Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well dear friends I want to talk about sexual sin today and sexual desire because this is the area that people seem to struggle the most with. And I believe it is one of the things that causes people to fall to hell more than anything else. We read in the Bible that sexual sin was what caused most people to fall away from the Lord severely. We saw what happened to Sampson, we saw what happened to David. You know we saw that this terrible sin of the desire of our flesh causes the servants of the Lord to fall so far. And we have seen that a sinner is severely punished by God. He always punishes.

We saw the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to this sin, sexual sin. We saw the destruction of the days of Noah to violence and immorality. We saw that in the days of the Israelites, God made sure that they had killed the whole nation of the Amorites and the Amalekites, I believe, for all their sexual immorality. He said that once they reached a certain point he was going to judge them and destroy them, and in the end what happened was he allowed the Israelites, after a certain time to go and kill every single one. You see sexual sin is not only dealt with, but sexual sin ends in a fire. And that is why we read in the words of Jesus he said that if your eye causes you to lust you would be better to cut it out and cast it away and enter the kingdom of heaven rather than be cast whole into the eternal fires of hell. Now that's what Jesus said. He said that even if you look with lust you're guilty of sexual sin. And we read in one Corinthians that no immoral immoral persons will enter the kingdom of heaven. Thats what we read, so I want to talk about this sexual sin how it blocks people from entering the kingdom. It causes people to fall away from Jesus. I have seen people who were ministers and pastors of the truth fall to sexual sin and then a away from God until they just fall back to the world. And I tell you if they don't repent they will perish.

You see that's what Jesus said. He said that this sexual sin are what causes people to be condemned to hell. Thats what Jesus said. These people will not enter the kingdom if they have sexual sin in their life today and they die. The good news is that we can repent of sexual sin today. Things like fornication. Sleeping around, things like adultery with your eye, watching porn. Things like adultery in your heart. Adulterous actions. These are all sexual sin. Things like lustful thoughts that we so put our mind on. Fantasy. These are all sexual sins in the heart and what happens is people get married and they have sexual desire. They get married but sexual desire isn't fulfilled with God's way of marriage so people need to look out of marriage to fulfill their evil desire. This evil sexual desire that we all have. And so people need to go and cheat they need to go and look at lust at people.

They need to go and watch porn they need to go and have affairs to satisfy their evil sexual desire inside. Because this desire isn't satisfied by just normal sexuality that God created you have. No it wants more and more and more and more and it's never satisfied. One lustful thought isn't going to be satisfied by another lustful thought yet you are still not satisfied. You are you going to start watching porn and your still not satisfied so it starts to end in actions continuing until these things destroy you and others. That's what happened with David you see he saw a woman half naked on the rooftop over to the left, and he was looking at her with sexual lust in his heart. Now this is not where it stops because sexual desire wants more and if you follow your flesh it will take you on a long ride of destruction. So what happens is David continued to meditate on these things until these things become an action they become a sin. Desire gives birth to sin. That's what happens. Now people they do not want to accept the truth. They just want to continue in their sexual sin. And what happens is they die and they get cast into hell by an Angel. The angel of the Lord casts their souls into the fires of hell because they would not repent of their sexual sin. That's why God sends warnings today that if you've got any sexual sin in your life today, you are under the condemnation of God for your sin. And you will be condemned unless you repent. All sinners are under the condemnation and judgment of God right now. The wrath of God is on their heads right now.

The only way to be saved from this is to repent and then turn to Jesus Christ so he can set you free. And that's what I did because those who turn to Jesus are no longer under the condemnation of the wrath of God and they will be set free is see. You become a slave to sin people become a slave to masturbation for instance. They become a slave to pornography. They become a slave to sexual thoughts. They are addicted to them they cannot be set free. They know they should not do but they continue to go out and commit sin. And in the end they reap their destruction. You see Jesus said in John 8:36 he said he who sins is a slave to sin. So what a hopeless predicament you are in today. A slave to sin. You can say you're free all you like but right now, you who sin are a slave. Your not free. You are bound to your sin. It means that sin is your master all these things are your master. And you can say you're free all you like but in the end these things dominate you. There is one way to be free and that is what Jesus said in John 8:37, I believe. He said that he who the son of man sets free shall be free indeed. You see that's what happened to me when I turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. He set me free from immorality in my heart and my actions. Temptation will come when you turn to Jesus. Prepare for temptation. The devil is going to try and get you back to slavery to sexual sin. But since I turned to Jesus I was set free. I no longer had the problem. I quit these sexual sins that I was doing just quit them because I had the power to do it suddenly from God. Now temptation came again and I armed myself with the knowledge of the truth to overcome temptation. You see I decided that temptation to do sexual sin and then go and do it is not worth me missing out on my place in the kingdom of God. I kept that in my mind all the time so the temptation from the flesh could not satisfy me to go and follow it. Because my heart and mind had already seen the reality of the kingdom of God. So I knew there was something way better than just this satisfying the sexual desire of the flesh. There is something better than sin and that is the kingdom of God. So when I am focused on this kingdom of God I am only interested in reaching the kingdom. And whatever can stop me from entering that kingdom I am very zealous to put out, because I do not want it and since I'm no longer a slave to sin it is very easy to put out sexual sin. So people say well how do I overcome my lust they say I am addicted to this lust. I tell you the way to do it is to first get Jesus to set you free from it if you decide to repent. You cannot be set free from sexual sin if you want to hang on to your love of fulfilment of this desire.

You have to be prepared to deny yourself otherwise you will never be set free because unless we want to be set free from this master it's not going to happen. So first you must decide fully that you do indeed want to be set free from sexual sin and desire then you go to the Lord and he will set you free. And then you must endure under temptation when it comes by focusing on the Kingdom of God by realising that the kingdom is worth much more than any sexual desire. The kingdom of God is worth much more. You must realize with fear that we must fear God. And when you fear God you will not want to satisfy your sinful nature because one: you are already set free now since you're already set free from sexual sin, two: when temptation comes you can, three: turn away from it. Now if you decide that you want to not be free anymore from sexual sin what is going to happen to you is that you are going to become under the power of sin once more and this time seven times worse. So you see your choice is everything if you do not choose to follow your sexual desire once you've been set free from it anymore, then you will be free indeed. And you will stay free no matter how many evil thoughts come into your mind. No matter how many temptations come against you you will stay free indeed. Because those who follow the Lord will stay in victory even you are amassed by temptation. You see dear friends temptation will come will come even when you're set free from sexual desire sexual sin. You will not be free from these desires that will rise up inside still because we are in the flesh still. However you will be free to turn away from them and say no because Jesus set you free already. Now I want to read to you what we read in the words of Paul in one Corinthians chapter seven where Paul writes to the Christians who are already set free from sin. Listen: run from sexual sin no other sins so clearly affect the body like this one does for sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. And was given to you by God. You do not belong to yourself for you were bought at a higher price. So you must honor God with your body. Is it any more clearer than that dear friends?.

Even you are tempted by sexual sin you must honor your Lord your God you must honor him because your temple was on at a price. How severe will be your punishment if you defile the temple of God in sexual sin. We need to be very very serious here friends. Jesus wasn't laughing when he was killed on the cross. So why must we continue practicing sexual sin trampling his sacrifice under our feet. Since we were bought at such a high price, I do not know why we should go and defile the Temple that was bought for us. Dear friends we need to be very very clear minded on this today. If you have a double mind you will be unstable in all your ways. You see many Christians are double minded yet they believe in Jesus. But they still want their sin so they are a slave to sin at the same time wanting Jesus. Double minded. At least the worldly people are not double mind they just want their sin. They don't know Jesus nor his freedom from sin. So they live their sexual immorality with a single mind. But many Christians live their immorality with a double mind. They claim Jesus yet accept his true yet they want to continue to commit sin in their heart. Because they are loving this sin that they want to do. And remember we only do sin because we love it not because we hate it. You see if you let sexual sin take you on a ride it will take you to hell. It doesn't matter how Christian you say you are. If you let sexual sin corrupt you it's going destroy you. Because you will destroy the temple of God with your sin you will defile it and God's going to destroy you. Like he did to the Temple of Israel they committed adultery against God and he destroyed the Temple.

Not one stone was left on another. Totally destroyed. That is what God will do to the Christians who commit sexual sin and they do not repent God is going to destroy the temple. Let us be serious today because the Lord is merciful and patient and he gives time for sexual sinners to repent. He gives you time to turn away from your immoral thoughts and actions today. Even you are destroying his temple defiling it in sin he is giving you time to repent and to get right and so he can make your temple clean again and set you free from its slavery to sexual sin. You see we read in Galatians we read: for you have been called to live in freedom, but don't use your freedom to satisfy yours sinful nature instead use your freedom to serve one another in love. Why must we satisfy our sinful nature. Daily we must crucify the flesh and put it down I tell you truly if you live by your sexual nature you will die. Our sexual nature wants to satisfy itself. If you live to satisfy your flesh you will die hell will be your place if you live to satisfy your sexual nature. Now this world would teach you to live to satisfy yourself. But we who follow Jesus know that that leads to hell. If we want to satisfy God and live to be pleasing to him we must deny ourselves crucify our passions and our lust and all the desires of the flesh and put them out of our walk and instead follow Jesus. There is no other way. Either you crucifying your flesh and all its passions today by power of the Spirit, that means you live after Jesus your mind and heart is set on the kingdom of God. You are living for another world another time. The kingdom of heaven is what you're living for now. If that is dominating your mind and your listening to Jesus, then you will be able to crucify your passions and reckon them dead daily. The flesh wants to fulfill itself and it will never rest until you have gone out and fulfilled its sinful cravings and it will never be satisfied with just the first time. You want to keep going and keep going until it brings you into total bondage all the way to hell. This is what happens to people who do not want to crucify their sinful nature. And it's all a choice you have many evil doctrines of devils in this Christian world today. Who will tell you that it is not a freedom of choice to turn away from sin. They say that everybody has been elected to heaven and are called and it's not to do with free will, but I tell you the truth that it is your free will today. I say it is your choice today to turn away from sexual sin. Why? because God himself said, he said himself okay he said in the books of the prophets, he said “why people of Israel must you continue to do evil why must you not turned to me and repent and be saved”. He said is it I who is evil people of Israel is it I who is evil. He said, why do you say it is I who is evil when I told you to repent. You committed sin then why don't you turn to the Lord and repent. If we didn't have free will dear friends, the Lord God would not say that.

He would not say that you need to repent. You see we read in the prophets, we read in Zephaniah that the Lord said there is coming a day where he's going to blow away the time to repent like chaff. Which means that your time for you to turn away from sexual sin is running out and soon you will not have the time anymore to repent. The angel of God will cast your soul into hell because you left it too late. Let us not live that way, let us heed the Lord God's warning that he is going to blow a way the time to repent like chaff. Dear friends you do not know when that day is. Nor are you guaranteed tomorrow. Supposing God blows your life away today and you are still in sexual sin. You still just haven't decided to turn away from following sexual sin. You die an adulterer in your heart and the angel of God casts you into hell with all other adulterous even you profess Jesus Christ who bought your body at a price. And since you defiled the temple of God in sin how much worse would be your punishment? So this goes for me and this goes for you too. Let us heed these severe warnings about sexual sin today and let us use these warnings as the vehicle to drive us to repentance. To drive us to turn away from the desires of the flesh when they come in temptation and instead focus on Jesus and living holy for him. What will happen then is that you will continue in victory and continuing to live as the repentant servant of Jesus no longer a servant to sexual sin. A slave to sexual sin. Dear friends do not be deceived, no immoral persons will enter the kingdom of God. None, so let us be extra serious today using the warnings from God as the vehicle to drive us to repentance and keep us choosing the holy narrow way denying the flesh.

And I'll finish with this verse one more time where we read this “run from sexual sin no other sin really affects the body like this one does for sexual immorality is sin against your own body. Don't you realize that your body is a temple of the holy spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God. You do not belong to yourself you were bought at a higher price. So honour God with your body. Let us let us remember every time your flesh is leaning to sexual sin. Every time you want to go in to fulfil your sexual lust, you must use these warnings as the vehicle to drive you on the narrow way. Crucifying these desires and reckoning them dead even though your flesh doesn't want to do this and never will. All the way to heaven you must overcome. Nobody can overcome for you. You must overcome nobody can do it for you dear friend. I must overcome let us strive on this narrow way overcoming this desire, crucifying it and living for Jesus. And that's when his power comes into our lives and sets us free from sexual sin. And don't you go back. Once your free stay free and that goes for me too. We all get tempted the flesh wants to fulfil the sexual desires even more when we are free from the temptation. It comes even worse when we are free from sexual sin.

But when you crucify those temptations by remembering the kingdom of God and Jesus and being bought at a price, you will always be able to turn away when it happens. And the desires will really lose their strength and you start to see the wickedness for what it is. And thats how I was set free and I'm continuing to stay free even though I continue to get many temptations. So let us stay free and let us stay walking on the narrow way. Casting out every evil thought of sexual desire and every evil desire. Let us put it down daily. You may have to do it hourly or even by the minute in some situations, but you do it and you will stay in freedom even though these things rise up inside of you…....