Monday, July 9, 2012


When I came to Jesus nearly three years ago. Since I came to the Lord and found his reality, he me free from sin and he spoke to me me. He said to me over and over again when I first came to the Lord, to abide with him. I came to understand why he said this. He said this because when we abide with Jesus and him with us we can bear good fruit. He speaks to me through dreams with a spirit voice and shows me things. Many years ago Jesus showed me a dream of the Golden Highway to Heaven and on this golden highway are people walking in white robes and on the edges of this highway are sinners who cannot walk on this road though they tried. You see these people on the highway of holiness are those washed by the blood of the Lamb and set free from sin. They are not Christians who have not been set free from sin yet. Those Christians could not walk on this narrow way, they coolant walk on it. Jesus set me free so I no longer is sin. It is not my practice anymore because I'm free. I still get temptations to sin and I wrestle with my flesh because it has many desires of the evil which keeps me humble knowing there's nothing good in me. I don't follow these desires and I crucify them daily and put them down and out of myself that is what we do when we are set free from sin.

Sadly many Christians have never been set free from sin yet by the power of the cross. You see that is because they are still bound to sins they are still their old man. That is who they are. They are not born-again so they struggle with their old man not with a new spirit but with their conscience and they just lived there sins as slaves to sin and they cannot stop sinning. They struggle with sin actions they do sin. But when Jesus set me free I was set free indeed so I no longer had to commit sin. I could crucify the old man. That is what happened to me. Jesus gave me the truth to tell you. He not only gave me the truth to tell you but he also confirmed the truth that I have with me given from him in dreams and visions. I am confirmed by God that this truth I have is not my own but from God to be given to you, so you can wake up and you will be sin free on this highway of holiness that we read about in Isaiah chapter 35 that I also saw in my dream. The truth I speak of doesn't come from men but comes from God.

It comes from the living Holy Spirit. It is not my merit that I have this truth and this freedom from sin. It is the merit of Jesus because I am constantly reminded every day just how wicked I am inside when I crucify my evil desires and I live by the Spirit. It's a way to stay very humble because I'm constantly reminded that there's nothing good in us, but it's through the power of the cross and God's grace that I came to have the truth in my heart and that I came to sin no more free from sin. You may never have met anybody who has been free from sin that is because you have a met somebody who has been set free by Jesus. People who have been set free by Jesus and then go back to their sin are like pigs washed who go back to the mud and dogs back to their vomit. You see there is no salvation for those who turn away from the truth that has saved them and they go back to former lives, unless they repent they shall perish. That might be you today if you're a Christian you say you're Christian and you are still committing sin, even one sin then you must know today that one Corinthians 6:9 says that you shall not enter the kingdom of God. You shall not enter the kingdom of God.

But if you should repent today and ask Jesus to set you free from this slavery that you have fallen to, he is going to change you. Remember this truth I give you today is ordained by God not by Man, so you will be held responsible and accountable because you have heard this truth. And what you do with it God is going to call you to account for. Be wise heed it, like I have heeded this truth and go and get set free from your sin by power of the blood of Jesus who came to set sinners free from sin....