Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Jesus is love and he expects you to have love. If you really want to strive after Jesus and get to know him, he is going to fill you with his love where you will be tolerant of people and their mistakes, and you wont judge and harshly criticize others and you will be able to forgive your enemies and warn people of the truth of Jesus Christ and his salvation and forgiveness of sins. You will be be able to leave all your sins because you love God and you will able to turn away from chasing after the world because you love God. These are all the things that people have, do, when they have the love of Jesus in them. The love of the father.

Now we read in James that those who love the world do not have the love of the father in them. Now many people and maybe many of you who are listening to this don't know Jesus. You have not got his love in your heart. You are full of anger and criticism, fighting, slander, sin, all kinds of vices because you don't have Jesus with you yet. Then it is time to seek to know Jesus so he can perfect you in his love. Jesus will perfect you so that you can walk in holiness, righteousness and love. He will give you the power and the strength to obey his leading in the spirit so that you can turn away from all your vices and your flesh, and instead live his love in your life towards everybody and be filled with the love of God. Do you have his love yet?...