a story about that he said: does a servant come in from plowing and and then sit down and have the master serve him? No, Jesus said, certainly not! The master says come serve me and then after I had eaten you can eat your food in the kitchen. And then Jesus goes on to say; does the master then thank the servant for serving him? Of course not! Jesus goes on to say; in the same way you should say we are just servants doing our duty.

Dear friends have you got that attitude? Of do you think the Lord has to serve you? That's the problem with most of this generation is they think God has to serve them yet they do nothing for him. You know they're not there to serve the Lord but that's what I did. I decided I'm going to serve Jesus and forget myself. So I quit my pursuits and all the things I wanted to do and I dedicated my time one hundred percent 100% to serving Jesus. And Jesus came right into my life set me free from sin gave me hope strength and peace wisdom all the fruits of the spirit because he is a good vine! And he grafted me in so I could bear good fruit. And under trial he gives me the strength to keep following him. And I just pray I don't fall. I don't want to fall. Maybe I can. I can fall any day but I don't want to fall my friends. I am dedicated to staying on the narrow way keeping myself having the living water flow into my branch. Not cutting myself off from Jesus. Im really focused on that. And in that way Jesus is able to work through me so I can bear good fruit and he would do the same for you. And the father in heaven will come along and you say; well look this branch here has good fruit. Then he'll have a look at another branch and say this branch is withered and cuts it off with his pruning knife. And he's got a whole pile of dead branches on the ground and maybe he gives them a little time and maybe he grafts some of them back into the vine.

Maybe he's grafted you back into the vine today and you have been a dead branch. Maybe. But maybe then you then wither up again so he doesn't give you another chance and he just cuts you off and sweeps you straight into the fiery furnace. Dear friends, we have to be very serious about our lives here on earth. They are fleeting here one day and then gone the next. Our lives will never last very long. There are people I know from my acquaintances who who died suddenly. Years ago I knew one person you know he used to come riding with me and do sport together and you know one day he just died. Driving his car one day he had a heart problem. Just suddenly his heart stopped, died on the spot, his day was cut finished. Dear friend life is very short. We have to decide to serve Jesus today if you want to enter the kingdom of God, because if we serve the King will also reign with the King. If we suffer dishonor with the King were going to enjoy honor with the King. If we suffer hardship with our king with Jesus we suffer hardship with Jesus, Jesus himself suffered hardship and he came to serve. So if we serve the King and suffered hardship or the sake of the King will we not also reign with him and suffer and then reap honor with him? So if the king has many mansions and he goes to prepare them for his people, will he not then gather his people and take them to be with him when his mansions are?

Dear friends where is your loyalty? Your mind and your heart? Do you love sin with all your mind and heart? That is the problem. People say to me I can't turn away from sin. Well it's because they love sin with all their minds and all their hearts. We have to turn away from that. People say well look I am bound to things like lust. I can't stop watching porn or doing things I shouldn't do. Well you love that sin with all your mind and heart don't you? So how can you turn away from it until you decide to turn away from the love of it? Dear friends we have to love God with all our minds and all our hearts and while you love sin with your mind and heart, there is no room to love God with all your mind and heart. Christian they will professed I love Jesus. They don't have any fruit they love sin. If you're in that situation you are doubleminded and we reading James where it says: clean your hands you sinners repent you doubleminded, set your heart straight before God. Decide today who you are going to be loyal to and stick with that decision. Dear friends it is time to get dedicated unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us be dedicated earlier otherwise you're just going to get cut off, thrown into the fire.

Now people say; well hell doesn't exist so what is the use, it is all in vain they say. You'll just die and become nothing. These people don't really know the truth that is why they say that. They don't see. Now not many people see, now I can tell you confidently that one day I saw in a vision at night (dream) and I saw this place in hell it was a dark area in hell and in the dark place of hell (maybe it was the outer darkness I don't know) but there was a whole pile of people there and then across to the left I saw the kingdom as another place. And I saw two places and it seems to be like a big divide between the two and then there's no crossing between the two. And the people in this place were crying and weeping and crying out. You know the verse about the weeping and gnashing of teeth well that's what they were doing.

And they were like: why did nobody warn us that living a life for our own desires, and I'm quoting what they said. This is what I heard and I am quoting it. They said: why did nobody warn us that living a life after our own desires, (and they said after our own desires) ended us in this place! Why did nobody warn us? And I got to thinking about Jesus and the parable of the rich man who ended up in hell. And this rich man said the same thing he said: please warn my brothers I have six brothers, or five brothers, and send someone back from the dead to warn them. And Abraham said this he said: well they have Moses and the prophets to listen to. And he said: they won't listen to them. And Abraham said: well if they won't listen to Moses and the prophets well they won't listen to even Lazarus sent back from the dead. Dear friends we have to listen to the prophets. To the truth and we have far greater prophet now, we have Jesus Christ. He is greater than any prophet. We have someone far greater here in our midst so we have no excuse, dear friends. Now are you heeding the warning that living a life after your own desires ends in hell? I'm sure those people could've said: please send somebody back and warn my family I don't want them to come here. I'm sure they could've said this. In my dream I didn't hear them say that but I'm sure they could say that. And I be thinking about today how many people are warned about hell? I believe everybody knows about hell. They all mock it, not all, but many. They say who cares.

It is such futility of a fool isn't it! Having that attitude is a fool, the futility of a fool. Dear friends we don't want to be like a foolish man, here one day gone the next, we want to be serious about Jesus Christ. Laying all our strength and hope and faith in him, living after him because we know full well that Jesus came to save the world. He said himself I don't come to condemn sinners. He didn't come to condemn you, he didnt come to condemn sinners. He is the gardener who pleaded with the father please don't cut this tree down. Please let me fertilize it and we'll see if it bears fruit and if it doesn't then you cut it down. You see the father in heaven sent Jesus Christ as the mediator for you. And that is why when Jesus Christ came to the world he came to save the world from hell. He didn't come to save the world from from just nothing. He came to save the world from hell from the place where sin takes you. I saw myself. Christians they write to me and they say there's no hell. That's what Satan says too. Satan says there's no hell. Why? Because he doesn't want you to believe that you need saving. Because why would you need Jesus if there is no hell? It doesn't matter does it! You could just live your own life have fun in your sin and is become nothing. He wouldn't be any point really to come to Jesus and be saved would it? Because people love their sins so much isn't it! So they want to stay in the darkness. But we know that there is a hell as Jesus himself said: if your eye causes you to sin you be better to cut it off than end in the fires of hell.

That's what Jesus himself said. He quoted the Scriptures where it says their worm dies not nor the fire is ever quenched. We read in revelation that their torment is forever. Dear friends we don't want to be cast into the lake of fire, because we love our sin and we are a useless branch that withers, we don't bear fruit, we want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and reign with him in his kingdom don't we! And bring as many people into the kingdom of God as we can. We don't want to be cast out with the bad because the Lord God comes to sort the good from the bad. God doesn't want bad things in his kingdom he sorts good from bad. People who really choose the Lord are made clean. Jesus came to save the world. If everybody decided to say okay well I is I accept the Lord Jesus today the whole world would be saved today. Nobody would go to hell. Everybody who believes in Jesus Christ will be saved, as long as they don't cut themselves off from Jesus again and their branch withers up and they get cut off. Now this is where there has been a lot of problems in this last day is that many preachers have gone out into world, and there've gone and preached that Jesus saves, and the people believe. But the thing is these people they they believe for a little while, not for a long time. They are like the seed that fell on the stony ground and they believe and they receive the truth with joy and they say yeah yeah I believe in Jesus! And then trial and trouble comes. Persecution arises. And the care of this world arise and choke the seed out and there's no fruit. We don't want to be like the foolish Christians.

The foolish bridesmaids who don't graft themselves into living water properly and they don't fill their lamps up with oil and they don't bear any fruit. Because Jesus himself said he would say to them: truly I don't know you or where you are from depart from here. Thats what he said in the parable of the bridesmaid. Now we had five bridesmaids were wise and five who were foolish. Now these five foolish bridesmaids again listen they were not unbelievers. They were not pagans. Christians say to me well people go to hell because they were never saved to begin with but once you are saved you are always saved. No! The five bridesmaids who were foolish, were also Christians. They had the light of the Holy Spirit except that they just didn't take enough oil. What did Jesus say to them? He said: I truly do not know you go away from here. And they went sadly away, the door was shut. Now the door to the wedding feast was shut. In other words Jesus was inside all the people who followed him were with him the wise bridesmaids, the people who heed what I am telling you today, and what happened was they were separate from these foolish bridesmaids behind the door. And what happened was the door was shut. Jesus looked over the door and said truly truly I do not know you, go away depart from here. Go and read that for yourself.

Now I'm only telling you the words of Jesus Christ. You can go and shoot me up and say my doctrine is false all you like. But that means you're also going to say Jesus Christ is false who himself told all these parables and their meaning is very clear here. Dear friends let us not deceive ourselves. The truth of Jesus Christ must be adhered to and followed, and if we do indeed follow these truths we will inherit the kingdom of God. Is not that wonderful! All you have to do is give your life to Jesus Christ, seek him with all your heart and stay with him till the end. That's all you have to do. Keep away from your sin and once he sets you free from your sin don't go back. If you do well repent and come back out of it. Don't get cut off .if you do this unto the end you will be saved. Salvation is easy if you stay with the Lord. It's only when you walk off and you go your own way that salvation gets very hard. It gets hard for you because you don't want to leave your life. You don't want to leave all your stuff, and that's where people they go and get to false doctrines, because the false doctrine gives them a sense of salvation yet allows them to live a lousy life and allow sin and worldliness in their life and they feel they can get away with this before God. Because they actually become deceived in their hearts unto destruction, believing lies that is an illusion sent to them from the devil, trying to keep them out of the kingdom of God.

Now let us not have this happen to us dear friends, we want to have our whole hearts set on the Kingdom of God alone. And we will reap our reward. Now it's only 50 years maybe it is 60 years. Maybe 70 years is your lifetime. Well once you get there, then it just ends doesn't it. It is not really very long my friends. Time flies. You know you might think time is a long time but you know people they say they wake up after 20 years you know and they think well you know 20 years went very quickly. And then, you know the next 20 years goes even faster and before they know it they are a grandma or grandpa, and then health problems start and they really realize their mortality. And then trips to the hospital begin the next minute you die!thats just how life is. There is no getting away from from the old curse of life and death, every man must die. But we live in a time where we've reached the end of this whole system and the Lord Jesus Christ wants to put it to an end. And he doesn't like this system because he owns this world and he wants to take it away from Satan. Now at the moment Satan rules this world you realize that? He's the prince of this world. He is the ruler of this world and he owns the kingdoms. People think that Jesus owns the kingdoms. No he doesn't, if he owned them, they wouldn't be like this. He would cast them all out.

You know the kingdoms of earth are our run by Satan. So when you get successful in this world this is because of Satan. People think you know God brings about their success in all the things they do in this worldly generation. No, Satan does it. Well Satan did the same he asked Jesus he said to Jesus: worship me and I'll give you these kingdoms. He was going to make Jesus really successful too. He is gonna give Jesus all the kingdoms of this earth. That's what he said anyway, but he is a liar. Don't believe him. And he said if you only worship me I will give you these kingdoms. He says they are mine to give them all. Jesus didn't argue with him because Jesus knew these kingdoms belong to Satan because all the people there, accept and and gave themselves to Satan, and so they are all legal property of Satan. And if you are still in your sins today then Satan owns you too and he has every right over you because he's your father you're his son. Believe it or not if you love sin and you live a life of sin, Satan is actually your father of choice. But we don't want to have Satan as our father no more dear friends. One John chapter 3 says that those who go on in sin and love lies, their father is Satan. But the heavenly father, father in heaven, he is our father of who turns away from sin and follows Jesus. And then we become children of God. We rant Satan's children no more. And so when you go praying for worldly wealth and worldly success, you actually really praying to Satan. And if you want to if you want to sacrifice your salvation for the world, Satan will give you the world.

He will make you successful if he can get you to to reject Jesus Christ and become lost. And then once you're lost he is going to break you. Satan will start turning on you and he'll make everything go bad and get you dead. You know people they reach the end of their pop music careers and they're broken people. You know that they they feel so so sad and they are taking drugs all the time and they die really young at 50 years. Often people just make up to 50 years. You know satan really comes down hard on them once he deceived them, he is a wicked master. He has no mercy, he deceives them with the world and then takes it away right at the last minute. He is like those Chinese water torture you know. Dripping the water in front of them just to torment them.

That's what Satan is like. He is a liar. He will give you the world then he will take it away, but we who follow Jesus will be provided for. Jesus will allow us to have an honest job. Jesus himself was a carpenter, and even though we're within Satan's kingdom's, we are a light inside Satan's world. This isn't God's world, it is Satan's world. We are a light inside Satan's world his kingdoms and Jesus is going to come and throw this ruler out of this world and when he does he will also get all the people who love Satan and they're all going to go away to be with Satan. In his kingdom his people will be there. His rules, his law. All the things that he's going to bring upon this earth soon is going to be his own. We read about in the book of revelation what will happen, lions will no longer have to to jump on the animals to eat them, the lion will lie down with the lamb. The cobra won't hurt the child. There will be no more of this system of sin. Satan's world is one of dog eat dog to get to the top. And once you get to the top there is nothing there and its all heart griefs and sorrows.

But Jesus' world is one where the lion lies down with the lamb and the lion eats grass. Thats what it says in Revelation. This system we see now doesn't belong to Jesus it is Satan's system. People striving to get the top, that Satan's way. People are striving to do the best they can in all the things they want to do in this world yet they don't follow Jesus, that's the way of Satan. All the sport you see that's all satan too. All these distractions keeping you from going to heaven and getting you into hell. Because one thing you must realize is that when Jesus comes, he is going to cast the ruler out of this world, satan, throw him into the bottomless pit, and is going to bring about the day of judgment. And everybody will stand before the Lord and they'll be judged according to every thing that they have done.......