Sunday, July 8, 2012


I used to live in Liverpool and I know the problems that are in that city. Many people have a lot of trouble in their life there. There is a lot of depression. A lot of darkness. People are bound to so many things they are not free. They're in darkness and they know it. You know I met a woman once on the train there. She was telling me never go my way in life. You stick to the good way in life, I have failed. She had gone into many sins. She was lost. She was then quite old and had been through many sins of life and had been spat out the other end, broken and hopeless. She had nothing to live for. Many people of you in Liverpool, I'm talking about Sydney in liverpool. And those areas are in this situation.

You feel you got no hope but I want to offer you hope because today I can tell you what happened to me. I used to live there. I had trouble in my life. I was a sinner. I was there and and had no hope. I was chasing my own desires. I had a emptiness in my life. I didnt have any hope after I had died. I was lost but what happened to me was absolutely remarkable. Because one day I cried out to Jesus. I had a hope that the reality of God would change me and I believed. Jesus sent his servants to tell me the truth, this truth I'm giving you today. I believed and I decided to get on my knees when they are dry her district and I decided to pray to Jesus realizing his real. He is there and I asked him Lord I've sinned a lot. Done many things I shouldn't do, Iv'e had many many a dark day, I need you Lord. And you know what? Jesus heard me. He came into my life that day and my problems and the dark cloud over my head just lifted off. I felt like a new man regenerated. I felt light, I found the light. And I was released from sin. I wasn't a chronic cusser anymore. I wasn't just chasing my anger, my evil. I was set free. I wasn't full of a lust anymore. Living out my sin, a slave to it. I couldn't stop, I was free!

You see Jesus does what he says he does and he sets people free from sin and everybody who goes to Jesus and prays to Jesus and sakes Jesus to set them free, they get set free from sin. I got set free, my life changed. I had life and hope come into my life. I suddenly had no more trouble with all these things were trouble to me. Jesus took me out of them all. Jesus brought me on a new path. He gave me a second chance and I decided to take this chance. And you know what, my life changed I was never the same again. And I'm on this new way now I've got light inside.

I hear Jesus. He leads me. I've got hope, I'm free. I don't sin anymore I don't have to. I'm free from sin. I'm free from darkness in my head. I'm free from all this horrible darkness that many of you are in now. Jesus set me free. Jesus also will set you free from drug addictions. A lot of people have a lot of problems with drug addictions. You might be one of them and if you decide to turn away from your sins and seek the light and accept Jesus like I did, Jesus is going to set you free from those drug addictions. That is why he died on the cross because he wants to set people free from sin. He is not here to condemn you. We already know we are condemned that is why we have so much darkness and heaviness inside and we know we are condemned anyway. The good news is that Jesus sets you free. He doesn't condemn you, he gives you a hand and he pulls you out of these problems you are in. he pulls you out he sets you free so you can be a new man, a new way and no longer have all these problems in your life anymore.

All this darkness, it goes. Jesus pulls you out, fixes you up. You got a new direction in life. You are no longer bound to this horrible way you used to be in. now you will get certain persecutions when you follow Jesus. But that is natural you're going to have joy you are going to have hope. You've got the crown of life coming to you if you stay with Jesus. And you're going to inherit the kingdom of God if you stay with Jesus. So I urge you today if you're you're stuck in sin, and your from Liverpool, or somewhere around those areas, and you're listening to this today, I urge you today to repent and do what I did, turn away from your sin and pray to Jesus. And ask him to set you free and he'll set you free and in your go on a new life. Hope, light, enlightenment, wisdom, truth come into your heart. Heart change. All the darkness gone. No more hopelessness. Come to Jesus dear friend time is very short. May Jesus bless you......