Sunday, July 8, 2012


Christians who try and keep the 10 commandments will be condemned by the Law of sin and death. And Christians who break the 10 Commandments will also be judged by the law and condemned. What is the way out of this predicament. There is one way out and that is the hand of Jesus Christ. You see Jesus died to set people free from the law of Moses so that they will not be condemned. That is why he died, he died to set them free from the law of sin. Because Christians and people who try and keep the law of Moses on their own strength cannot keep it. They will be condemned for the littlest part of the law that they have already broken. But Jesus followers who have been set free from sin have been cleansed and being given a white robe, and their hearts have been changed and they keep all of the commandments of God. They keep all of the holy commandments that God spoke.

They are clean within because of Jesus, and because they are abide with Jesus and they rest from there works of striving to keep the law. They also fulfil the Sabbath commandment. Because they live by the law of love they fulfil all the other commandments because they are not breaking them. When you love your brother and when you love Jesus and you preach his gospel, you don't go and commit adultery. You don't go and you don't covet. You don't defile the Sabbath. You don't do what is evil in the sight of God. But you please God beyond your understanding. God is most pleased with those who abide with his son Jesus Christ. He is not pleased with the Torah and the Commandment keepers, because they are trying to make themselves holy on their own merit. And they never have the power to walk in holiness because they have already have broken the commands. Even worse they are rejecting Jesus that would make them clean.

God's new way of being clean. So God is very very displeased with such people because not only are they trying to strive to keep the laws of God even though they themselves are unclean, but they are also rejecting God's way to be made clean through Jesus Christ alone. And so what happens is the laws that they are trying to fulfil, are going to condemn them on the last day because they have already broken them. And the Law is a harsh master. But those believers in Jesus Christ who have gone to the Lord and believe in him, and who have sought him, and have had Jesus set them free from their sin, these people are cleansed before God in the holy of holies. They are more pure than the high priest in Israel who went into the holy of holies. And they can go before God because they have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and Jesus has written their names in the Lamb's book of life, and their hearts have been made clean. And they have had God's commandments written upon them so they can fulfil all the laws of the prophets and the Commandments of Moses. They do not break them, and I want to warn you today that if you have been set free from your sins, and then you go and you break the Commandments, you will be judged and condemned by the law once more. Because you went a way from the holiness of Jesus and you went and broke God's commandments.

So unless you repent you will perish. But if you repent and you give your whole heart over to Jesus, then his Holiness will enable you to completely keep the law and you will be free from the law of sin and death. You will never be condemned it is only those who strive to keep the law of Moses, who will be condemned. Why? It's because they don't trust in Jesus Christ the son of God. So they try and keep the law on their own strength not realizing that they are already condemned by the law of Moses.

For having already broken the Commandments they are not pleasing to God. He is not pleased with them because they're striving to keep them all yet they don't strive to obey his son whom he gave to die for them to set them free from their struggle against sin. And so he is displeased with them and he is going to judge them according to the law of sin and death. Dear believer, lay your faith in Jesus Christ the son of God alone so that you can have the laws of God written on you, and you will fulfill every single one of them because of Jesus. You will fulfill all the sacrifices because Jesus is the sacrifice Lamb of God. You'll fulfill the Sabbath when you obey Jesus because Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and in him you rest from your works. You will fulfill all the commandments of the prophets because you will walk in the commandment of love, and you will not commit the deadly sins that will take many to hell, because you have the power of Jesus abiding in you so you can crucify the flesh and live holy obeying the Lord Jesus and fulfilling all the commandments of God…....