Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Jesus stood up and he said: come to me drink of living water. I am the living water out of heaven. He said that whoever drinks of him his living water, shall never thirst again. He told the truth. He is the living water, and what happens is when you lay your faith in Jesus and you go and you seek to know him and you turn away from all your sin, he comes into your life and he fills you with this living water and what happens is when you have this living water, you no longer have any problems inside of you. You are at peace. You don't have depression anymore. You don't have trouble anymore. You don't need people anymore. Your are not lonely anymore, because you have the living water inside of you. And it's pouring through you, and it's coming out of you like rivers of life. People you need to get filled with the living water.

It's because people don't get filled with the living water, why they have so many problems in their life. Why people get depressed, and they fell bad and they think everything bad, and they feel hurt and angry and they're not going the right way in life. They are not happy. They don't have the joy of the Lord nor his peace.

That is because they do not have his living water inside of them, but if you want to have this living water, then you need to go to Jesus in faith. And you need to seek him and you need to ask him: Lord know me. Go seek him, and what happens is he comes into your life and then you get filled with the living water from heaven and your life is changed. You become born-again. Seek the living water dear friends, and don't settle for anything else. Don't give up until you find. If you're going through hard times and you feel there's no peace in your heart, there's no peace in your life, then get on your knees and seek the Lord, seek Jesus until you find him. Until he fills you with the living water from heaven, so that it can flow through you and when you speak your words will be salt. You will be given understanding, peace. You won't have any trouble, you won't have your faith wavering, because your faith will be firm on the rock of Christ, because you have this living water in you. Now when I had this living water come into my life, my life changed as fast as the living water poured into it.

I no longer went on and continue to practice my sin. I was free inside from the old way. I no longer had things inside troubling me. I no longer had trouble and hurt inside, because you know what? The living water washes all that away. So if you want to have this for you, then you truly need to get on your knees today and go and seek Jesus for yourself. Then you will come into this wonderful experience that only the children of God can experience and the world can never experience. Only you can experience this if you turn away from sin and go and seek Jesus to know him, have faith in him, lay your faith completely in the Lord Jesus Christ and what happens is the living water will flow into your heart and your never be the same again. Ever since the living water came into me dear friends I was never the same. Go seek the living water from above. Go be filled, get the change, get the peace, get the new way in your heart. Praise God he will lead you and guide you…. ...