Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking The Road To Perfection

The road to perfection is a road that all true believers are taking. Every believer who sincerely believes in Jesus, understands that not one sin nor anything less than perfection is acceptable. All believers who want to obey and follow Jesus already understand that they must be separate from all sin, the ways of this world, and they all strive to achieve perfection and their joy is in holiness. That's the true believers who know Jesus. Now this road to perfection is a road that you and Jesus can work together on to work out. Christians to start on this road are often bound to many addictions and sins and they need Jesus to help them to be free from all addictions and sins and desires, so that they can find his Holiness. They walk with Jesus searching every day that they are pleasing with him, so that he can work with them on their faults and iron those faults out. You see Jesus will show them when they have problems like lack of love or they have some anger issues or some other problems Jesus does not like, and he will bring them to their attention so they can sort these things out and do away with them, thus progressing along this path to perfection that we all must take.

A true follower of Jesus already knows that the Lord standard is perfection, and he already knows that our standard is far from this perfection. So he crucifies his standard he denies his standard and he chooses to follow the Lord standard of perfection. Perfection in love and perfection in truth and perfection in holiness and perfection in victory over sin, all made possible when you strive to please Jesus and you work with Jesus to do it. And Jesus it will help all believers to reach the perfection of his standard. And he's there to help you reach it. He is not an enemy to you to reach it, he is not judging you about it, he's there to help you reach perfection and since you and God are in one mind, it shall happen. But the Lord is far from those believers who make their own standard, and dictate how they think Jesus is to them, and dictate how they should live. The Lord is far from them. The Lord is near those who accept and agree to his standard and his way and he helps them achieve it. And they will achieve it.

So I want to urge you to embark upon this road to perfection, and allowed Jesus to help you reach it all the way to your perfection and into the kingdom of heaven. Don't settle for anything less. Don't listen to any other believers. Most people are deceived. Most people are following their own standard their own beliefs they don't follow the Lord standard. But we who follow Jesus know that Jesus said that if anybody wants to be my disciple, my follower, he must deny himself pick up his cross and come follow me. And that is what all we want to do when we want to follow Jesus. We want to deny our desires deny our sins and pick up our crosses and just come follow Jesus. He will work it out for us on this narrow way, and we will reach perfection if we give all of our hearts and minds to the narrow way of striving to reach the Lord's standard in our lives....