Friday, August 10, 2012


There are works that you must do for salvation. Christians like to bring up the thief on the cross as an example of doing nothing for salvation, but I want to tell you about this thief on the cross. He was saved because he did some works. And what were his works? We know that everybody shall be judged by their works on the last day, Rev 21:8. we know that everybody will be called to account for all their works. The thief on the cross did the work leading to salvation. His works was faith and repentance. If you do not have neither faith nor repentance then you cannot be saved. Those are two works you must have.

The other thief on the cross, did not have these works, he was not forgiven, he went to hell. Jesus came to die on the cross. It was God's grace that Jesus came, but until Jesus did the works to complete the grace, Jesus couldn't save people until he had actually gone out and carried out his death on the cross. His works. It is the same for your salvation my friend. Until you actually go out and carry out the works of salvation the grace is dead for you.

Now these works of salvation means that you have to turn away from the world and repent. Now Christians like to say well thief on the cross lived an evil life until the day he was hung on the cross. But let me tell you this my friend; if the thief on the cross was allowed to get off the cross and continue to live, he wouldn't have continued in sin no more he would've been a servant of Jesus because he was doing the work unto salvation. Unless you have the works of faith and repentance you cannot be saved.

You can say Jesus died for me all you like yet that not going to help you at all if you do not complete the grace of God in your life by carrying out the works required for salvation. If you cannot strive on the narrow way following Jesus in true faith and true repentance, which means you turn away from all sin, then the grace is dead in your life and you will not be saved. It is only those who go to the Lord Jesus Christ in true faith, true repentance, who shall be accepted into the kingdom of God through the grace given to them through Jesus Christ. Work out your salvation with him with fear and trembling. Do the works unto salvation: faith love and repentance, and you will be saved......