Sunday, August 26, 2012

HOW I GOT SAVED (short interview)

So Robert why do you believe in Jesus? Well 3 years ago, I was following my own life and careers and focusing on what I wanted to do in life, and I was not in any way going to follow Jesus. I was a Christian professing, I went to church, I had asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart, but I wasnt serious about the Lord. It was by supernatural power of God, that he started dealing with my life and he brought me to point. He started taking things out of my life and my health and my peace and my worldly mind. He made me feel very depressed. I was at a point I just didn't know what to do in life and finally at a low point in my life I decided to cry out to the Lord Father God in heaven, and asked him to help me. And so I cried out to the Lord then I went home. I felt a little peace. Then a few months later I came across a brother, a Nigerian. He was talking about his testimony with the occult and satan and how he knew real Christians and how christians lived a life of holiness and obeying Jesus in all they did.

I was struck to the heart and convicted because I knew I wasn't following Jesus and I professed him but I didn't live for him. I was just living my own life. I didn't deny myself, pick up my cross and follow him like he said. And so I started to look around for the truth and I came across another brother online and this brother was saying how we must follow Jesus and not the churches and we must obey his words and so I got on my knees and I prayed to the Lord and asked him into my heart and repented of my sins and I decided to be serious about the Lord on that day and miraculously he set me free from sin that day and I had this new peace come in to my heart. I felt peace that I didn't have before and instantly my mind trouble I had, depression and sadness and all these things disappeared and I knew that day I was a new person. And from that day I started to pray more and seek more and I started to learn to hear the voice of the Lord and he started to show me things in sometimes a dream or he would speak into my spirit. He would say "Put your testimony online".

So I did that and he continued to lead me to tell the way to salvation and I am striving on the way to salvation and I will get there with Jesus if I stay with him and that is my mission is to stay in the faith, believe in Jesus till the end and not depart back to my old ways. So that is my testimony, my short testimony. And I pray everybody listening, if you don't know Jesus for yourself today, you know about him or you read your bible, but you don't KNOW him, and you still live in sin or worldliness or you still just follow your own life and you feel very bad in your mind, I implore you to do what I did, to get on your knees and seek Jesus. Pray to him and be serious about him. Read his words in the bible, go get baptised and dedicate you life to be serious about him and he will start to work in your life little bit by little bit and you will start to feel his hand in your life and things will happen for you and your life will change and if you stay with him until the end he is going to take you to the kingdom of Heaven. Hallelujah. ...