Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today I want to expose you the imminent time that we live in and how the Lord Jesus is going to return very very soon. We read in Luke chapter 17 that the time of the coming of the Son of Man will be like the lightning that flashes from the east to the west and that it shall be like the days of Lot, business as usual. People will be making business, farming, building, and buying and selling, right up until the day that the Lord returns. That is what we read in Luke chapter 17. like in the days of Lot they were doing these things, business as usual right up until the day the angel led Lot out of Sodom and then fire and brimstone raining down and destroyed the city. So it shall be the time of the coming of the Son of Man. There shall be rapture, then destruction.

Destruction will come swiftly dear friends. There will be trouble and the vials of God's wrath are going to be poured out upon the world once he has taken his people out of the world. Believe it or not that is also what is written. So dear friends I want to warn you today that while your life is going on business as usual nice and easy, even you suffer for various things. There may be various calamities around the world, the world is going to be like the days of Noah and the days of Lot when the Lord comes. When he is revealed. Jesus said in Luke he said that watch and pray that you shall be worthy to stand before the son of man and escape these things to come. Jesus said that he who keeps his robes unstained from the evils of this world shall be worthy and he shall keep them from the hour of testing that is going to come to test all those who belong to the world, who live on earth. Dear friends these things are coming despite what anybody says. The coming of the Lord is the ark. He will gather his children into the ark and shut the door and take them to the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Those who are outside are Christians and unbelievers who continued to live in sin, they weren't holy and they continued to follow the paths of this world, the pride of life, the pride of possessions, and the things that this world that chases after. They shall be left to the wrath of God. There will be much trouble and much anguish for those people who did not make it into the ark and they will face certain death in various forms. Trouble shall come upon the earth. Many will perish. Only those who cling to the Lord will be saved during that time. However dear friends we don't want to be perishing along with the wicked, we want to be in the ark in the covenant with God through Jesus Christ living holy. And Jesus made the way clear, he said that, “he wishes to come after me must deny himself and follow me”. So if we want to pick up our cross and deny ourselves and follow Jesus, then we have to be prepared to do so and deny ourselves of the world and its pleasures and our own desires. Those people who live after their own desires cannot enter the kingdom of God unless they repent.

I want to warn you today that the rapture will come and then so will destruction right after. If you want to be saved from the coming destruction and the coming wrath, then you need to make the Lord Jesus Christ your saviour and while life is all easy, you need to live for him down on this earth despite persecution and despite tribulation that you may go through for his name. Trouble will come to those who decide to follow Jesus. But the Lord will be with you with his peace and strengthen you in the times of trouble that you will face. You will be rejected by people and you will be rejected even by your families and even by your friends, but when you stand for Jesus you're going to be in the ark and your ticket will be for the rapture and you will be taken out of the earth before God pours his vials of judgment down upon this earth. Take heed to my words today it is the truth. And as we read in Luke chapter 17, Jesus himself said that, “Two women will be grinding and the mill on that day and one will be taken and the other will be left, on that day two men will be out in a field one will be taken and the other will be left”. He says, “watch out for I come like a thief in the night”.

Those who are watching will not be caught out because they are keeping themselves for the master. However we do not know the hour and the day of the Lord's return. So the zealous be watchful. Be a good servant of the Lord and you be found doing the will of the master when he returns. Do not be found in the drunkards in the bars following the world chasing your pursuits making it easy in this generation of sin on this generation of self, pleasure, instead separate yourself from this generations ways, dedicate yourself to Jesus in all you do, and focus on pleasing him and he shall welcome you into his kingdom and cover your sins with the blood of Jesus. So the message today is I warn you that the rapture will come and then will come sudden judgment destruction and trouble upon those who live on earth including all the Christians who go on in sin and they don't turn away from their iniquities.

They will be left behind to the trouble to come. The Lord God has been warning about this for a long time so you had better heed. Are you ready for Jesus today while life goes on business as usual? Are you ready to suffer for the name of Jesus? Are you ready to go to tribulation from Satan because you follow Jesus? Are you ready to endure unto the end and then receive your crown of life in the Kingdom of God? Then I urge you get on your knees today dedicate your life to Jesus probably and sincerely so that he can write your name in the book of life and give you a ticket into the ark that you can go to be with the Lord in the wedding feast of the Lamb for ever more. May Jesus bless you.....