Friday, July 20, 2012


A lot of people they get all worried and concerned and worried about these things. But we don't need to be worried about these things because things are just going to work out for the Lord anyway and he's going to be with us and he is going to guide you each day. But we won't know what happens tomorrow the Lord might show you some things about tomorrow but most of us don't know what will happen. And so people they get all anxious and they all fearful or they get all worried when we need to be neither fearful anxious nor worry dear friends, because God is with us and everybody who lives for Jesus they have his peace in the heart.

And I wanted to talk about that today was this peace in our hearts we have when we are right with the Lord Jesus. You see when I turn to Jesus and I accepted him into my life then I had this peace in my heart and he was with me and I didn't have to fear anything. I had the Lord in my heart and he took away all the problems I had in my life. Like I had things in my life like like depression, I had things in my life, in my life like anxiety. Or I was fearful I couldn't function in the day properly because I was worried about what am I going to do, how am I going to do and all these things that people worry about when they don't follow Jesus. But you see the Lord came into my life and he took all that away and I was filled with peace and is this peace of hearts and peace of mind that comes into your heart when you believe and when you know Jesus and he set you free from your sin. He said in the Bible he said I come to give you a free gift: peace of heart and peace of mind.

He even said that this free gift is a gift the world cannot give you. So you see dear friends the world cannot give you this free gift of peace, but the Lord can give you this free gift of peace. And this free gift of peace is like a litmus test on whether or not you are right with Jesus or not. When you have his peace in your heart you know that you are right with the Lord Jesus and you are with him. But if you don't have this peace in your heart and you are just fearful and worried and depressed, then you don't know Jesus and he hadn't set you free. Dear friends we need to have this peace of Jesus in our hearts. His peace and the peace can only come if we repent and we turn from our sins and we seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! That's what I did I got my knees and I started to cry out to the Lord Jesus asked him, please Lord please know me please save me and please take away all this trouble I'm in. give me peace.

And you know what the Lord did come into my heart and he did give me peace that is why I can talk about it today so plainly, because of this wonderful peace he put in my heart I can tell you today that the Lord Jesus Christ is who he said he was and he came to set people free. He came to set the bondage free from their sin. That's what happened to me, you see I had a lot of trouble in my life I wasn't following Jesus I was following my own life. My own career my own desires. What I wanted to do in life and I didn't want to put all those things aside and just seek the Lord. You see the Lord told me two years ago he said that the reason people don't know him because they never take time out of their lives to go seek him. They don't draw near him. You see the Lord says in the scriptures somewhere, draw me and I will draw hear you. Dear souls we need to draw hear God that he can draw near us.

The Lord can't draw near you while you are drawing near satan on the broad path to hell. You see I see a lot of these Christians, they're drawing near satan, you know they're just following the world and they wonder why they don't know Jesus anymore. He's just not near to them. They don't have his peace. It's because they're there rubbing shoulders with the Sinners and accepting what they do. You know I see that many of these believers they are still having fun with their worldly friends and not light to the world yet. They're with the world in darkness and having fun with the worldly people. And you know what it's not going to be that they're going to be taken out of the world, because if trouble comes the Christians and the worldly people who they mix with are going to be in trouble together. Because they didn't separate themselves unto the Lord and the worldly people are going to point fingers at them and say well you had fun along with us what what must we do and those Christians won't have an answer because they are just the same as those sinners who they rubbed shoulders with.

Dear friends if you really really profess the name of Jesus today then you need to go to get to know him so he can have his peace in your heart and his change so you can go out and be a light to the world and be separate. You can't be a light to the world while you have not been changed by Jesus. Because it's not by works dear souls, it is by faith. You know we can't have all these good works of turning away from sin and having peace in the heart on our own, you have to have it through Jesus Christ. It becomes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That is the only way, dear friends it's the only way. We cannot live our own path in this life and expect us to have peace, it will be a false peace false security darkness. If we want to have the peace of the Lord in our heart and in our minds then we have to turn away from our own godliness you know everything. We had to turn away from our frustration that goes for me too.

You know it's easy to get frustrated with people, it's easy to get annoyed with people. We got to turn away from that. We've got to turn away from rubbing our shoulders with our worldly friends and just laughing at what they live for and doing what they do, because if we do that we are no different than them. And what does God have in common with Belial. What does God have in common with Belial? Nothing at all dear friends. Apostle Paul writes and he warns that; what do believers have in common with unbelievers what does God have in common with Belial and what do you have in common with the world, if you are saved by Jesus. So therefore you should be separate unto the Lord for the Lord warns his people to be separate like he he warns, be separate my people be separate come out from among them lest you share in their judgment. That's what the Holy Spirit has been warning and that's a real warning. It is not something to just listen to and then just walk away. You will be held accountable on judgment day whether or not you obeyed that warning. Everybody has had this warning in their hearts in these last hours on earth. They've been warned; be holy my people be separate from the world, come out from among them lest you share in their judgment. Do you want to share this world's judgment? Then come out from among these ways. These paths and be separate unto the Lord Jesus Christ that is the only way. Then you can have his peace come into your heart then you can be a changed person. Then you can work with Jesus to get your faults out. That's what I'm doing. I got some faults and the Lords working them out of me. He'll work them out of you so you must work with him so that you can be holy for the Lord and a sacrifice for him when he returns. He will accept you. He will cover your past sins so that you will be able to be holy before the Lord Jesus. And you won't be condemned you won't be lost with the Sinners.

You know dear friends we see things unfolding in Damascus even now we see troubled brewing amongst the world's armies and you don't have to be a smart person to see how the nations are gathering around the carcasses. Like vultures around the carcass. Did not Jesus say that where the carcass is there the vultures will gather. Well look around you. And the Lord said in the days of the coming of the Son of Man so it shall be he said. And look what we are seeing dear friends. It is time to really focus on the Lord and be serious about him. Because the Lord God won't hold his judgment off ever. He is long-suffering and he gives people time to repent but he does not strive with man for ever. He does not strive with man for ever. There comes a time when the Lord is just going to pull away his time of grace and when this time of grace is pulled away then comes judgment.

You see I heard the words that in 2011 about two weeks before the Japanese tsunami. I heard these words in a kind of vision and the words were scabbard which is referring to judgment sword. It is referring to the drawing of the sword of judgment. And you know the Lord is long-suffering and he strives with people but he does not strive forever. Just as in the days of Noah he gave the people 100 years to repent of warning them through Noah. The days of Sodom the people were measured by the angel. They came and walked into the city and they went around to see if they could find any good men. In the morning the angel said to Lott and said we'd found no good men and they took Lot by the arm and pulled him out of the city and told him to run to the hills because they said they were about to destroy the city. Those two men those two angels they said they were about to destroy the city. And they said that you don't run now you're going to be overcome by the fire of the flood that was coming down upon the cities of the plains because of their violence and immorality. Because of the evil and you see Lot made it to the city of Zeor and just as he entered, fire and brimstone rained down from heaven and destroyed whole plains and there was a great smoke like a furnace, rising across the land. And Abraham looked across the land and saw the smoke rising up like smoke from a great furnace and he knew that the Lord's justice was done. And he also knew that the Lord had kept his promise that he would save one man, one righteous man from that city and he was referring to Lot.

Now Lot wasn't a good man, nobody is good, but he was a man who regarded God. He was a man who was grieved by their wickedness he saw around him. Now you see Christians aren't even grieved by the wickedness around. Their just joining in. how can you escape if you just join in with the wickedness that is around you. You can't. You will not escape if you join in with the wickedness around you. If you're rubbing shoulders with your worldly friends laughing at the things they laugh at. Joining in the sports they follow. Being involved in the things that this world does for entertainment. Laughing at the same pictures. Typing messages to each other about worldly things. It's the same as speaking. How can you think that you're going to escape the coming wrath like the days of Sodom. Are not you agreeing with their sins? Let us not be like that daer friends.

Let us completely separate ourselves unto the Lord today. Be separate and be holy lest we are cast out fir we will be if we do not repent. I want to stress this warning again this is what the Holy Spirit has been warning the world. He is saying that come out of the world my people be separate unto the Lord before it is too late. That is what the Holy Spirit is warning today. The Holy Spirit warns today that you must be separate. That is why I'm talking about this peace of the Lord in your heart today. Because when people follow the world they do not have peace in their heart. But those who leave the world and they seek to know Jesus in prayer like I did I found this peace and I can have peace in my heart amidst trouble, amid temptation, amid trial, amid trouble, and all these things, I can still have peace in my heart. Praise the Lord! It is an internal thing that I have from Jesus it is nothing the world can give. Jesus himself said in the Scriptures; he said I come to give you a peace of mind, sorry, I come to give you a gift peace of mind and peace of heart the world cannot give you. And he says I'll send you the Holy Spirit and he says that he speaks through the Holy Spirit to you. He said it's the Holy Spirit will utter what he hears from the Lord from me.

So it is time to become filled with the Holy Spirit so we can know the Lord. That is the only way my friends. To become filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can know the will of God. It is those who are led by the Spirit of God who are the sons of God. That is what we must be. Spirit led sons of God. Not worldly following Christians. Not Christians following the world. I see that too much now. I see so many brethren they just fall away and they just follow the world they don't want to follow Jesus. Let us not be like them dear friends, let us just follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Because we who follow the Lord and obey him we will be welcomed into his kingdom and that's what the Lord said. He warned that. He said that be separate from the world. Now are we going to heed this warning or are we just going to go on in our sins. You see the Lord Jesus will return you know, and he's going to return for a holy bride, a holy people.

For five wise bridesmaids. He won't return for the foolish. Those who do not separate themselves from the world and they just follow it, and people who do not do the work of the master, and they just focus on other things, they are not going to be received into the kingdom of God. They are going to miss out. But let us not be like them dear friends, we don't want to miss out we want to be included in the kingdom of God hallelujah! We want be in his kingdom and following him with all our hearts hallelujah! The coming of the Lord will catch people out like a trap, but those who are watching and praying they would not be caught out. We read that in the Scriptures too, that it will not come upon us unawares because we are watching and praying. We are hearing the warnings of the Lord that he is returning soon and we are making ourselves ready to meet the Lord.

And that's what we must be doing today. Making ourselves ready to meet the Lord Jesus, working for him. You see when your a servant and you're doing the will of Jesus, it is not going to catch you out if you should die. It is not going to catch you out if Lord should return suddenly, because you are already doing his will and so it's just a new beginning for you. But if you're not doing the will of Jesus and you don't know him and you haven't sought to know him and so you don't get the guidance in your heart about what to do today and each day, and then the Lord Jesus returns and he just comes upon you unexpectedly and you are floundering, you are meeting God with magic. It's kind of like you are just hoping with vain hope that you are going to be okay before the Lord even though you were just caught out in the world. Even though you were caught out with little faith because you weren't living by faith. You were just living the world's way and you were not living for Jesus. Now this is what will happen for people who are not preparing themselves now. Jesus said how much faith while I find when I returned. How much faith.

When where're living by faith we are going to be leaving or separating ourselves from the paths of this world. Are we doing that today or are we just living the way of the world. The Lord shows me not to worry about things, not to be concerned because he will work it out. Do you have faith in Jesus or are you worrying about everything. The Lord shows me just focus on him. That is faith and that's what I do just focus on the Lord and I have his peace, because I have faith. Do you have faith? Or are you trying to test Jesus saying; well Lord I am not sure about you so please show me some signs. Or maybe you're just focusing on other things, you don't have faith. But dear friends we have to have faith in the Lord today. Faith, faith is all that counts. That's what Abraham had, he had faith and that was righteousness. You see when you got true faith you don't run around sinning and following the world. True faith is love and kindness and righteousness and following the Lord Jesus that's what true faith is.

I should say that true faith has fruit. And a bad tree is not a tree that produces fruits of faith. A good trees is the tree that is producing fruits of faith and these fruits are loving kindness setting yourself apart for the Lord, turning away from immorality. Fruits of faith are having faith in Jesus and being free from depression. Being free from anxiety, and worry the cares of this world. This is the fruits of faith. Now if you have these fruits well then it proves to me that you have faith in Jesus. But if you are just rubbing shoulders with the worldly friends and you are just laughing at what they laugh at, living a life after your own desires then I can tell you that you don't have the fruits of faith therefore you don't have faith. James chapter 2: you show me your faith by your good works. That's what we see. We cant have faith dear friends, while we are living like the pagans following our own ways living a life of sin.

A man of faith is a changed man he has faith in Jesus and because of his faith he has come to know the Lord because he seeks Jesus. He seeks to know the Lord Jesus in all his heart and because he seeking he finds him. And he gets freed indeed. Freed from sin, free to live a new way. He gets freed to operate in the Holy Spirit, hallelujah. He gets free to to do the will of Jesus Christ. He gets free to follow the way of holiness in Isaiah chapter 35 I believe we read about this way of holiness. It is a way that runs through the wilderness of gold. No evil person's walk on the way. Nobody's harmed on the way. It's called the Way of Holiness and all who walk it are the redeemed. That's we read about in Isaiah 35 and that's what the way of holiness is of those who have faith in the Lord. Surely he will wipe away their sins and they will enter his kingdom. I've seen it in a dream and it enters the Kingdom of Heaven. This Way of Holiness.

The way of the redeemed. The redeemed walked that path. Who are the redeemed? The redeemed are all people who lay faith in Jesus Christ and he has set them free from their sin. And they live for Jesus they don't live for the world no more that's who the redeemed are. The redeemed also know it they know who they are. That is why we have to have faith dear friends, because if you don't have faith, then how can you be saved. If you don't know Jesus then how can you enter the kingdom of God. Your own sins will condemn you to hell. Let us not be like the unbelievers dear friends. Let us have faith. Faith in the Messiah. Faith in Jesus. And if you do then you'll be saved. If you seek him you'll find. If you pray you'll find. You will find peace, forgiveness, then you will be able to be free. Free to be saved. Free to live a new life. Free from the struggles with sin. This is the part that people really don't understand me is that when I say that you become free indeed, it means you no longer have to struggle with sin anymore. You see people don't realize that. Once you become free from sin then you don't have to struggle with that you have victory. And that comes when you realize the Lord wants to free you from your sins and you decide to be freed. You may struggle with your decision be free yes, it may take you a while to work out whether or not you want to love your sin. I've been there too. But ultimately I decided to turn away from my love of sin, my evil heart. Out of the heart Jesus says, everything, all evil desires come out of the heart says the Lord. He said it in the Bible too. He said that out of the heart comes these evil thoughts desired and intentions and lusts and these are what the defile a man or a woman, your heart.

So it was only when I finally turned away from my love of sin in my heart, when I could finally have the victory, because I could do two things: I could pluck out the eye and cut off the thoughts. Those are the two things you need to do to have victory in your life today. There is no use following Jesus and going on in your sins if you don't pluck out the eye of sin and cut off the thought of sin. Those two things are what the devil uses to tempt you. It is those two things that the flesh hangs onto to try and bring you into bondage. But dear friends we can cut off the eye of sin today. Cut it off! Cut off the thought of sin today. You see the devil wants your mind on sin. He's going to get the thoughts in there, you have to cut them off. The eye is going to want to look and tempt you, even be eye in your mind. Those two areas are the biggest Windows for the devil and for sin to enter your life. You must cut them off.

Jesus said it would be better for you to cut your eye out that causes you to sin and enter the kingdom of heaven rather than be cast whole into the fires of hell. He says the eternal fires of hell. That's why I warn you today that you must cut your eye out, the eye of sin. We all have an eye of sin in our hearts and in our physical life. You must cut it out when you are tempted and then you must also cut off the evil thought. Because it's no use cutting your eyes out, you must also cut the thought out. This is something you must do in your heart. As everybody surely has heard about the three wise monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Well why don't you combined the three together in your life today. Shut your ears to evil, shut your eyes to evil, shut your mouth to evil, and maybe there is a fourth wise monkey, your thoughts. Think no evil. Does not the Scriptures say in Ezekiel; the evil man must turn from his thoughts. Does not it say that those evil men who turn from their evil thoughts and do what is good shall be saved? When we turn away from our evil thoughts and we seek to know Jesus Christ then we will have the power to turn away from all sin dear friends and be holy. But it is still a choice even when Jesus has set you free.

You can still look in lust. You can still think in evil and hear evils if you want to open yourself up to do it. You can still go back to the mire that you were saved from. You can still bite the hand of Jesus that saved you. So that's why I want to stress very importantly today my friends, that we must have all serious of mind today. Complete dedication to the Lord Jesus who has so faithfully saved us, and to stay walking in the faith so that we will not satisfy that desires of the flesh. Does not Paul the apostle say that. He wants that too, he says; if you do not satisfy the lust of the flesh he says you must walk by the power spirit. It is when we walk by faith then we will not satisfy evil. When you're in faith in Jesus, true faith, true saving faith, that's when you cut off the eye of sin. That's when you cut off the thoughts of lust or the thoughts of evil.

Whatever those thoughts are. That's when you shut the mouth of evil. It's by walking in faith. And you can only walk in faith when you repent and you give your life to Jesus and you seek to know him. You experience him for real. Then you're walking in faith, because you are seeking him praise the Lord! This is what we have to do to do dear friends if we want to enter the kingdom of God. You cannot enter the kingdom unless you have faith in Jesus Christ. There is no other way. There is a lot of deception in the world, in fact there is a whirlwind of deception in the world, people think that they can get there by good deeds they think about being having good karma being a good Buddhist. Being a peaceful man giving, but they lack one thing, they lack Jesus Christ.

Sure maybe you are a good persons and maybe you have given to a lot of people, but you lack one thing: you lack faith in Jesus Christ. It's the only thing that saves dear friends lest any man should boast. You need faith in Jesus Christ and the good heart of a good man will accept seed of faith. And it grows in his heart and it produces a harvest beyond measure, hallelujah! And that's when your life becomes changed. My life became changed when I turned to the Lord Jesus. That's when the depression left and didn't come back. That's when my sins that I was bound to went. Lust was bound and broken. I no longer follow the lust. I no longer looked at young girls in lust. There are times we will be tempted to, that is true, but when you follow the Lord, he has given you the victory to cut out that eye of lust. He has given you the victory to cut off that thought of evil. He's given you the victory to love your enemy to pray for those who persecute. He's given you the victory to forgive your enemy. You see many people cannot forgive their enemies. There are people in their life who they hate. These people have sinned against them terribly, they've hurt them. And they don't want to forgive these people.

But when you have Jesus in your heart you must realize Jesus that gave you even though you didn't repent. He decided to pull you out of the world and then bring repentance into your heart and he forgave you so you must forgive them. And the Lord fills you with love to forgive and that's what happened to me. AI couldn't forgive my enemies, but when Jesus filled my heart with his love then I could forgive my enemies, hallelujah. And I was able to pray for them that they too receive mercy and salvation. You see dear friends many people are following Satan. They are bound to sin. They follow religion. You see I see many people in the Catholic Church. They are deceived. They think they are following Jesus all these churches, but they are not following Jesus, they are following man. They follow money. They pay their money to these churches but they don't know Jesus, and he doesn't speak to them. You see Jesus hears and speaks.

I know but Jesus doesn't speak to them because they don't follow him. They still live in sin. Sometimes Jesus does speak to them and he warns them to repent but they go on in their sin. Dear friends don't be deceived by religion these people they don't know Jesus. You need to seek him yourself on your knees otherwise you will be condemned because no man can enter the kingdom of God except through Christ. And it's no good to call yourself a Christian today if you are rubbing shoulders with the sinners and the unbeliever and you are accepting their sins. And you are accepting their lies. You are laughing at the jokes and you just watch sport like they do.

You know people they just follow the Olympics. I know the Olympics are coming up. People more interested in the Olympic Games than they are in Jesus. You know the pagans do that dear friends, but when we follow Jesus we have to follow him in all truth. We can't be going along to the Greek games, the Colosseum, we got to follow Jesus. You know all these Christians say they like to follow sports and they drink beer but Jesus isn't doing that. People who serve the Lord are reaching the lost with the truth because they are set free from sin, hallelujah. They are living testimony to the truth. People who are set free by Jesus are seeking to do the will of the master. They're not just following the world. You know Christian they go and turn on the TV and they watched the TV and all that nonsense just like the world does. Just like all the fallen people do.

If you just watch TV you are fallen. You just are wasting your life just watching mindless junk that some believers post. It doesn't matter where you are in what religion you are, you are just a mindless follower of the world's junk. But we who follow Jesus turn off that TV. We turn off those movies. We stop watching that porn. We turn away from all this garbage of the world and we stop laughing at the foolish comedians and jokes of this generation and instead we live seriously for Jesus in all we do. Dear friends that us focus on the Lord Jesus today. Let us not block him out of our minds in our sin. You know Christians block Jesus out of their minds just as much as unbelievers do.

False religions like Islam and Buddhism like in my country there is a lot of Buddhism. These false religions they just block Jesus out. Well Christians do the same they block Jesus out too. They just love the world they just follow the things of this life. You know all the people in these false religions they are just striving after achieving the world. They're still just focusing on houses and seeking wealth and that's all they live for. They don't live for God they live for Jesus, they just focus on their own life. They're false converts. Don't be a false converts dear friend be a true convert....