Sunday, July 8, 2012


Today I want to talk on the very important deception and delusion that many Christians are under the impression of. In the hopes that you will take this message from God and you will obey and align yourself with this true that you may be saved. I myself was set free from sin by the Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to start with this verse from the book of John where Jesus says he who sins is a slave to sin but he who the son of man set free shall be free indeed. This is the revelation of the truth. For the first time in history since the days of Adam, man has a way to be set free, by none other than the Messiah Jesus Christ. You see many Christians deny the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus. They deny the fact that the blood of Jesus can set people free from sin. They will tell you that we are just human nature and that we will continue to sin after we come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They say that because they themselves have not had the power of the cross set them free from sin. They themselves continue to live in sin. And they themselves are still slaves to sin. That is why they will tell you this dear friends because they do not know the power of the cross to set you free from sin. Part of that is because they love their sin and when you love sin that is when you struggle with sin, because part of you wants to sin and loves to sin and part of you does not want to sin and rejects sin. Because we are all born into the image of God and we all have a conscience given by God. And we all know what is right and wrong because of the laws of God and our conscience that he has written into our hearts. So nobody is without excuse because we know what is right and we often want to do what is right but we can't because the sin living within us does the sin and we are not free to carry out our good intentions.

That is the predicament of those who have not been set free by the power of the cross. Now we have this wonderful good news and that good news is that Jesus Christ has done away with the power of sin over us, that all who come to the Lord Jesus Christ shall be free indeed from sin. They will be no longer bound to sin. They will no longer have to do is sin, because if you indeed go to the light in repentance, deciding to turn away from that which your flesh loves, you shall be set free indeed. And you shall never be condemned, because the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus shall set you free from sin. You will no longer have to struggle with sin. You will no longer have a double mind about sin if you align your mind with Jesus and the victory. I want to talk to you about struggling with sin. Many believers confessed that they struggle with sin. What they mean by struggling with sin is that they are being tempted and they are falling to temptation again and again and again. They continue to fall to temptation, practice sin, feel guilty and then do it all over again the next day asking for forgiveness. But these people have not been set free from sin. That is why they want to do what is right but they can't. The sin that lives within them dominate them, they are slaves they are not free. I found freedom. I used to be addicted to things like lust and other sins, but Jesus set me free because he has the power. So I no longer practice these things of lust I'm completely delivered. I no longer do the actions of lust that I used to do when I was a hopeless slave to and I wanted to stop. I struggled with, I fell repented and fell repented and fell.

I was a struggling slave to sin. That is why you struggle with sin because you are not set free from sin. You are a slave. The desire comes the temptation comes you cannot overcome, and what happens to you friend is that you just fall to your sin. Because in the end you love it and that is what you wanted to do, otherwise you would not do it. So the way to be set free from this terrible predicament that ends in hell is to go to the Lord Jesus in repentance with a single mind, no double mind, and then he will set you free. I was set free overnight by the power of Jesus. It wasn't a working progress, it happened instantly suddenly and I was a new person from that day on because of the blood of Jesus. Now most of you Christians do not know the power of the blood of Jesus. You profess him, yes you go to church sure. You believe the grace gospel sure. Yet even you know all these things you are still a slave to sin. What a terrible predicament you are in because not only do you know about the truth, but the truth hasn't set you free. Now why is that? Because we all know the truth should set, because we all know that the truth shall set you free. I will tell you why. It's because you have not yet in faith repented and gone to Jesus for his reality. He is not a reality to you yet and you don't know his power. That is why you haven't met Jesus.

You only hear about him from afar off and you refuse to go to to be set free. That is why you struggle with sin today. That is why I tell you today the way out of this predicament that you are in. that if you turn to Jesus today if you give yourself fully to him today, you are going to be set free from your struggle of sin. Now let me tell you a little bit about temptation. When you are set free from sin by the blood of Jesus, and do no longer do any sin you're completely free, you no longer do sin, temptation is going to come very very strong, and you're going to wrestle with temptation if you have any double mindedness about going back to what you were set free from.

Temptation will come. And what happens is you must endure that temptation and I mean endure it 100% which means you do not fall to your temptation. Because we read that those who overcome temptation after they have endured will then receive the crown of life. It's not before. And it is not those who fall to temptation. They won't get any price of the crown of life. No they will be disqualified. It is the people who overcome to the very end, who endure under temptation in the freedom given to them bought by the blood of Jesus from sin, who will inherit the kingdom of God and who will receive the crown of life. This truth is from God. If you argue with the truth that I give you today, you argue not against me but against God himself.

I urge you to accept what I have told you, to put into practice and to receive your freedom from sin so you no longer struggle with your actions of sin you are struggling with today. And then I plead with you and never to be doubleminded again. Repent of your double mindedness. Wash your hands you sinners cleanse your heart's rend them before God. Clear yourself from your double mindedness and accepts freedom from sin found in the cross, the blood of Jesus. And you live that freedom of obeying and seeking Jesus every day of your life until the very end then you will receive the crown of life......