Sunday, July 22, 2012


It is only because of Jesus and Jesus alone, that you can enter the kingdom of heaven not by any of your own good works. People can fall into the trap thinking that they are quite good, because they ministered or maybe they're a pastor or maybe you've studied the Bible. Maybe you aren't as bad as other people. Maybe you have kept some of God's laws in your life like the rich young ruler and you have lived a pure life. Dear friend even so you still cannot enter the kingdom of God except through Jesus Christ. Only he is the goodness and righteousness that make you acceptable before God. The part you play is to turn away from your paths and repent of your sins, and simply live for him. That is all.

You have nothing to boast in except in Jesus Christ. For he alone makes us worthy to ever enter the kingdom of God and to ever be there for eternity always, it is because of him. Never because you were righteous. You were called by God to come to the Lord Jesus anyway, so you should be humble and grateful thanking the Lord what he has done for you. That he has allowed you to enter his kingdom through the blood of Jesus. Thank him for sending Jesus, without we could never enter the kingdom of God.

Do not be prideful. Do not think you are quite good, because you aren't because within us there are many evil desires. Do not make Jesus Christ an excuse for your sin, thinking that since his righteousness is what enters you into the kingdom, you say well I can then do what I like. That is blasphemy dear friends. Those who are worthy of Jesus are allowed into the kingdom and only those who are worthy of Jesus will be forgiven by his blood. And we know who those people are who are worthy, it is those people whom Jesus that he said. He said if you want to be my follower then deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me. Those are the people who are worthy. He said “he who does not deny himself is not worthy of me”. That is what Jesus said.

If you cannot deny your sins for Jesus, if you cannot deny your evil, if you cannot deny all your evil desires and deny yourself and just follow Jesus and give your life to him and dedicate your life to him, then you are not worthy of him. So dear friends Jesus is the only way into the kingdom. It is only through him, so you go be worthy for him, deny yourself and let him take you into the kingdom undeserving as you are. May Jesus bless you....