Thursday, August 23, 2012


There is a lying good news that many people have been told and they believe and that is Jesus forgives all your sins and you can just go on and live how you like and he will still forgive all your sin. You can continue following your ways and you can be successful in this world and you can continue in your lifestyle, and you can be gay still and you can continue to practice immorality and you can live outside of marriage in fornication, and Jesus will still forgive you. Now that is a lie my friends.

I want to tell you what the real good news is that has been hidden from many people. The real good news is is that if you want to come out of the darkness, then that you can. You can turn away from the darkness and walk away from the darkness and come in to the light of Jesus and walk with him in obedience. Because that's what the good news is that Jesus said that: if anyone wants to follow me can be saved then he must deny himself pick up his cross and come follow me. That's the way to salvation and that is the good news. So the good news today that I want to tell you which is the real good news and not the lying good news, is that if you want to leave the darkness today, you want to leave all your dark sins, the darkness in your life, and the dark way you are on at the moment, then you can!

All you have to do is turn away from it decides to come out of it to the light and to Jesus. And what happens is Jesus will wash you clean and you will be able to walk with him on the narrow way and the light and not in the darkness anymore. So no more sinning in the darkness. No more being bound to slavery to hell. But dear friends if you want to believe the lie good news that says that you can stay in the darkness and still be saved then what hope do you have? How dark is the darkness that you are really in if you think that that darkness is light? Dear souls believe the real good news not the lying good news…....